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Description of METAL SLUG ATTACK

◆New 20 Million Download Record Broken!◆ 

Metal Slug, the finest of 2D Action-Shooting games in NEOGEO, is now available as a Tower-Defense game!

Metal Slug Attack is a further evolution of Metal Slug Defense. Enjoy it to the fullest!


▼Simplified control!

"METAL SLUG ATTACK", the very latest entry in the legendary game series from SNK PLAYMORE, is a tower defense game with simple controls which can be enjoyed by everyone, and 2D dot-pixel characters who move and battle each other smoothly! Moreover, the newly added "Support System" feature will offer players deeper strategies and even more fun!

▼A plethora of missions!

"METAL SLUG ATTACK" has different types of missions for all types of players with its "ATTACK!" game mode, in which players have to free military bases occupied by Morden's Armies, as well as the "P.O.W. RESCUE", "COMBAT SCHOOL" or "TREASURE HUNT" game modes.

▼Improve your Units!

Collect items throughout your missions, and use them to customize your favorite Units. Make them evolve, level them up or activate their skills by equipping your Units with items!! Let's try to make the most impressive and poweful units!

▼Worldwide battles!

In addition to the "Real Time Battle" mode which can be played and enjoyed by 4 players simultaneously, up to 6 decks can clash together in asynchronous battles! Defeat all your challengers, and hone your skills to become the Best Player in the World!

▼Play in co-op with brother-in-arms!

Battle in co-op missions with brother-in-arms in the "Guild Raid" and "SPECIAL OPS" game modes, and communicate with them via the chat and mailing options. Make sure to fully enjoy "METAL SLUG ATTACK" with your best partners!

*This application requires perrmission to access to the storage.

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More Information Of METAL SLUG ATTACK

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:6.15.1 Publish Date:2021-10-28 Developer:SNK CORPORATION

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Erica Evangeline 2019-09-21

I am back playing this,this game Still P2W,but thanks for giving newbies some chance for selecting 1 platinum P2W unit & giving 10000 medals as starter
Blue Berry 2021-02-10

Just 1 reccomendation, instead of having to wait 24 hours to swap guilds perhaps an option to go directly from a guildd to another would be useful and a nice time saver, andd as a new rule once you do this \"exchange\" you cant leave the new guild for 24 hours
Imran Salih 2019-03-01

as if cranking the boxes open wasnt gambling enough, now I need to play the lottery (literally, without even sugar coating it) to win units or prizes. for shame.
The Chaotic Jester 2021-01-08

I suppose this game has improved, A LITTLE. There is still plenty room for improvement, introducing different/more concepts would be nice. As well as less pay-to-win aspects.
jack swift 2020-10-09

This game has a list of flaws: bi-weekly updates that add characters who tend to surpass all currently available characters/units, game translations for events tend to have grammar errors that will confuse players, and there\'s a sense that you\'ve missed out on many past events for many great units. Despite this, the game is fun enough for me to consider redownloading as a casual player and as a fan of the metal slug game series. The hardest part of this game is having a worthwhile goal to reach.
Mark Werenczuk 2019-04-13

Absolutely Horrible. The only resemblance to the original game is the characters. None of the gameplay is there. None of the challenge is there. All you get is another millennial autist idle click game. The worst part is the constant popups asking for money, even if you click \"dont show again.\" SNK can go to hell for this one.
Yungdrab 2019-02-25

This game and the one MSD are truly the best apps i\'ve played on the app store. The only other thing i could ask for from SNK is if the treasure hunt was made so players could control the submarine and explore underwater and a metal slug game thats kind of like the original and this one at the same time.
Edwin M. Ortiz 2020-09-29

The game is too unbalanced. You have weak units (such as Marco) being stronger than others which are clearly superior (such as the Gigantic Slug). Another problem is that SNK keeps creating fake units when there are real units in the Metal Slug games. The last problem is that it\'s now a pay to win game. When the game launched 4 years ago, it was fair and balanced. People buying units (such as Ralf) didn\'t break the game. This game is now broken and SNK doesn\'t care. Don\'t waste your time here.
Sparrow26657 2020-07-15

the game is getting too hard for Free2Play players because the game is becoming more of Pay2Win. it\'s ruining the fun for most people, including a bunch of friends of mine who plays the game long enough. most of them has quit the game due to having less and less chances of good units in the game and losing badly to Pay2Win players. Plus when was the last time there was a balance change for most of units that are broken? I\'ll change my ratings if SNK makes the game better for Free2Play players
Mahazam Abdullah 2019-02-15

Whale trap. If you want new useful units you need to break your bank (especially true if your currency is 3x or 4x vs usd) or play during all your free time fighting p2w. Used to love this game but the negatives started to eclipse the positives. Haven\'t got newly released waifu since forever.