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Description of Merge Clash: TD Battles 2

Merge Clash - TD Battles 2

The ULTIMATE online TD game awaits! Build and deploy your defense in Merge Clash! Feel the rush of BTD battles and defend your castle against endless waves of enemies in competitive multiplayer base tower defense games!

Discover Unique Towers

Each TD tower possess unique strategy - craft a deck with 5 heros to use in PVP TD games. With 40+ addicting towers to collect and upgrade there's countless ways to win the war!

Competitive TD Battles

Fight off balloons using towers, build and upgrade your tower defense. Destroying rush of enemies rewards more resources so the more you kill the stronger you become!

Random Tower Defense Games

Merge matching towers to level them up and deal extra damage BUT be careful - merging is random and may change your tower type!! (not always for the better). Idle while you collect resources, use tactics to defeat a royale of opponents.

Defeat Challenging Bosses

Each Boss has their own special ability that may catch you off guard if you’re not careful. Adjust your defense strategy accordingly or you’ll lose the defense game!

Friend Up - Play Together

Team up with friends online to defend the kingdom in Coop Tower Defense or prove yourself in PvP TD games. Join the Draft to try new towers and face strangers in challenging TD Battles 2!

What are you waiting for? Let's play Merge Clash! ✨🔨

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:8.3 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Puzzle Cats

User Reviews


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Theugly PUPPET 2020-10-28

Complete copy of random dice. Except full of bugs and bots. Don\'t know how many times I linked with a bot named RandomFarts consecutively to start match and then have no monsters or cards spawn. Wasting co op match. Another knock off rushed full of bugs.
Stefan Eylott 2020-12-02

A good friend of mine works on this game and I downloaded to support him, but I actually really enjoy this game and play it a lot. I made it to the top of the leaderboard with how much I play and I find it hilarious that one of the other reviews thinks I\'m a bot for the number of times we got matched. It\'s true the game had a few bugs in the older version but the devs are constantly releasing updates and fixes and the new release is awesome with some great content and seems to be bugless so far.
JollyGG Productions 2020-09-23

Decent game, can\'t play PVP mode though, game freezes every time. Coop plays fine tho.
Josh Ma 2020-10-17

2 player lags bad. But the game should be great once fixed
Loviana Secosh 2020-10-02

It mostly is fun to play for me so keep up the good work
Oliver Pollard 2020-09-15

Most addicting TD game I\'ve played!
Joshua Guerin 2020-10-05

Not bad but might wanna remove 2 cheaters I know these games extremly well this dude does NOT have the pip screen shots to boot
lucas jardin 2020-09-29

Pay to win
Elijah Taubel 2020-12-21

A complete random dice knock off with very few interesting features, the only thing that really sets it apart is the mvp dice at the end of a match. The other things that set it apart of the bugs, bots, and worse graphics.
Ev C 2020-10-25