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Description of Merge Day – Magic Merge Game

Welcome to Merge Day!

Merge Day is a captivating puzzle game based on everfun merge mechanics.

Match birds and similar items to build the farm of your dreams!

Travel to exotic Madagascar, mystic Atlantis and other lands.

Develop your merging strategy, take part in numerous events, and complete challenging quests! Merge, harvest, design you lands and share with friend!

Key features:

🌱MERGE the plants, trees, birds you see. Combine items strategically to make the most of your harvest.

🐔HATCH helpful birds and receive the needed assistance to restore new parts of farmland.

💧SAVE the land from drought by collecting drops of water that appear from plants and turn your farm into a paradise.

🔥COLLECT your own elements and characters. Unlock new plants and creatures.

🤓COMPLETE levels and play exciting mini games to get awesome rewards and surprises. They’ll help you take your farm to a higher level.

💡DESIGN your farm and different locations the way you want. Seize the chance to boost your creativity and become a design guru.

🕵️EXPLORE new territories. Clear the fog to unlock them and expand your farm.

🪂DISCOVER distant locations. Delight in exotic adventures while traveling to Madagascar, Atlantis and other places.

✨ENJOY a fascinating game story with charming characters and unique visuals.

🌟RELAX and immerse yourself in this entertaining and fun merge game!

Set off on an amazing adventure to the unexplored world full of magic merge and surprises!

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More Information Of Merge Day – Magic Merge Game

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.7.5 Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:X-Flow

User Reviews


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jeanine harrell 2020-11-17

YAAAAAAY! You guys finally did it. I\'ve been playing off and on since you 1st introduce the game and was testing it out. I liked the concept but for me the game play just wasn\'t there. So I would stop playing until I would see an update. Try it out and \"exit stage right\". When I saw this last update, I wasn\'t that hopeful ---but boy you the fooled me! Awesome job developers. I love it. The offers for extra space and items are ridiculously high, come on guys.
Becky Allen 2021-01-08

Absolutely loved the game until I got to level 97. Took all of my coin and stone storage away after an update. It then allowed me to collect coins and stones, but not enough to buy more without saying \" not enough coins or stone\". I have sent several messages to support, but cannot get a response. I am to the point of uninstalling the game period.
Ashlie Mccoy 2021-01-16

I was really enjoying the game until level 68. I literally shot waiting and waiting for a cloud and when it finally comes my puddles have turned into mushrooms. Its impossible and I\'m NOT spending $10 to beat 1 level, that is ridiculous. 50 gems give you 30 seconds and 30 seconds is not enough extra time to beat the level. I\'ve been trying for days. I\'ve never had to try more than twice to beat a level but this one over played at least 15 times. I guess it\'s time to uninstall.
Jonathan Robinson 2021-01-23

After I uninstalled then reinstalled it 4 times, the same thing happens. I will get a large combo my farm fills with extra plants in bubbles, I have to make more room, burst them to get the plants out, in the process, every time the game freezes. I have tried this game on many different devices. The same thing happens every time. Was a great game! A great idea! I will probably never try to play it again. Tired of constantly losing my progress.
Barbara Nabutovsky 2020-11-23

Wow! A fun and attractive farm game that doesn\'t have it\'s hand in my wallet every few minutes! When items are offered the cost is usually quite low. This makes for longer play and a happier experience. The colorful and amusing graphics and the easily understood play make this a great farmful of fun. Highly recommended.
Blenston Shandor 2020-11-14

What a fun and whimsical game! Intuitive controls and a deceptively simple premise that gets you playing for hours! The birds are so cute and the game is so smooth, a pleasure to play!
Sarah Jay 2021-01-14

Like many other players i am now stuck on level 68. Cloud spawn rate is not enough, clouds don\'t produce puddles and puddles you do get turn into mushrooms too quickly makes this level impossible and frustrating. I liked the game up until this point. Being stuck on one level for days sucks all the fun right out of it. Will be Uninstalling as there is no point in having it anymore.
Darlene Bell 2020-12-04

Good game over all. But I made purchases of 3 of the $0.99 packs and a $2.99 pack. The game then froze and I couldn\'t get the game to reload. Uninstalled the game a restalled the game. But nothing was saved from the previous download. And there is no way to restore the purchases I already made. Contacted support two times with no reply. If nothing is done will no longer play this game sadly.
Tracie Herring 2020-11-19

Great game loved playing it, but it stops after a few rounds, all you see is fog, and hear music, can\'t get back in. Please fix soon love everything, luv funny .
Cara Urwin 2020-12-24

I really like this game when it\'s running smoothly, but that is happening less and less these days. For a game that is supposed to help you relax, it is causing way more frustration than it\'s worth. I\'m froze again for not purchasing gems at the end of an emerald box level. Too many glitches in this game. Regretfully, I\'m gonna have to uninstall 😡