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Description of Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale

Battle the likes of sozzled bearbearians and nuke-addled snotwolves to protect our glowing green world from the sweaty hands of the Uberlich! Krumit's Tale involves the same core deck building mechanics as Meteorfall: Journeys and the same cast of overly optimistic heroes, but expands the ‘swipe’ mechanic into a dynamic grid based system. This means more depth and longevity – our heroes will have to choose perks to complement their deck-building strategy and carefully manage the board if they wish to triumph.

+ A follow-up to the popular mobile solo deckbuilding card game - Meteorfall: Journeys!

+ The brave heroes of Meteorfall return! Play as five different heroes - Bruno, Greybeard, Mischief, Muldorf, and Rose - each with their own cards and a distinct playstyle

+ In true roguelike fashion, each run is different! Your journey is built from 20+ unique dungeons, 25+ fully animated enemies, more than 50+ perks (passive bonuses), and more than 300+ cards

+ More than 30 achievements to unlock

+ Feeling competitive? Check out the daily challenge mode! Each day has a different set of modifiers which tweak the rules of the game in radical ways.

+ Mobile optimized gameplay. The game can be played one-handed in portrait mode and auto-saves frequently

+ Offline play. If you want to enjoy Krumit's Tale on your daily commute or on an airplane ride - go for it! No online connection is required

+ Join an active community of players on Reddit (/r/KrumitsTale) or Discord

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More Information Of Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale

lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.0.192 Publish Date:2021-05-07 Developer:Slothwerks

User Reviews


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Giovanni Tabor 2020-09-12

Krumit\'s Tale is an expertly crafted game which greatly expands the depth of the original Meteorfall. Instead of a swipe-left swipe-right gameplay, in Kurmit\'s Tale you have a lot of options for what you want to do next. Choosing the wrong enemy you want to attack next or using the wrong items can cost you the game, so it is kinda like a puzzle—like others have mentioned. So far, I can tell that there\'s dozens of hours of polished content, and I\'m excited to see what\'s next in the dungeon!
Hex Omega 2020-10-10

If you have Play Pass, the first game is free. Very good marketing choice so they can grab more people\'s attention with that one and give you a taste of what their games are like. This successfully worked on me. The first one is a card game, and usually I don\'t like card games but I loved it. This one is a card game as well, but a lot diffrent than the first one, or moat card games for that matter. I\'m still learning it. I\'ll likely rate it a full 5 stars later, but I really enjoy it so far!
Carlos 2020-11-14

Misleading. This is their 2nd card game I\'ve bought. I was happy to pay the money for 4 this game. Cause you always get everything. The hunter is a paid character. I don\'t mind if the game was more. As long as it included everything. This is their way of testing the waters. To see if they can sell the game. Them in game add ons. Very disappointing. Again. I don\'t mind paying for a game. As support to the developers. But adding in game content to buy. I Never support those companies.
Mike jr 2020-09-03

It was a no brainier to purchase these after the last deck building game. These game exceeds my expectations. Usually I would not play a tile like game but these is truly amazing. Great work. I will look for updates and will be there to buy the next game. Thank you Devs. I paid full price it\'s worth it but I did get 99 cent special on last game couple weeks ago. So I don\'t mind paying for these type of quality and wonderful world. That I hope continues.
Philip Brush 2020-10-08

This game is absolutely fantastic. It\'s creative, graphic looks amazing, and requires strategic thinking. I was getting tired of all these idle clicker games and really glad to get to play a decent indie game. Though there\'s this one minor problem exists. The game animation is gorgeously done but it is a little bit too much for my low budget phone, at the end of the stage the game keeps stutters and pauses. I would be much appreciated if I can adjust the fps rate.
Shae Monroe 2020-12-05

Meteorfalls was great but it didn\'t have a ton of replayability, one afternoon every few weeks. This is more of a direct rip off of other games than an inspired iteration like it\'s predecessor and significantly higher cost. It\'s not bad but not really good either. I won\'t be taking risks on the developers games again since this game just feels like a lazy cash grab. Perhaps you should work smarter and not harder. Most of the hard work is what, trying to mimic adventure time\'s art style for that niche fanbase? When everything is overpriced it\'s hard to consider it anything but a cash grab, especially when there\'s more unique content in the predecessor. It doesn\'t even feel different from similar grid dungeon games.
Rattenus Rattoonus 2020-09-03

Wow! This game is... simply amazing. A great step up from Meteorfall: Journeys. There is much more player agency and choice in this game. Highly recommended for deckbuilder fans. This game comes with a nice spatial twist to add to the deckbuilding elements. The deterministic combat is extremely well done to feel dynamic and rewards strategy. Looking forward to what other improvements await us in this game and the next in the Meteorfall world in the form of content and ideas! Thanks dev!
Gusgusem Gus 2021-02-10

An amazing card game! If you are looking for a good mobile game to burn some time, and you are into deck building card games please check this out. It does so many things right, so much fun to play, and it is unique in its own way. Which is a feat considering how many card games are out there. I personally love the art style, it gives so much character, but understandably it is not for everyone. Awesome game! Congrats to the dev and team!!
Thomas Hsu 2020-10-14

Just a great game all around. Roguelike card games is the best genre, and these guys nailed it. The mechanics are fresh, and the art fantastic. Really respect the developer for always innovating. Also I love that this game and the first meteorfall are made for the phone medium. Best of all they\'ve stuck to a paid model with corresponding quality, without the icky trappings of f2p. Please support the devs!
Nena Nezali 2020-09-24

I\'m usually quick to write off those \"dungeon\" games where it\'s just a grid of nine cards, but the depth and complexity of this game surprised me! Zero IAP, amusing art and animations, lots of cards to learn and all five characters play completely different. If you\'re sick of MTX garbage, buy this and support an awesome indie dev and get a great game to boot!