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Description of MergeMergeCat

Be the greatest online butler!

Merge two cats and get a new cat!

Take care of your cats, decorate them, and participate in cat contests!



Reward - 150,000 Coin, Cat Stick 300, Tuna Can 300, Cat Ticket 3, Accessory Ticket 1

■ Game Introduction

Merge Merge Cat is a game where you can merge cute kitties together, decorate them with accessories, feed them and show off by participating in cat contests.

■ Game characteristics

- Merge two cats and a brand new cat will appear!

- Dress up and take care of your cats however you like!

- Participate in cat contests and show off your cats to the world!

- Fun to collect cute cats that can make you feel warm by just looking at them. Gotta collect them all!

■ How to play

- Merge cats of the same grade!

- Earn coins and tickets to upgrade various functions.

- Collect many accessories to dress up your rare cats!

- Buy various items to take care of your rare cats!

- Increase your intimacy with your rare cats, then show off their attraction at the cat contest!

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More Information Of MergeMergeCat

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:2.2.20 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:CHAPLIN GAME CO. LTD

User Reviews


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Gilbert OwO 2020-03-16

This game is super cute PLUS there are NO pop up ads!!! You can watch ads to get free stuff BUT you have the option on if you want to watch or not. The game doesnt give you unwanted ads which is honestly rare to find now a days. The art is super cute and the game is overall really fun. You dont realize how long you have been playing until you look at the clock and see that hours went by. 💕💕💕
Shadow 2020-02-12

Really cute, really relaxing game! I like how ads are optional and feel a part of the gameplay as something you can do if you wanna, but not forced down your throat. The game can be played in split-screen (at least on tablets, which is great because I multitask lol) and can be played offline. Adorable graphics and kind of addicting, it has enough stuff to fill out gameplay without being cluttered and the cats are. So. C u t e. 10/10 recommend!
Międzymorze 2020-03-07

I had an awewome experience so far! I saw something appear in korean and it took me to the app store. I used my time to write this. Keep up the good work IndieJoy! Despite not being korean I still love it. Playing in english is what I go for! As a cat lover I give this 5 stars. If I could do more then I would! Great game!
Radical rofololz 2020-03-06

Great therapy game! My friends have flip phones so I give them my phone to play games when they\'re sad. This game definitely has been super helpful and I find myself playing it too. Cats have made me so happy that I spread that joy by drawing cute cats myself and giving them to everyone around me. Thank you for helping me spread fuzzy joy with this great app!
니옹 2020-03-04

The cats are so cute!! The drawing is great!! You don\'t have to pay for anything if you don\'t want to!! The ads are kind of annoying, but this is still a great game!! You can change the language to Korean!! (I think because it\'s a Korean game.) If anyone knows how to get cat tokens, please tell me.. I don\'t understand how you get them😭😥 Well, overall it\'s a great game, and I love it!!😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😿😾🐱🐈
May_Shad0wW0lf 2021-01-09

this game is super cute!!! you collect cats, and you merge them, you can buy some (with in game money) collect accessories, and take care of you kittens! youre not forced to watch ads, they dont pop up at random either! and you dont have to buy things at all (with real money) you can if you want though, but it never changes the game without it :)
Midnight the Baby-Eyes Cat 2020-12-06

This is the best game I\'ve ever had! But there\'s a problem with the playground. My first to fourth try is fine, but after that a cat comes to play with the furtinuture, it freezes there, it does the same action and never gives anything! I tried removing the furtinuture and place it back, another cat comes, but it also does the same thing! I hope this can be fixed. It\'s my only problem. Overall, the other parts of the game is excellent, this game is the best of all of my other games!!!👍✌😉😸😄💖
Dee M 2020-04-05

Pros: It\'s cute. If you need to kill some time this game is good for that. Having said that... Cons: Ads, ads everywhere. Any power-up you want to get: ads. Come out of an ad and look, another power-up that requires a 30 second ad. Granted, you don\'t need these power-ups but you\'ll feel like you\'re missing out if you don\'t go for them. You can pay $9.99 to remove the ads for 30 days but why would anybody subscribe to a mobile game? I could play real games on the PC for that price. If it had been a one-time fee, I\'d be more inclined to review this game favorably but as it stands, it\'s a hard pass.
Cadence Boynton 2020-03-18

This app is a great way to pass the time with a little cuteness if you\'re a cat lover! Ads are optional, and you can unlock everything without spending a single cent. The graphics are very cute and I\'ve had no trouble with bugs. Overall a fun and great app if you like merge games and cute kitties!
Jules Abracosa 2020-04-21

So addicting! It\'s very different from other merge games that it has more aspects to keep you invested (e.g. multiple currencies for different items in the game like upgrades, etc.) in addition to the gameplay being very easy to play, but very time consuming. The graphics are so adorable too! I also like how the ads aren\'t intrusive pop-ups and that we\'re given a choice to watch them as a way to get free power-ups and items. It\'s impressive, but too distracting of a game! Amazing job, devs haha.