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Description of Microsoft Surface

The Surface app is the companion to Surface Earbuds and Surface Headphones. Update your earbuds and headphones, and customize settings to get the most out of them.

Here are the things you can do:

• Update your earbuds and headphones

• View and change device info

• View battery info and volume level

• Personalize settings

• Change equalizer settings to get the sound you want

• Control which devices are connected

• Change language settings

• Reset your earbuds and headphones to the factory settings

• Watch tutorial videos

• Send us feedback

Please refer to Microsoft’s End User License Agreement (EULA) for Terms of Service for Surface app. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions. Microsoft’s privacy statement is available at https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement

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More Information Of Microsoft Surface

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:2.591.0 Publish Date:2022-05-24 Developer:Microsoft Corporation

User Reviews


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Dustin Ridenbaugh 2020-10-18

Nice, clean app. Does what it needs to do. Kind of reminds me of the old bose app when I had those headphones, which also worked quite well. The only problem I have is that you can\'t get rid of the notification. I dont need a notification to know my headphones are on because their on my head, and they have an auto off function. The notification needs to be removable in app. This was a problem with Cortana as well and should be fixed by now.
Anthony Nguyen 2020-05-31

A good start, but could be a bit better. The EQ does have a very noticeable impact on the sound which is a good thing, but it needs more granular controls. I wish you can change ANC level from the home screen instead of navigating through the settings. Also, like EQ, the ANC control in the app should have more granular control instead of just 3 options. Overall the app checks most of the boxes but I think there can be more features added easily.
Joe Lin 2020-08-27

App was short on settings before. Now it\'s completely broken. No way to turn down ear piercingly loud connect and disconnect notifications. Cortana voice activation is even louder. It starts when you don\'t intend it to, interrupting what you\'ve been listening to with a long winded instruction each time. There\'s no way to turn it off even if you don\'t use Cortana
Johnson Bui 2020-06-13

Works like it should, but lacking some features. - Would like to have more than 2 devices in multipoint. I regularly use my phone and 2-3 computers + phone at the same time for work. - Would love to see entire list of devices that have paired with my headphones and be able to swap between them. Trying to connect more than two devices results in a client-side error. - Noise-cancellation needs a clear \"Off\" option in menu - \"Low\" setting on noise-cancellation results in a noisy sound floor
Sahil Patel 2020-12-17

Needs more features. It\'s a pretty good app, but it needs a few things: 1) add dark mode 2) add widgets 3) a pairing mode button in the app 4) not app specific per se, but an option to have a persistent connection for a specific device would be great so that when I\'m switching between devices, my phone for example stays connected but it swaps the other device.
Tenshi Hara 2020-08-29

It does provide an overview of the headphones’ settings and allows you to adjust some of them... Main issue: One is unable to change the headphones’ language (the app recommends using a PC with USB-cable, but there the similar app just outright lies and pretends not to find an Internet connection; but even if you select to change the language via Bluetooth, nothing happens).
Luka G. 2020-12-06

No notification control, no dark theme. Feels like a bit of an afterthought. The pairing itself works fine, the headphones are great. Let me get rid of the constant presence on the display and you get solid 4 stars, right now it\'s 2.
Christian Tioye 2020-07-01

New Surface headphones 2. I tilt my head a certain way (workout) and the audio pauses by itself. Some sort of gimmick. Also the touch area is too sensitive for my liking. The playback stops when it touches my shoulder or the side of my gaming chair. The multi device support has gotten better. I pause the audio on one device, then start playing on the other and the headphones catch up in about 2 seconds
Cherry Huang 2020-08-26

(using surface headphones 2) Nice app when it works, which is not that often. Most of the time it\'s just frozen so I can\'t change any settings. Multipoint pairing barely works between my computer and phone - only calls and Spotify sometimes come through, otherwise sound only plays from my computer. Also wish there was an option to turn off autopause since sound sometimes pauses when I adjust the headphones
William Diaz 2021-01-12

Two main issues with this app: 1. It doesn\'t start on its own when connecting my headphones and 2. The headphones take a long time to start piping audio in, which I suspect is related to the app not starting on its own. I experience this issue on multiple Android devices. And another thing: why does this app force landscape orientation on a tablet? There is barely anything happening in the UI that would be disrupted by supporting it.