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Microsoft Solitaire Collection

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Description of Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Celebrating over 30 Years of FUN – join millions of gamers worldwide in one of the most played video games! Discover favorite Solitaire card games in one app; Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, TriPeaks Solitaire and Pyramid Solitaire! Simple rules and straightforward gameplay make Microsoft Solitaire Collection fun for players age 8 to 108.

Relax with the classics, enjoy keeping your mind sharp, or challenge yourself with features like Collections, Daily Challenges, Events and Rewards. Unlock over 75 Achievements to test your Solitaire skills and achieve a higher Gamerscore. With so many ways to play, the choice is up to you!

Klondike Solitaire:

• Klondike Solitaire is a timeless classic card game

• Clear all the cards from the table using one or three-card draw

• Play with Traditional or Vegas Scoring

Spider Solitaire:

• Eight (8) columns of cards await you in Spider Solitaire

• Clear all columns with the fewest moves possible

• Play single suit or challenge yourself playing all four (4) suits

FreeCell Solitaire:

• A highly strategic version of Solitaire

• Use the four free cell spaces to move cards around as you try to clear all cards from the table

• FreeCell Solitaire rewards players who think several moves ahead

TriPeaks Solitaire:

• Select cards in a sequence, earn combo points, and try to clear the board in TriPeaks Solitaire

• A FUN spin on a beloved classic card game

• A relaxing, stress-free version of Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire:

• Combine two cards that add up to 13 to remove them from the board in Pyramid Solitaire

• Challenge yourself to reach the top of the Pyramid and clear as many Solitaire boards as you can

• The newest edition to the classic card games

Daily Challenges & Events:

Play new solvable card challenges in all five (5) game modes with multiple levels of difficulty every day! Complete Daily Challenges and earn Solitaire badges and rewards! Miss a few, or want to go back and reply past Challenges? Sign in with a Microsoft Account to keep your awards, track your progress, and even compete with other players.

Themes & Card Backs:

Microsoft Solitaire Collection features several themes to make your card game match your mood. From the simplicity of “Classic”, to the serenity of an Aquarium, the relaxation of the Beach, the sophistication of Dark Mode, or even traveling back in time to enjoy Retro card backs from the 1990s version. With so many to choose from, which one will become your favorite?

Save Your Progress:

Sign-in with a Microsoft Account to save your player stats, XP and level, earn achievements, and play Events. Sign-in to multiple devices with the same Microsoft account to pick up where you left off and continue playing Solitaire card games you love wherever you go. Connect with an Xbox Game Pass account to access an ad-free game experience!

Celebrate over 30 years with FAVORITE Solitaire card games, right here, in Microsoft Solitaire Collection!

For more information visit: https://aka.ms/microsoftsolitaire_support

Privacy policy: https://aka.ms/privacyioslink/

Terms of Use: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/servicesagreement/

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-17 Developer:Microsoft Corporation

User Reviews


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Reikey Richards 2021-01-17

I really love this game but \"no internet connection\" is a huge problem. When I play events they often add time before I even begin or have already completed a challenge (for example, 0:28 then becomes 3:12); which is really irritating because I am very competitive. It is extremely frustrating when I could have made it into the global 100 but that extra time stopped me from doing so.
Rudy Messex 2021-02-09

I love the game. It\'s really good and I like just about everything about it. The ads are off the chart and got worse over time. Not what I expected from Microsoft. After a long string of ads, they ask for money. Monthly payments for the ads to go away? Very expensive. Prompts you to download content outside Google Play Store. That\'s how malware gets on phones. A bad practice from a company that knows about security. Uninstalling. Would consider reinstall for one time purchase.
Jim Dobson 2021-01-13

Dropping from 5 stars to 3. False \"no internet connection \" issues and daily login issues are annoying. I enjoy the game and have been playing everyday for years, watching insufferable ads. Why do I need to login EVERY DAY and have problems doing so? Please fix these issues that so many of us have been complaining about for weeks.
Angela M 2021-03-06

Update: No longer works, microsoft won\'t fix. Great when it works. But it constantly wants to download new content - downloading the same new content every time I open it. It constantly loses internet connect if you switch to another app. If you want to personalize the settings it only lasts one session... Because then it has to download the content again. I don\'t know why they think people would pay for it when it doesn\'t even work. 🤷
Ralph Reinheimer 2021-01-23

I can\'t recommend. The app has timed challenges but constantly loses the connection to the servers, the time spent trying to reconnect to the servers gets added to your time. But while this is going on they are still able to update the ads that they are showing. This is not an issue with my phone internet connection. If your not interested in doing the time challenges it might not be a bad app.
Ronda Stewart-Wilcox 2021-02-08

I enjoy the games and the mini games. I don\'t mind ads (versus paying for ad free); however, I DO NOT ever want to see ads like one I saw where a young woman is looking up at the viewer with mouth wide open and tongue out and waving around in invitation. Invitations to pornography are just as exploiting as the pornography or \"dating\" service itself. No, I will not pay a subscription to avoid such an ad. Why would Microsoft games sell ad time to whomever was offering for sale this young woman?
Niki Milligan 2021-02-21

So very, very sick of not being able to load this game. Just spinny wheel \'Syncing Data\'. Had it for weeks, and hubby commented it started working again after I paid for subscription. Tried it. 4 days of spinning and in within 10 seconds of paying. Sadly didn\'t last. I\'m back to the spinning wheel. They really need to improve their servers - not a great advert for their cloud servers. Everything dies when America comes online. Great game when it actually works.
Clinton McCool 2021-02-17

suddenly states no internet connection, but connected to WiFi just fine. just started happening since last update
John Austin 2021-01-06

Playing in events at peak internet usage times, like around noon to 2 pm eastern US time, the game will spend minutes trying to contact Microsoft\'s servers and may even erroneously report that I have no internet connection. (A quick Google search puts the lie to that claim. ) That drops my enjoyment of this game down from very good to only mediocre
Michele Harris 2021-02-12

I have both free and paid versions of this app, and I love the games that come with it. But, I can\'t give it 5 stars because the paid app only works on the device I purchased it from, which was my cell phone. And it\'s $9.99/year. Can\'t use the paid version on my laptop so I\'m stuck watching ads periodically when I access the app via my computer. I don\'t know why you don\'t make it available on ALL devices when it\'s a continuing payment!