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Description of Metromile - Car Insurance

Metromile can help save low-mileage drivers an average of $741/year on car insurance. With pay-per-mile insurance, you pay for what you use—so if you drive less, you pay less. Our base rates start at just $29/mo plus a few cents for each mile you drive. Our smart driving app makes car ownership as seamless, affordable and as simple as it can be. And get connected to your car using the ‘Metromile Pulse’, our device that puts important information like your car’s location at your fingertips.

How it works:

Pay-per-mile car insurance means that you pay for what you use. Install Metromile App or visit our website and get a free car insurance quote. We start with a low, monthly rate, and then charge a low per mile rate for each mile you drive. As simple as that. Using the Pulse device, you can know your car’s location, know when street sweeping is happening, where you’re parked, check your miles, review your trips, and more. Choose from a list of coverage options and get the coverage you want, for a lot less. Log in or scan your license for an affordable quote. Sign up today and start saving.

Why choose Metromile car insurance?

- Pay-per-mile insurance is an affordable car insurance for low mileage drivers

- Get 24/7 support from our claims team

- File a claim from the app with our guided, step-by-step process

- All miles over 250 (or 150 for New Jersey drivers) per day are free

- Get the same great coverage you’re used to, for less

- Make your car a smart car with our App and Pulse device

Change your car insurance policy wherever, whenever

- Add more drivers

- Edit your personal information

- Personalize your coverage

- Get proof of insurance cards

Get connected to your car

- Review your trips to check your mileage, fuel cost, and time driving

- Find your car if it’s ever lost or stolen. Plus, we have a 94% stolen car return rate.

- Understand your car’s engine codes

- Avoid fines with street sweeping alerts sent directly to your phone (available in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, and the cities of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica).

To sign up for pay-per-mile insurance, visit our website: https://metromile.com.

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We are currently available in Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington. Drivers in other states can sign up for our waitlist for an emailed notification of availability.

Note: Not all car makes and models are compatible. Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.


Disclaimer for savings: Average annual car insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved with Metromile in 2018.

© 2020 Metromile Inc. Metromile’s trademark may be used only with permission from Metromile. All rights reserved. Some insurance products are underwritten by insurers in the National General Insurance Group. Other insurance products are underwritten by Metromile Insurance Company, 1501 W. Fountainhead Pkwy, Suite 200, Tempe, AZ 85282.

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User Reviews


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Patrick Xia 2019-08-22

I am filing a complaint with my state insurance regulator regarding: 1) deceptive pricing practices. My pricing was increased in a process that has only been explained by metromile as \"the computer quoted you a different price than the one that your policy should be charged.\" 2) deceptive advertising practices. Despite the fact that they claim, quote, \"You can disable the GPS function on your Pulse through your online dashboard\" this isn\'t the case in either function or practice.
Jamison Luther 2020-11-28

Been using Metromile for over 4 years. Saved $200 a month when I switched then. Just got a quote from Progressive for $405/month which is more than double. Love the app, the service, and most importantly the extra $$$ in my wallet every month! My family has 3 cars and we drive under 10k a year per car. Pay per mile is a great fit for us. Also had a claim last year (not my fault) and they had a check for $42k in my hand in under 2 weeks because the vehicle was considered totalled.
Amy Jackson 2020-12-08

The app works okay, the insurance company on the other hand has more than doubled my base rate from $36 to $78 in less than two years since signing up, despite zero claims or tickets. Meanwhile, the company I switched from just quoted me the same rate I was paying when I switched, so the \"industry increases\" line is clearly b.s.
Robert Russell 2020-01-29

Insurance was great until I needed to make a claim. My car was hit in my parking garage. Luckily the person who hit me left their information. I opted to go through Metromile since I figured my own insurance company would have my back. I am still without my vehicle over a month later. It\'s been like pulling teeth to get them to pay anything more than the estimate that they gave based on nothing but pictures. The estimate from an actual body shop was more than double what they paid me. Even with an additional payment from them I\'m still out over $500 (plus another $500 for the deductible which they claim I\'ll recoup from the other insurance agency) BUYER BEWARE - I can\'t recommend this insurance to anyone.
Megan King 2020-10-21

Easy to use app, excellent affordable insurance! My commute is less than 10 miles round-trip, so MetroMile has been great for my family. Even on months that we\'ve taken long road trips, we\'ve never had to pay over $60/mo for two cars (not full coverage) which is still way better than what I was getting before. In normal months, I pay around $45 and more recently, with Covid, it\'s always around $38. I love it as much as a person can love auto insurance.
Shaneva Nelson 2019-01-10

Do not recommend . It is definitely a bait and switch situation. When I initially started the rate was great! immediately after the first 6 month period ended my rate was increased heavily. The rate increased so much it almost amounts to as much as you would normally pay for car insurance.The worst part is because of this you have to watch how much you drive even though your already a low mileage driver. They also do not offer 25,000/50,000 coverage so you may have to buy too much insurance.
Jim Fimbrez 2021-01-14

I\'ve had metro mile in the past. It had to be a good insurance company, for me to go back to them To be honest, they are very fair with there rates. There not money hungry some of those other company\'s out there. I would recommend them, if you don\'t drive all kinds of miles. You will be satisfied. If I had more stars to give them I would!
R C 2019-06-02

Horrible Insurance. Save yourself a headache. 2 Pulse Devices malfunctioned on a vehicle that I don\'t drive much. I returned them and I was charged for miles I never drove. 3rd one started to malfunction now but the app doesn\'t even tell me that. I got an email instead. These people don\'t know how to run a business. Website says the company receives calls up till 6pm. Incorrect I called at 4:40pm and was told it was closed on 2 separate occasions. Contacting them through email is slow too.
Peggy Florka 2019-06-27

This app and this insurance is totally awesome. Tells me from my kitchen table how much gasoline is in my tank. Tracks every trip I make which is used for reference. And the rates are unbelievably affordable. My average bill is around $50 with far better insurance than any company has provided in the past. Of course it is a per mile insurance so if you drive alot, your rates could be higher. I am a very satisfied customer so far (after 6 months).
Rajesh B 2019-03-13

only technology is good. customer service is zero. last few day have been trying to reach. on hold for hours. only message is we are current having high volume..... no response to email as well. very bad service....atleast show respect to customer by giving call back, when we can\'t reach you.