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Description of Messages Lite - Text Messages

Messages Lite - Private Text Messages, Secret SMS, MMS Chat messaging is a text SMS & MMS messaging app — small and simple messenger app with fast text messaging, intuitive texting, and fun and secure text messages! Message anyone from anywhere without an internet connection. Send and receive SMS and MMS text messages instantly.

Messages Lite is the perfect text messaging SMS Organizer for organizing your SMS messages. The Messages Lite separates personal messages and other promotional messages so that they can be easily managed. Received text messages are sorted by sorting your SMS messages into important personal and promotional categories and placing them in separate message folders. The SMS promotional messages sort OTP’s you receive are filtered to the promotional messages folder, while the actual messages are in your personal inbox.

Replace your old and boring text SMS messaging app! Messages Lite SMS & MMS is a new private texting app and is completely free. Keep in touch with all your contacts, send messages, emojis, voice message with voice effects or call any number in the world. Have fun with amazing, big new animated emojis and animated moods. Stay in touch with friends and family every day.

With Messages Lite SMS App you can translate any SMS text message you receive inside a chat into your own language or any other language you prefer. You can also translate your outgoing SMS messages into 50 languages. All you need to do is long tap on the message chat bubble and choose the language you are looking for, and tap translate message. The messages will be translated automatically.

Customize your preferred theme & bubble colors and for each contact too. Messages Lite is your very own personal messenger app. Create your own unique look and show your mood and style in messages. You can also change the background color or photo wallpaper. Texting has never been so fun! Enjoy unlimited texting with all your friends and family.

Messages Lite - Calls & SMS Messages is an instant messaging app to connect with the people in your life. Messages Lite — Text messages, SMS, MMS, and Call. Try this special SMS app today!

Messages Lite - Calls & Messages Features


✔ Secret chat with disappearing messages

✔ Protect messages with Emoji passcode or PIN password


Change your voice with effects and send voice messages with different voice filters like zombie, superhero or vampire voice filter. Try voice changer and send audio messages to all text messaging SMS apps.


✔ Share large images with friends near you without internet connection

✔ Air Messaging chat is free for send unlimited messages, images and big files


✔ Fast text messages

✔ Unlimited SMS & MMS messages


✔ Free Voice Calls

✔ Free Video Calls

✔ Group Calls and group Video Calls up to 30 friends


✔ Set your favourite music as a ringtone for incoming SMS message

✔ Select SMS ringtone from free music library


Enjoy fun by texting. Send funny GIFs, Stickers and animated emojis


Quick Copy two-factor authentication OTP codes with a single tap, right from a notification.


✔ Fast text 2000+ awesome faces and emojis directly messages

✔ Send animated emojis & emoticons in text messages

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More Information Of Messages Lite - Text Messages

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:3.18.7 Publish Date:2022-02-08 Developer:messenger!

User Reviews


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Brenda Eugenio 2020-08-02

See the same thing happened to get it from free to see both sides of my favorite things about this entry from my phone service memory card to pick up on the same as last year and projects that place to stay at my desk in hand with the same thing happened with Wi-Fi network select from full version from free file use for the other one of my favorite things about this entry from internal combustion engine, and I love it to say that place is good to hear your voice and the same as last time we can
Cruz Pecorella 2020-11-30

I finally found a text messages app that works and like a lot...Finally got it set up but only notifies me once. I would like it to notify me every 5 min like my old app--but there\'s no settings on this app-- except in Google settings but it doesn\'t work on messages Lite.
Little Angel 2020-11-26

Almost in love with this however im using a dual sim phone and everytime you need to send a message a sim option always pops up and its taking long to loas when i open the app
Alvea Koh 2020-08-15

You need to search up the name to show your thread with that person. It\'s better to show your recent people you just texted with. Gladly it shown your number when sending. Update: It\'s even better to let you send long messages. Please do that for the improvement.
Lasni Saheima 2020-09-02

This app is great! It\'s really very good. I love using all the emoji s and avatars and all the other facilities... they all work really well.... ● I would have rated it 5 stars, but I wish there were a few more facilities. I wanted to rate it 4.5 but there is no way to. So 4 it is.
Stephanie David 2020-09-25

This app is incredibly great and it\'s effecient and it\'s as well advisable to be used by everybody
Ben Ndili 2020-10-16

So far is working fine,some few fixes like not sending msg to unsaved contacts and mulfactions of closing the app while making setups
KRYSTAL Harrington 2021-01-04

This app does not let uou see the text message threads. The only way to text someone is to search for their contact number from the phonebook then send a text😩. If you dont answer a text when it pops up, the message is gone forever
Daebak Peuranchesko 2020-08-07

Cannot receive SMS when you\'re offline. Please improve the app.
Lawanda Stepney 2020-09-23

This app is decent so far. It\'s missing a few features such as the night theme, changing the bubble style and rcs.. Other than that it\'s ok...I love the animated emojis but I don\'t believe they are sent animated to the people that I text. I believe they are just plain emojis. Other than those things I\'ve mentioned it\'s an okay app.