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Description of MidFirst Bank Mobile

Start banking wherever you are with MidFirst Bank Mobile Banking for Android™! Available to all online banking customers of MidFirst Bank, MidFirst Bank Mobile Banking allows you to check balances and recent transactions, lock your debit and credit cards, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, find locations and send money with Zelle® ─ all from your smartphone. Member FDIC

Available features include:


- Check your latest account balance and search recent transactions by date, amount or check number


- Easily transfer cash between your accounts

Mobile Deposit

- Deposit checks on the go to your MidFirst Bank account


- Send money to your friends and family with your mobile device

Card Controls

- Lock and unlock your MidFirst debit and credit cards

- Receive convenient purchase notifications

Bill Pay

- Pay new bills, add new payees, revise bills scheduled to be paid, and review previously paid bills

Digital Receipts

- Manage and track all your paper and digital receipts


- Access your statements and tax forms electronically from your mobile phone

Cardless Cash*

- Find nearby ATMs using the mobile device's built-in GPS (or search by zip code or address) and withdraw cash using your mobile device

Schedule an Appointment

- Find nearby banking centers using the mobile device's built-in GPS (or search by zip code or address)

- Schedule an appointment to open a new account, apply for a loan, or meet with a MidFirst personal banker.

*These features are not available when accessing the mobile app from your tablet.

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More Information Of MidFirst Bank Mobile

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.0.10 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:MidFirst Bank

User Reviews


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Jennifer Chiren 2020-09-06

This app is TERRIBLE! I\'m so tired of not being able to have access to my account and actually know when things are being taken out. The app either won\'t let me in most of the time or it\'s just blank white. About to switch banks because I\'m very unhappy with it! As a bank, you should have it together a little more. You are holding onto MY hard earned money!!! 😡😡😡
Melissa Dvorak 2021-03-04

About the MOBILE APP:Difficult logging in with Lastpass. Hard to find things that should be easy like \"transfers\". This app is not intuitive and even logging in is not easy. Why is the CONTINUE button (not even a button) at the top right instead of below the password entry like almost every other banking app? Like the bank, hate the app. Update 2021: the app wants you to type in your pw but I\'ve found I can copy and paste it from my LASTPASS account, backspace 1 and retype last character...yay.
Gus 2021-02-06

Over the last 2 days, when I try to open the app, I have been getting a \"Error\" about the \"Data Network\". I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice, and it will open a usuall for a few time but eventually, the error comes back. It is starting to become irritating. Please fix this asap.
Nick Meysing 2018-03-09

App constantly crashes, reinstalling it temporarily fixes it, this has been going on a year. The team in charge of maintaining and running updates for this app should be fired. A banking app shouldn\'t be this buggy. Update: This app has gotten a lot more reliable, MidFirst took the time to actually call me to express my problems with it. Since then after updates, it does not crash near as much as it did before. I have not had a problem with app for over a month now.
Richard Doyle 2020-07-20

When I try to use this app, I get a message saying \"Access Denied. Access not allowed to jailbroken/rooted devices.\" Really?!!! I used root checker which is very reliable, to check to see if my phone is rooted or not and I got the message \"root checker not properly installed\" which means my phone is not rooted. What data are you using to determine that my phone is rooted? Obviously, not a reliable field. I would give 0 stars if I could. Sub standard app uninstalled. Thinking of going back to BOA
John Rangel 2017-06-13

The latest update just doesn\'t work. I have no idea why they don\'t just roll back the update. If you guys need an app developer for cheap, let me know. As a free advice, just fire and replace your current app team. Completely useless.
Diana Tetherow 2020-10-08

Edited: After talking with MidFirst, and after a few updates, the app seems to be working 90% of the time. It\'s still annoying when it does white screen, and that I can\'t use the fingerprint authentication without the issue occurring more often. 3 Start from 1 Star --- The app used to work well. Lately, it won\'t load unless I reinstall the app. I need this to work so that I can pay my rent and don\'t want to have to reinstall the app every time. If this continues, I may switch banks all together.
David Searls 2016-12-29

Worked Better Before Update As others have already pointed out, the new update generates too many errors. About the only thing you can do is check your account balances. You can\'t transfer money or pay bills without it giving an error. Please fix soon as I rely on this app daily.
Thomas Borjon 2020-07-23

Allow me to clarify my feedback. 1) I was under the impression that android apps are not supposed to update after the app launches. The play store has processes to prevent malware from being deployed. When I launch an app and it updates itself, outside of the google play store, it concerns me greatly and the first thing I think is that the app has been compromised. 2) Please do not try to \"save me from myself\" by not allowing me to save my credentials.
T Lam 2018-03-31

App really sucks. After downloading and installing, it\'ll work like 5 times normally then everytime after it says error has occur try again later, and it keeps saying that no matter what then it says it has unexpectedly closed. Then i got to uninstall it and reinstall it for it to work again. I\'ve done this at like 20 times now, this is a terrible app