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Meeye - MeeGo icon pack



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Description of Meeye - MeeGo icon pack

MeeGo style icons with refreshed, more modern looks. The unique adorable squircle shape crafted by original MeeGo designers. The clean and unified style crafted on vectors. High resolution icons and hand picked wallpapers.


- Update guaranteed, regular updates

- Unique squircle shape icons from MeeGo

- High resolution icons 192x192

- Hand crafted icons from our professional designers

- Hand picked high resolution wallpapers

- Modern dashboard where you can review and search icons

- Send icon requests

Be Aware

This is just an icon pack, you will need an Android launcher to be able to apply it to your home screen.

What is an Android launcher?


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Our Designers

Clyde Stevens Henry, icons and resources contribution.

Dospy-梦影决幻, icons and resources contribution.

Jackwine, icons and resources contribution.

LCOOOOD, icons and resources contribution.

Silen Chan, icons contribution, website design and development.

YeyeBBC, author.

Meeye Iconpack is based on Blueprint Android Iconpack Dashboard.

Copy Right

All the icons inside Meeye apk file are under Creative Commons 4.0 BY NC ND License. For details visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/

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More Information Of Meeye - MeeGo icon pack

lable: Personalization - Apps Current Version:6.2 Publish Date:2022-03-28 Developer:Yeye the Devil

User Reviews


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Agustín Soler 2020-11-11

Honestly, the only icon pack that is always installed on my phone. I have a lot of apps, and many are not well known, and this icon pack has it. Such a pleasure to use it. I would really like this icon pack but a version with circle icons. I would pay same price for the same icon pack but on circle. Amazing work
Abhi Ghosh 2020-09-02

2. Thanks for taking the time out to fill in some of my requests. They look great! I\'ve mailed you 5 more. Please theme them at your convenience. Will be looking forward to the updates. Thanks and keep up the great work! 1. Lovely sharp icons! They look good both against a light and dark background. A must have pack for all squircle pack lovers.
Minhajul Abedin 2019-07-07

Its really cool as I liked meego. But adaptive icon masking should be much better. Add more icons, some most used apps don\'t have any icon on this pack.
Clyde He 2017-12-17

Jarret Moehl 2020-07-14

Great pack and developer. Implemented some icons I requested a few days after submitting them.
Tyler 2019-07-05

My favorite icon pack.
Richard Wise 2020-05-25

One of the very few developers who not only furnished a well baked and flawless icon pack, but also is actively maintaining icon requests periodically. Love your work Yeye.
Cătălin 2019-10-31

I use it on Mi9T with pocco launcher. Looks amazing, it reminds me of the good old days od Symbian. Nice job 😍
Jamie H 2020-09-18

Absolutely perfect! Everything is now perfect on the OnePlus Launcher! Thank you so much :)
Pawan 2021-01-02

Sweet and elegant icon pack. Though, lots of missing icons.