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Description of Might and Glory: Kingdom War

Might and Glory: Kingdom War is a new online strategy game for everyone who loves classic fantasy and epic battles. Build your own magnificent castle, assemble an army of mighty heroes, participate in guild raids and smite other players with swords and magic!

A beautiful kingdom flourishing under your reign will turn into the centre of a rigorous struggle for the magical resources of the continent. Your task is to master the unruly magic of these ancient places, surpass the rest of the contenders for power and defeat the dreadful Dark Knight who terrorizes these lands! Magnificent castles, mysterious nature filled with the magic of this world, and brutal fast-paced battles – these and many more amazing features are presented in high-quality HD graphics and will rouse the emotions of every fan of mobile strategy games and fierce battles.

The war has begun, so it’s time to put on your shining armor and set out on the path to might and glory! Fortify your castle by surrounding it with impenetrable walls and invincible protective structures supported by your best warlocks’ magic, fight with other players, bring down their castles and grab their resources, unite in unstoppable guilds and participate in regular tournaments. Evolve, attack, destroy, conquer and become the one and only overlord of this world!

Play on any Android smartphone or tablet.

Game features:

✔ Embrace the simplicity: all battles are simple, and yet each battle is unique. Wow!

✔ Imagine the possibilities: upgrade your buildings and armies, set up an ideal defense and come up with an effective attack!

✔ Smite other players: crush your enemies or take revenge on your oppressors!

✔ Epic heroes: train your own Warlock and Warrior who will help you conquer the world with powerful spells and deadly swords. They are the ones who will lead your army into bloody battle and be the key to victory over the most vicious invaders.

✔ Guild wars: create alliances of players united under common flags. Make cooperative plans to overwhelm your enemies, take part in tournaments, build guild defensive buildings together and participate in guild raids. Earn rewards for your guild’s joint operations, help others and receive support from players from all over the world!

✔ Eye candy: enjoy bright and colorful high-quality HD graphics!

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Attention! A reliable internet connection is required for Might and Glory.

Attention! The game requires READ_PHONE_STATE permission in order to save your game's progress. In the event that the game is deleted or lost in any way, you will always be able to restart the game and restore your saved progress.

We use the device identifier only to save the progress of the game, and not for anything else.

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More Information Of Might and Glory: Kingdom War

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.1.9 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:My.com B.V.

User Reviews


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US Citizen 2015-09-20

Don\'t waste your time Just another game that wants you to spend 1000\'s of dollars in order to play. Otherwise it takes forever and it still caters to the people that spend money by allowing them to buy protection and you can never revenge them.
A Google user 2016-09-02

Mighty and Glory:Kingdom war. Very interesting game. My kids and I love,though am still learning how to play it very well.My kids are expert in it.
Eric Leonardi 2016-10-11

Difficulties and Troop Training Time Raise to Castle 8, difficulties raise drastically, you will get attacked often. Most enemies are lot higher level than you. A suggestion from me to the developer is to make troop training faster. So much boring waiting the troops until it\'s ready.
Dead Lord 2020-11-08

The best game that i\'ve ever played.but there is a problem.12000 is the biggest tournament.so fix it.it should have 60000 in the biggest tournament and the lowest should be 12000.make more defensive equipments and more troops.and more heroes.and more resources.and more traps.i want to see it in next upgrade.Arcane cannon needs more spells.make the weapons cannons and archers to lv15.Jericho to lv11 and shelter to lv 7.walls to 12.make the golem to 5.golden golem.
Jumoke Akindele 2016-09-20

Might and Glory Just didn\'t understand it and I believe it is dishonest of whatsappp to make us download these strange games just to have their latest version.
nick chua 2017-11-04

Fun to play until your upgrade your Archer tower to Level 11, Mortar to level 7, Canon to level 11, Jericho, Man -a-canon, fire tower, they will need Essence, LOL, with only 2 Alchemical Generator for collecting Essence and 1 Essence storage , max level 4, max. 200,010 they expect you to upgrade all these weapons. The mana will become redundant by the time you reached this stage, LOL go and learnt from Clash of Clan or your own Jungle heat. And dun abandon the games development, YES FOLKS, they have not upgrade this game for a long time..so dun bother to play if you have started playing...
Control Alt Delete 2016-07-10

Topped out too early. Well I\'m at that point where I can\'t freely build anymore. Supplies don\'t make quick enough on base, get attacked far too frequently to ever build up stockpiles, and troops take too long to fight and get supplies. So if I don\'t want to pay major money, because things cost too much, I can\'t progress anymore. So I\'ve got to delete it because there is no need to play in this stuck position. Thanks though it was gun while it lasted. Back to Empires and Allies!
Michael Gong-Chun 2020-06-29

Game allows higher levels to attack a lower level. Should be a limit of 5 levels above or below you, not 30 plus levels to attack you. In order to build to a higher level, you need to spend a lot of money. Not worth your hard earned money in my opinion. \"Free diamonds\" are impossible to earn, as they set the bar too high to earn those diamonds. Good Luck if you play the game.
VonKleitz BRO 2017-04-11

What are the guild requirements to compete in 12k tournaments because my guild rating is always over 18k rating. Also when is the next game update coming?? I can\'t remember the last special event that\'s how long it\'s been. Game has become boring and repetative. The game is losing loyal players that paid money
Avijit Biswas 2020-04-30

When you go for higher level, connection problem, game loading problem will be increase at higher level. And one day it will show connection error for longer periods. As a result you have to remove this game from your phone. I\'m watching 720p online movie but this speed not sufficient for this game. Lol!!!! Dear developer, If you able to solve the problems associated with this game, you can keep it in playstore. Otherwise remove this junk game.