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Description of Merge Cute Pet

A merge game in which cute animals rolling over and bumping each other

Penguin x Penguin x Penguin=?

Can you handle this CRAZY MERGE game?

Match cute animals one-on-one to make a variety of new animals, including cats, dogs, elephants, and flamingos!

🎶Exciting Merge FEVER Time with a herd of penguins🎶

✨Enjoy the MERGE show of rolling animals under the colorful Neon Signs!

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More Information Of Merge Cute Pet

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.0.56 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Super Awesome Inc.

User Reviews


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A Google user 2020-11-16

Every animal in the game is so cute. And I might have just got it but I\'m happy .with it it\'s just adorable. they don\'t need to change anything about it. all the cute little animals running around making more which is kind of strange how do you combine stuff like two penguins and get a cat?
Amy McDowell 2020-11-20

Really good game! I love that there is a auto fill so when u come of your animals are still merging. I also live the type of animals they use! I really recommend it if u love animals as much as i do! Oh and btw i havent even been playing for a day
David Ross 2020-11-16

You merge maybe 2 animals on your own, then you unlock the auto button, and things fly wildly downhill, you get an add for getting a new animal, and for merging a bunch of animals, and when you happen to do both in rapid succession, better believe you\'ll get double adds. Typical advertisement with some game splashed on it, to keep you distracted between adds. Avoid this one
Bigmoyz 2020-11-25

This app is great you should download it! Ads are a bit annoying after fevers though. An update I want is a way you can get rid of pets because I have a lot of usless pets and they are blocking out space so I can\'t see the animals I can actually merge and are useful. Which is extremely annoying when you don\'t have auto. That\'s the only update I wish for. Download this app it\'s addictive and fun. That update is the only reason I rated this a 4 star and not a 5. Thank you and have a great day.
Maggie Ericson 2020-12-13

It\'s a pretty good mindless game for when you don\'t want to think to much about things. There are lots of ads though if you don\'t do the in game purchases. I would like if there was a mechanic that let you spawn past animals or remove animals from the screen cause I have singular animals that I\'ve passed in level that I can\'t do anything with now and it makes the map get very crowded which is frustrating.
ratvomit 2021-01-17

Honestly I genuinely like this game, the animals are derpy and cute and the graphics are great- the only problem is theres a lot of ads, like a lot. Every singe time you level up you get an ad and it\'s not even hard to level up. The amount of ads are annoying which is why it\'s three stars- other than that everything about this is really awesome.
Arianna Salazar 2020-11-09

I love this app I could play it all day it is a really cute app the only problem is some times it is to fast but all in all it I a fun game to play on road trips so I give it a five star
Sarah Anderson 2021-01-04

Amazing, it asks me alot of times to rate this game so I did it now, it doesn\'t needs improvement actually. So great game make new games.. but I do have one, there\'s too many of them and the old ones should be recycled out here. And more bigger space. Thank you.
Jae Jae 2020-11-03

So adorable and funny at the same time like i mean the way they bumped to each other haha please add more adorable animals in this gameplay please! It\'s such a gem to be honest 💎👌💘
Ryan O_O 2: Reality And Gaming 2020-11-17

I love this game. I will always watch ads for anything in this game. Even x2, I always turn on auto because I get lazy and dont drag sometimes, now that I play this ads dont bother me anymore (PS. dont judge me)