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Description of Meridian 157: Prologue

Meridian 157: Chapter 1 and 2 have been officially released! Get it now on Google Play!

Meridian 157: Prologue is a point and click puzzle game focused on engaging puzzles, immersive visuals and an exciting storyline. It is the first part of the Meridian 157 series, where you play as detective David Zander investigating a mysterious weather anomaly in the northern Pacific Ocean. Use your wits to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to find a way deeper into the island in order to uncover and seek out the mystery behind the lost island on 157th meridian!

Key features:

• Elegant and eerie graphics with atmospheric sound effects and animations

• Lots of challenging and clever puzzles and riddles, perfect for all audiences

• Immersive ambient music tracks

• First part of an exciting storyline

• Logic based clue system

• Completely free and no ads

• Inspired by classic escape room, hidden object and exit style games

• Available in 8 different languages!

• Try out this free puzzler now!

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.9.2 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:NovaSoft Interactive

User Reviews


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W Z 2019-12-05

Classic adventure game, with exploration, collect a few items & use to get to next stage. Good graphical art, and game design made the time fly. Not overly hard (how I like them), & with a nice air of mystery. Story is not unusual so far but fine. (Next part of the story is \"Chapter 1\" & costs $2 - quite reasonable, & besides, it had equally as good reviews as this Prologue. Playing now & it\'s great.) Made by only 2 guys doing all design, art, programming & music... Good job, thank you!!
Angela Kelly 2020-01-22

I went through this whole thing only to get to the elevator...to be continued. The Prologue is an intro a \"Chapter 1\" which of course has to be purchased but not an entire Game. Tricky Tricky but sorry guys. The prologue wasn\'t interesting enough to buy the book (game) much less a Chapter. Plus I\'m irritated I spent 30 minutes of my time for nothing.....a To Be Continued, Now Buy My Chapter. Either its a complete game or its not but buy chapter after chapter? Its not worth it based on prologue.
Sarienn Horror Narrator 2019-12-13

Was good til I got to the arrow up down drawbridge puzzle. Even a written walk through was way way too difficult to even begin to understand. Uninstalled right then. Sorry. Was an amazing game til then.
Magda Zaras 2019-11-19

great short adventure game! looking forward to more chapters! the graphics are beautiful! the vibe is Tomb Raider minus ass kicking and a bit o creepiness for good measure. I love the cliffhanger ending. I also appreciate being able to take photos of whatever I think might be important (will find out what is actually useful later) to remember instead of the character going \"I don\'t need to take a Photo of that\". also enjoyed the little bit that the character needed to sleep after a long journey
Len 2020-12-21

This game is engrossing and fun, with clever puzzles and pretty (although rather static) imagery throughout. Other reviews are incorrect in claiming that the clue to the solution of the drawbridge levers won\'t work if you\'ve previously moved the levers from their initial positions -- the clue does not depend on the levers\' initial positions when it\'s applied properly.
Lesley Burt 2020-06-16

It\'s a good game but you\'re going to have to change the handle puzzle for the drop drawbridge .In the end I had to guess and just keep playing around until the light when on. The arrows on the flag are just either wrong or I just didn\'t get it, but good game. No higher rating as a big fan of the Leonardo Game you know the one. but I also like the Rusty Lake games. So that\'s why you only get 3 stars because they are exceptional but you\'re on the right track, about to play the main Game.??
Poi Ocean 2019-12-29

I\'ll keep my eye open for the full, complete game in the future. Having played games like Myst, I didn\'t find this too difficult to figure out. It\'s a bit eerie, the sounds are nice (didn\'t feel the need to mute due to annoying repetition) and the game play is smooth. A lot of planning when into this and I greatly appreciate that. Good job on the Prologue.
Ekaterina Sidorenko 2019-12-02

This game needs a map. It is really annoying to move from one location to another just using the back arrow. The hints are not helpful at all.
Arvin Joseph Torrente 2020-12-03

Buggy controls. The drawbridge puzzle doesn\'t make any sense and is impossible to be solved if you already messed up the levers before seeing the flag clue which doesn\'t make any sense at all and the hint making it more confusing af. The last puzzle before the elevator have buggy sensors its very hard to move the green block. You hear the sound effect of the block moving but the block is not moving.
Britt Ulrey 2020-06-16

Great graphics, especially for a free game! But.... That\'s just it, it\'s not going to be free. There\'s more than one chapter and this, the prologue, is the only thing that\'s free. It\'s really just barely long enough to get you hooked and then it wants you to pay to continue the story. It\'s got good challenges and keeps you thinking, but it\'s fairly short lived. I\'ll need to find out how much the rest of the chapters cost to know if I\'m willing to pay for them to continue.