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Microsoft News: Top stories, weather & more

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Description of Microsoft News: Top stories, weather & more

Microsoft News delivers trusted search results, breaking news, and in-depth reporting from the world’s top journalists. See the news that matters to you with a personalized feed you create in just a few taps. Follow topics in your feed and hide news and other sources you don’t want to see. Our new design makes it even easier to move from story to story, and offers quick access to weather, shopping, and many other experiences.

All the highlights

New homepage: See top news, stay updated on topics you're following, and get quick access to Microsoft features

Visual Search: Search right from your camera or by uploading a picture

COVID Tracker: Monitor the latest case numbers, trends, news, and vaccine info

Weather: See the forecast for today and the week ahead

Sports: Track scores, standings, news, and more

Search: Get the same trusted search results and more

Rewards*: Earn points toward free gift cards and more

Wallpaper: Pick from a collection of beautiful images featured on the Bing homepage

Video and images: Search and browse visual media across the web

Translator: Get quick translations in more than 70 languages

Unit converter: An easy-to-use tool that converts in 18 different unit categories

Shopping**: Find great deals and coupons for retailers

Math: Enter math problems and get step-by-step solutions

Esports: Watch livestreams, get the latest news, and more

Games: Find Sudoku, matching tiles, quizzes, and other quick distractions

* Only available in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

** Only available in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and France.

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lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-08-14 Developer:Microsoft Corporation

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

J MG 2020-01-10

I like how each notification is counted as one specific instance (instead of a new notification replacing the older one). This mean we now get several news item on our notification drawer that we can swipe aside if we don\'t find them newsworthy. *EDIT* \"Terrible notifications bug: even when the Wi-Fi is off, the notification tab list still appear on my lock screen (even though, of course, no new notifications were being received). Tried turning off access to lock screen, still appearing. FIX IT!
Bill Polillo 2019-04-07

Probably not exactly \"fair and balanced\" when it comes to news... leans to the left pretty far. I find it odd when I go to an alternate news sight and can\'t even find the story MSN has in the headlines. Lots of bashing President Trump... most of which is not even newsworthy!
Mikayla Stelte 2019-03-14

I check MSN multiple times a day and rely on it for all news. Its customizable for your personal preferences and you can save articles for later. My only complaint is I don\'t see \"Today in history\" come up anymore which I used to find incredibly interesting. Otherwise, the app functions well and does not bomb me with ads.
A Google user 2019-09-27

I love Microsoft news on Windows, but I dislike it very much as an Android app. The reason is that it keeps resetting to the top article. I\'m working my way down through the articles and it suddenly resets to the top of the list and I have to work my way down again. It\'s very, very frustrating! I also wish that I could set it to default to top news instead of my news. I don\'t want my news filtered.
Mark Toebbe 2020-07-16

I used to love this news app, now it is falling apart. The same article from the same news agency is repeated in the app by 4 to 10 times. Also, in the past, all articles you read were in the MSN app, now some are going to another app or website. If that happens, you are covered in ads and when you back out of the article and go back to the main app, you are returned to the top of the app, not to where you selected an article to read.
Patrick Barsalou 2019-06-19

Easy to use. Good to spend time and keep yourself updated on news. I feel a certain bias in the news selection so make sure you have more than one source. ( Should always be the case anyway. ) Thus why I took away one star. Otherwise, great app.
Bruce Ris 2020-07-13

Very happy with the android version. Good user interface, good articles, articles update, etc. Now what did you do to the kindle version? This version stopped working. I have two kindles and they both stopped working at the same time. The articles will not update. Many other people are having the same issue. I prefer the kindles because of there size compared to my phone. Please fix
Sherry Villines 2019-05-29

Been using this app for years and have found it a good source from a variety of sources. My only criticism is that there are too many Sponsored (i.e., ads) spots or that are not news at all All of a sudden you\'re down a rabbit hole of best 1960\'s celebrity hairstyles. Maybe it\'s just me, but there are getting to be more and more of them.
Tony Davis 2020-08-01

Used to be a great news app, but now it repeats stories many, many times; doesn\'t seem to clear out old stories. e.g. A 1.5 month old story about Corona virus spike - that\'s really OLD and outdated information. And the ads are in your face so badly messing up the display and constantly loosing your place so you have to scroll down threw it all again, I just give up and go to fox news to rid myself of these issues. MS news is just not worth my time and frustration any more. I\'m uninstalling it.
Guybrush Threepwood 2020-03-17

This is fundamentally a great app with a good spectrum of news sources. However it is funded by ads that are hidden misleadingly among the regular news items. Some are blatant clickbait titles. (Example: \"People who retire comfortably avoid these financial mistakes\" goes straight to a product pitch.) Others are true articles that open as a web page absolutely smothered with banner ads. I would happily pay a small monthly fee to eliminate this jarring and dishonest user experience.