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Description of Mega Heroes

Welcome to Mega Heroes! Happy to see that you have selected our game. We have prepared rich gifts for you in game. Thanks for your support!

The welfare is as following:



Soul Power Instructions*23

Ruby and Emerald gems

Frame and Bubble decoration

10 free lottery draw chances

Newbie Gift: https://4399en.com/gift

Contact us: https://www.facebook.com/Mega-Heroes-108153461021656

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/AbzqBEJ8VF

Official Website: http://megaheroes.4399en.com/

As predicted,

The beautiful world,

Collapsed under the Demon Invasion.

Helpless Goddesses,

Following the prophecy,

Opened the time gate,

Waiting for The Savior.

Enjoy the most exciting RPG adventure and combat in Mega Heroes.

You can be the Mega Hero, you are just the Mega Hero!

[Fight for Glory, Fight for Territory, and Fight for Yourself]

Compete with players cross servers to test your power, tactics, team, and cooperation. Participate the PVP battlefield and reveal your unique strength to the world.

[Slay the Monsters along with Your Buddies]

Battle is a teamwork!

Join the real-time battle to slay the bosses and enemies with your buddies.

Enjoy the victory together: Abundant massive competition gameplay is waiting!

[Begin a Mysterious Adventure]

The destined savior finally come. Will you save the ruined ancient land from catastrophe? Stepping into the Time Gate and beginning a new legend…

[Be the Savior]

Various Goddesses in this land are waiting for your save, recruitment, and cultivation. Evolve these Goddesses and develop them to your most powerful assistance power: developing fox, snake, leopard, and many other animals to different beautiful Goddess Girls will be very cheerful.

[Decorate yourself to Show Personality]

Decorate yourself freely in Mega Heroes! There are different-style fashions to try. Shiny, charming, and special is the dressing slogan for our heroes!

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More Information Of Mega Heroes

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:0.19.2 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:4399en game

User Reviews


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Cariana Escareño 2020-11-06

Really wanted to like this game. The graphics are beautiful, gameplay is smooth. There\'s a ton of auto play features, I manually play any where I can. Played until lvl 135, and got bored of the same routine. Plus the major downside is the cashing. Sure all games have their cashing side, but with this one and many others like it, it\'s all you ever see thrown into your face. It\'s a sadly obvious cash grab, idle grind. Not my kinda thing. Have fun and good luck to those that enjoy!
Grizzly Bear 2021-02-15

Don\'t play it. For the most part it\'s a money sink. All the really nice stuff in there costs a lot of cash. I speak from experience. The reason why I quit is because of these stones you need to upgrade gear 10 and up. Gear 9 and below can be farmed and merged into better gear. As soon as you reach/need gear 10 and up that stops. If you want to get better gear at 10 and up, you\'ll need to shell out cash to get the Dark gear stones from the spending \"events\". It\'s a shame, really loved this game.
John Fischer 2020-11-20

It\'s pay to win but that isn\'t a surprise to anyone. Combat is auto play, you can control yourself, but it\'s such a poorly made combat system, and static experience that it\'s not worth it. There is not enough to do, so little even that there are quest to reach specific levels instead of kill quest, and an idle feature. It\'s not open world, because these devs are lazy, everything is in its own location. Lazy, cash grab of a game. Good luck everyone else.
Jenji 2020-11-13

A mindless auto game with a VIP system and cluttered UI. Works for people who won\'t be paying attention to the screen, not looking for anything innovative, and play in short bursts. In it\'s current state (from what I\'ve seen at level 160), it\'s not worth picking up if you\'ve already made progress in another auto game. The only redeeming quality is the cute characters, which are blocked frequently by in-game pop-up reminders that the cash shop exists.
Arcturus 2020-11-06

I hope you guys actually fix this, I love your game and I will support you guys as long as I dont have trouble with it. I pre-registered, once it came out I was grinding alot and became level 81, and I was trying to get the weapon for level 90. I logged off the game and once I come back there are 20 servers, and all my progress was wiped. I re-installed the game and it kept happening. Now, currently don\'t have the game installed because of this issue. That\'s all I had to say, thank you 😉😀.
orapy 2020-11-07

This game is nothing special/original like most games. Too many buttons and lots of purchases for whale players the greatly diminishes the game. But, I enjoyed playing it in the beginning because it felt like I was improving by leaps and bounds. But, after that the game becomes grindy which isn\'t a bad thing, but this is where the whale players will come out on top. So this is basically a game for whales and not for us tuna.
Cris D 2021-01-27

I spent so much money on this game!!! I\'ve had lag issues for 3 days now and last night I started getting kicked from the game randomly. Today, I can\'t even stay on the game for more than a few minutes before the whole app shuts down on me. I have lost being able to recharge and claim things I should have been able to! I tried everything to fix it. Nothing works. Tried contacting for support. No response!! I want all the money back I spent in this game!!! I can\'t even play it anymore!
Nicole Ford 2021-01-05

I downloaded this a few days ago and instantly loved it, played it all day. Then I noticed it was a bit laggy so I closed it, cleared tons of room just in case that was the reason, and tried to log back in.And haven\'t been able to get back on since,it just sits at 100% loading screen with little fox running, and never loads. I tried contacting them a day or so ago,and I\'ve gotten no response. I\'m pretty upset, seeing as I spent money in game before this happened. Server s191 Character: Duchess
Samantha White 2020-11-04

I haven\'t gotten past the menu yet but I\'m very excited it looks like a very pretty game Good graphics so far 👌 I hope its as good as I think it will be. I will update this review when I get into the real game 👍
William Holt 2020-12-18

It\'s a very nice game. I\'m a little disappointed for this is my second time with a New Character in 24 hours. I got to lvl 184 and for some reason after a brief time away from the game,I had to start over again. I even binded my Account with google. But hey it\'s fine I enjoy playing. I\'m an avid Gamer and also do and share my Art work with different developers. Graphic Arts ,and Creating Monsters, Weapons,and Armor\'s for what\'s asked for or needed