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Description of Merge Catgirl

*Combine cat girls and develop the café.

* This app has a cat capture function.

*Easy to play beautiful young girl casual game, raising catgirls!

*Combine catgirls and hire higher-level catgirls!

*Meet 55 different breeds of catgirls with unique characteristics!

*Increase their charm and pay attention to their stories!

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.2.4 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Mist game

User Reviews


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Kitty Kat Midnight 2020-10-21

This game looked interesting at first, and so I decided to install it. I don\'t know if other people have this problem, or if it\'s just me, but I tried opening the app like 10 times and it kept closing on me. It wouldn\'t even let me get to the home screen because it keeps closing on me. If this is a bug, then please fix it I\'d really appreciate it and I will also change my rating and even install it again, but if it just my device that\'s doing it, I sorry, but I\'m uninstalling it either way. Srry
RabblerouserGT 2020-10-29

Too. Many. Ads. I was already angry at the ads that pop up unprompted, but when I get another one within seconds of the last, you have a money-grubbing problem. And with a game as simple as this, ads can have a huge negative impact on enjoyment. A good timekiller wasted by greedy advertising.
Margicilia Gonzalez 2020-06-11

While I do have fun with this little idle merging game. It\'s got some glitches. Items on the interface became unclickable and the past three to four days I haven\'t been able to get the 7 Day Rewards. I\'ve only gotten the first two rewards, that\'s it. Also, I don\'t mind ads. What I do have an issue is getting an ad literally every five clicks on the screen. O_o Wat. It\'s a fun game with cute art, but it needs work and bug testing.
Jennifer Payette 2020-05-31

Ads automatically pop up every 2 minutes and that\'s way too often for a game where the gameplay already relies on ads to proceed in the game. The developer(s) need to decide if the ads are passive (where they pop up and the player has no choice) or if the ads are active (where the ads provide something useful in the game that players want/need to proceed.) Right now it\'s both and it\'s just not fun. It feels greedy. I seriously wonder if the developer(s) have sat down and played this for an hr.
Jack Foxe 2020-07-03

Cute little time wasting game. Biggest problem I see is just that the ads are all constant and spontaneous, ending up in situations where I\'ll be merging cats when an ad pops up, forcing me to open it which causes issues with the game when I tab back into it. Also have had a few problems where the game will \"prepare an ad\" and end up soft locking me out of the game unless I\'m using offline mode, which isn\'t a large problem in and of itself, but it\'s still fairly annoying.
Pink 2020-06-09

It\'s good for something to do in the background, but to progress quickly you need to watch ads. I also think it would be good if there were permanent upgrades, for example, cats shipping faster or pay a large amount to upgrade the level of cat shipped early. Also, there is an issue, about 30% of the time when you exit the AD it\'ll take you to the home screen and not reward you. It\'s a bit game breaking, and I hope it\'s fixed quickly. (I use an LG G7 ThinQ)
Cam 2020-06-08

The game itself is alright but a few of the \"features\" seem flawed. The \"Daily Gift\" and \"Affinity\" only work when they want to. I\'ve only been able to claim one \"gift\" despite logging on everyday, and one of my characters has worked for 24 hours but has only gained 15% \"Affinity\" despite it claiming they level by one every hour? I want to like this game but I\'m afraid if these issues aren\'t fixed I won\'t be playing much longer.
- Makayla Brooks - 2020-06-26

Well, this game is... AMAZING! but, this is one bug i want you to fix. Sometimes when i merge the cat-girls, like for example, if i put two of the MekongBobtails, it would look like the same cat-girl, but it has the next level up above it. Reloading the game does work on this bug, but can you try to fix it? But, besides that bug, this is a great game. Right amount of adds, never to many. And the graphics and the other stuff is really great. 😊✌
Rainbow CatWarrior 2020-11-19

This is a really cute game! It has a cute story to go with it and has a lot of different cats and has a lot of interesting things in the game. Unlike other games it doesn\'t give you ads everytime you do something. The only thing I don\'t like about the game is that it forces you to fire a cat at the very begging of the game. Though it gives a very short tutorial on what to do and it doesn\'t take forever to learn the basics. The game even lets you know when your device is about die!
Cameron Sons 2020-07-09

Whatever this game is, it doesn\'t matter. You barely play it. The entire game is an ad. This sucker will push three 15-30 second ads in your face within a few seconds of each other. Most of the time just completely randomly, and it\'s even worse because the game incentivises you to tap multiple times in a row but then randomly pushes an ad on you so you wind up opening the ad completely on accident. It\'s so egregious, there\'s even a reward every TWO HUNDRED ads watched. Two stars for cute art.