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Description of Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is your central destination for enterprise video content, with built-in intelligence features, deep integration across Office 365, and IT management and security capabilities that businesses of all sizes require.

Before you begin

This app requires an appropriate commercial Office 365 subscription. If you are not sure about your organization’s subscription or the services you have access to, please contact your IT department. To learn more about managing Microsoft Stream with InTune, visit aka.ms/streamintune.

With Stream for Android you can:

- Share important moments easily with mobile upload

- Find and engage with videos you need fast with smart search tools

- Participate in Microsoft 365 live events seamlessly on mobile

- Watch videos at your own convenience by saving content for offline viewing

- Get the enterprise-level security and compliance features you expect from Office 365

- Harness the power of your camera to record real-time video

- Swap between rear- and front-facing cameras

- View clips in chronological order

- Drag-n-drop any clip to your recording to stitch into a new order

- Enhance videos before, during, and after a recording using the annotation bar to:

- Free write or draw

- Apply filters

- Add a whiteboard

- Add stickers

- Make stickers from photos

By downloading this app, you agree to the license terms (see aka.ms/eulastreamandroid) and privacy terms (see aka.ms/privacy).

To learn more, please visit aka.ms/microsoftstreamdocs.

For support or feedback, email us at streamandstore@microsoft.com.

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More Information Of Microsoft Stream

lable: Business - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-09-29 Developer:Microsoft Corporation

User Reviews


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Adithya Christopher 2020-08-22

A useful app but 4 stars because of the limited features. Please consider the following: 1. Providing the group based video categories as available on the streams website. 2. Providing an option for personal playlists so as to sort out the videos for future use. This is the most useful thing that could be added to improve overall productivity. Otherwise, it is nothing more than an archive, which though useful, is limited in functionality. However, thank you for the good effort @developers.
Ahmer Ali 2020-06-20

This app has many issues. 1) No matter how fast the internet is, it buffers time after time, no matter you forward a video by 30s or rewind it by 10s it still buffers the video. 2) The offline download is very disappointing, some videos are saved fine, but some are saved with black screen and only audio. 3) There is no quality choosing options, just high quality and standard quality options. There must be a range of quality scales to watch a video like, 360p, 480p, 720p, etc. *Typing limit*
Tenzin Kalsang 2020-09-20

Room for improvement People all over the world are attending online classes via different platforms and my university has opted to conduct classes through MS Stream which works perfectly fine. But there is a problem; there is no option to download the videos. Which means we have to keep wasting our Internet everytime we view a recorded video. Please do something about it. It would\'ve been a solid 5 stars otherwise.
Mugdha Basak 2020-11-28

The only reason I used this app was to watch video recordings that were directly uploaded from Microsoft teams. Now that this feature no longer available, I don\'t see the use really.
Lilian Wong 2020-11-15

Trash application. Im a university student whos going to online class. The desktop version allows me to choose between which groups and classes i am in to choose the respective videos. Not with this. The mobile app is so lazily made, they just threw all the videos and content that you have access to in a homepage. The connection quality is also extremely poor. My mobile phone and wifi can connect very well to any other video streaming app. But i buffer every 20 seconds in this. No exaggeration
Sriram S 2020-10-12

I am not able to access the latest recordings of my classes . And this is a problem that\'s prevailing since a week and after reporting repeatedly also I am still facing this issue . Please resolve this problem as fast as possible!!! Otherwise the app is good and quality is also fine
Dhanuvarsha 2020-07-17

The features all are amazing. We can listen to the meeting in our free time not in the schedule time. I cannot zoom the video because it is too small in the recorded video (which we would have in live meetings). Please do something with that like giving zooming facilities. The small screen is amazing and that\'s the best feature in this app.
mehul gupta 2020-08-27

Earlier it was a good app but now from 2 to 3 days the recording is not saved in ms stream. I cannot find the recording and this is happening with every one please sole this issue.
Srinivasan Tiruchi 2020-06-11

The app doesn\'t allow multiple account sign-ins. It doesn\'t even list who is logged in. Tried to sign in with different account few times but it sticks to one particular account. Doesn\'t look like a product don\'t by MSFT. No proper integrations with rest of the office 365 suite of products. The mobile version is way different than the desktop. The channels and the groups are not listed. Oral poorly developed user interface. No wonder zoom took over.
Manoj Kumar 2020-09-11

The app is good and efficient. It worked without any problems for a few weeks and then the videos being uploaded weren\'t visible. So please try fixing this glitch which would be very pleasing and helpful, other than this the app provides good quality of videos.