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Description of Meet24 - Love, Chat, Singles

Send voice messages in just 2 clicks - only in Meet24!

Join now for FREE, and you can:

- see a lot of guys and girls online who are ready to chat

- find singles nearby and see the distance between you and your friends

- send video messages

- exchange photos

Join now and get many new friends immediately!

Download and join our dating network right now!

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More Information Of Meet24 - Love, Chat, Singles

lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:1.34.14 Publish Date:2021-11-13 Developer:WILDEC LLC

User Reviews


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Ray McKenzie 2020-06-11

I\'ve been on a few dating apps and I\'ve never seen this many ads!!! This is absolutely ridiculous...can\'t make more than 2 or 3 clicks and ads pop up!! This app was never like this before you people did updates.
Brian X 2020-12-24

Keep getting adds, bought a purchase with points but still get them as devloper instructed won\'t get them with purchase, edited this review unless have to become premium maybe. Was also unable to send photos via message after speaking for a few days.
Jennifer Riner 2021-03-12

I do not send gifts so either you app is flawed or has been compromised in some way because other users on your app are thanking me for gifts I never sent. This is not the first time I\'ve had this problem or any problem with this app. Step up your game, app developers. This app has more fake people than real!! Once more, other users on this app are receiving gifts that I have not sent. I DO NOT SEND GIFTS, EVER. So there is a problem that has yet to be addressed by the developers of Meet24....
Sofija CasinoLike 2020-09-04

Cheer 💘 anyone installed this dating app? Why there is such hemorrhoids with a bunch of ads and a lot of bots? 😭 App is not very interesting, as far as I caught, this is just a unfinished copy of the popular site likevirt🔘 com , only likevirt has a bunch of real profiles , a huge selection of sweethearts and also there is a lot gifts 🔞. Just for the interest register, see the profiles, photos! If you appreciated keep liking it! 👍💪
Jason Hook 2020-08-11

I reinstalled this app due to pure boredom. I remember why I deleted it. Nothing but fake profiles, like 99.8%. Now it\'s worse with all the ads. I\'d rate it -72 stars. Watching ice melt is more enjoyable. Dear developer, we know if we make a purchase the ads go away. However, nobody want\'s to pay for your $#!țţý app
Siegfried Heil 2020-05-05

Reported app to Google and will continue to do so until app is taken down. Please do the same as I have, people. The more valid reports, the faster this scam will be dealt with. REPLY: No, your AI doesn\'t work (is based off how many times a report is logged and NOT how valid the report is), your moderators are non existent (more failure AI\'s with textbook automated response\'s). Fake profiles, child profiles, sexual predators, and scammers consume 99% of this app. DO NOT USE APP!
Yeibaki Berenzzi 2019-10-17

I did love the app but it ain\'t free. Also too many adds
James Smith 2020-04-02

Used to be good site. However now horrifically bad. Contant double video ads pop up randomly taking minutes to go away. definately not worth paying money for the app. About 70% of users are fake & have false locations which the site do do nothing about in spite of reporting. Far better apps out there!
Warren Rodrigues 2019-06-18

This is the most ridiculous app I have come across. Every 10-15 seconds an ad pops up. I have timed it. What the bloody hell is this??? You want people to pay right? You can show ads, but not every 10-15 seconds. There are thousands of apps that ask for money and show ads too but none like this. Height of ridicule. It\'s an insult to even download and install this app. Don\'t use it.
Robert Thompson 2021-01-25

To many stupid ads! It is suppose to be about meeting people not showing a lot of worthless ads