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Description of Miccostumes Cosplay Shopping

We provide you with thousands of cosplay items, such as cosplay costume, wig, shoes, and accessories. You'll be able to discover the latest cosplay ideas for conventions, holidays, and parties. And also, you may get the inspiration for the incoming Halloween cosplay parties!

Here's some of the stuff you could do with our app---

-Be the first to know about new arrivals.

-Made it easier to shop with vast cosplay items.

-Pay your order in fewer steps. Simple and safe.

-Get the exclusive sales for app

-Join our latest events in app only! Stay tuned for the more sales and events.

Miccostumes Cosplay Shopping is the official App for Miccostumes.com

We have been devoted to quality cosplay costumes, all the costumes displayed on our site are independently developed,handcrafted and modeled by our professional team.

We, as a group of cosplayers, treasure the delivery time, product experience and company reputation very much. Shopping at Miccostumes, you will not only enjoy costumes with both high quality and decent prices but also have an access to the wide range of cosplay accessories including cosplay wigs, shoes, armors, weapons etc.

We ship worldwide, and 2 more shipping methods available for your choice.

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More Information Of Miccostumes Cosplay Shopping

lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:1.4.6 Publish Date:2021-07-21 Developer:miccostumes

User Reviews


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Bug _Cosplayz 2021-01-26

Great app! I haven\'t bought anything yet, a bit expensive but they have almost any character. As I said, great app! 11/11/20 Edit: my grandma bought the rantaro amami cosplay for cristmas, just have to wait! Edit: it came 1 or 2 weeks ago, the costume is really good but the wig is a bit dark
Endie Is Ded 2020-08-13

I have used this company a ton for Cosplays and Halloween. I\'ve ordered DVA, Zerotwo, 2B, Uraraka, and many other costume pieces and clothes from here. Each time I was happy with my purchase. They have a great variety a good quality for the price. The app functions well with the most recent update. The only reason I give it four stars is because it can take around a month to get your item. The wigs that I\'ve gotten here aren\'t incredible, you get what you pay for. They look pretty good in pics.
Kelsey C 2020-07-16

I use this app for all of my cosplays so far the stuff they sell isnt too expensive considering the quality of the cosplays and all the stuff I\'ve gotten are really comfortable to wear.
s t a r s t r u c k 2020-10-27

As a young cosplayer (10), I couldn\'t find anything for me in the kids section, I\'m a bit disappointed about it. I was trying to find some Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun cosplays for the kids but couldn\'t find any. But other than that, it seems like a good app. I hope to do my first cosplay though
Jax SaysGayRights 2021-01-08

It\'s a really good app, they always seem to have a sale going on and have high quality cosplays at low prices.
Tadashi Yamaguchi 2020-12-21

When I first got the app I was scared that the stuff would be fake. I was pleased to find that the stuff I got was legit and was a nice quality!! The items are on the pricier side, but they quality makes up for it!! I definitely recommend using Miccostumes to find cosplay items!!! They have stuff from many different animes and games so thats pretty cool too!!!
moonfrog cos 2020-10-01

It\'s a really good store and everything is well priced and great quality but the delivery is so much and take so long all the Cosplays are well priced but then the delivery is 20-30-40 pounds witch is redicules especially if you only want to buy one thing worth like 30 you end up paying way more than you wanted to and I understand that it dose cost alot to deliver things but this is just a bit to much in my opinion but over all great cosplays great prices and amazing quality tho
Unimportant Human bean 2021-01-24

My problem with it is that everything is expensive which is fine but not in this case. I wanted a Runa Yomozuki cosplay but it looked bad, I looked it up on wish and found something way better for half the price. I lost interest quickly. Some of the cosplays seem worth it but definitely not all of them.
Melanie Coats 2020-09-06

Earlier this year (February) I ordered a costume, spent $77 and then never received it. I then spent over a month trying to get an explanation of some kind but no one could tell me anything and they would usually just not respond until I bothered them again. Eventually they decided to refund me the money, but only about $57 something of it. Once covid is over, I plan on trying again, I just hope it doesn\'t go as poorly.
rat person 2021-02-16

I was kinda scared that the prices would be very high but it was surprisingly low! I found a wig for only 17$ I was shocked cause most of the other wigs I found on Amazon were over 30$ im going to buy the wig soon!