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Catch all your opponents, cell by cell. Always starting with the blue one, capture the others by swiping the finger from cell to cell.

Welcome to a new kind of strategy games. One finger to rule them all.

MicroWars is the smartphone adaptation of the hit success "Nano War". Try this new touch gameplay and have fun.

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:4.4.0 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Dual Cat

User Reviews


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Joe Gab nagana 2020-12-11

It seems like in this era of the play store, there\'s two types of games: the ones that try to give you a full game, and the ones that throw as many ads at you as possible. Having reached level 300, MicroWars is definitely the second type. What\'s so frustrating is how close they were to a great game. The concept is pure, the gameplay itself is well executed. But they stopped short. Levels repeat every 40-ish, and there\'s a lack of polish around the edges that become obvious with repetition.
David Benge 2020-12-14

Too Many Ads Shouldn\'t have an ad every round when a round is limited to 60 seconds. Holy cow guys. There are so many games like this that are arguably better, for you to put a weak ad on tictok and then ad me to death. And 3.49 to get rid of ads? For a dollar game with an ad banner? Its a nice idea. The execution was awful. 5 mins of game play before an ad. Especially with an ad banner. Or a dollar to get rid of them. Pick one.
Rol A. 2021-01-09

Way too many ads! You have a choice at the end of each level to just go to the next level or watch an ad for 3x. Yet heres the thing... if you just go to the next level... YOU HAVE TO WATCH AN AD! Saved up enough to get something? Hold up, watch an ad! Do anything for more than a minute? Time\'s up, WATCH an ad! - they ruined what could have been a great game...
Kayla Medeiros 2020-12-14

I\'m very happy I found this game. I\'ve been playing clash of dots which I found fun but repetitive. I was looking for a similar game that I wouldn\'t get bored of so easily and this game was exactly that ETA that there are lots of ads. If you\'re someone who hates ads you\'ll either want to pass on the game or pay the fee to block them
Jason Matthews 2021-01-06

I hate this game!! Not only do the controls suck, the 1 min timer is the dumbest thing EVER and there is no way to turn it off or eliminate it. Combine that with the fact that some of the levels are UNWINNABLE, it equals a crappy game from a developer more concerned with money from ads than providing a good experience. Shame on you, ya douche bag!
manis 72 2020-11-26

Way to many ads.....literally spend more time watching ads than playing the game
Von Hoffenfloffen 2020-12-11

The actual game is pretty fun. I like the fast pace and easy controls, with a good concept. The problem are the ads. There\'s one after every game, and a game takes 10-30 seconds. Completely kills the momentum you have. And it\'s not good enough to pay 40 kr ( around 5 dollars) to remove them.
Amirpouya Ebrahimi 2020-12-14

I finished the game after 2-3 hours of playing. How? All the skins are unlocked at this point and the levels keep repeating now, so it\'s fair to say the game is over. The coins earned are of no use after unlocking all the skins. Also, I think it would\'ve taken me less than an hour to reach this point in the game but thanks to the ads playing after every level, the time was doubled/trippled.
Kurona Tanaka 2020-12-28

Offers you ads to double your rewards, then when you decline, it forces you into an ad anyway AND denies you the reward. PICK EITHER POPUPS OR REWARDS, NOT BOTH. Nothing but unbridled greed from the devs, especially considering this is as run of the mill for games in this subgenre as it gets; no innovation, only unique offering is cute skins. I don\'t consider myself in any way a skilled programmer, and even I have made a game in this subgenre with more complexity.
PL Vesperr 2020-12-18

Pretty fun game. Like to play it in my free time. Although, there\'s only one concept. It\'s really satisfying trying to get a higher total size, but not all the levels are stacked with little territories to take over. I would love to see extra game modes maybe like a highest score or endless free mode something besides one concept, it can get a little boring after 5-10 mins of playing. Other than that, good simple game!