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Million Dollar Homes  - Design & Puzzle Games APK

Million Dollar Homes - Design & Puzzle Games

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Description of Million Dollar Homes - Design & Puzzle Games

Million Dollar Homes will bring the life of the rich and famous a little closer to you. Play puzzles to earn money. Invest your prize money to buy new properties and renovate them into beautiful yacht lounges, relaxing pool villas a cozy living rooms. Then, you can earn even more money by renting out your properties to stars, celebrities and everyone else. Now is your chance to make this dream come true! Are you up for a challenge?

🌠PLAY exciting puzzle games for free and earn big money!

🌠DECORATE, design and renovate bedrooms, kitchens, yachts, restaurants and more!

🌠MAKEOVER your life and bring valuable new ideas and home design trends to life!

🌠EARN money and increase your wealth by collecting rent and buying new properties.

Just playing home design games is not enough! Enjoy thrilling puzzles and become the real VIP of this game. Home makeover and interior design games have never been so fun!

Life is a (home design) game. Play it right and become a millionaire.

**Please note that [ Million Dollar Homes ] saves your progress on your device. Data will be reset if you delete the app or change your device.



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More Information Of Million Dollar Homes - Design & Puzzle Games

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.3.0 Publish Date:2021-09-07 Developer:CookApps

User Reviews


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Candace Krakosky 2021-02-20

I loved this game but I finished playing it in 2 weeks. Why are there only 14 rooms. I read that someone review stated the same complaint and the response was that it was updated and that there are more rooms to play. The app says it was updated on 2/15/21.....well its 2/19 and i don\'t have anymore rooms. Guess I\'m going to have to uninstall the app. ☹
Laura Probst 2021-01-25

Nothing much to make this game stand out from the dozens of other Match-3 decorating games. Other than the greed: usually, once one decor choice is unlocked, all are unlocked, making it easy to switch looks. Not here. Even though it\'s only in-game currency, you\'re required to spend it every single time a new choice is made. Even the option of watching an ad to unlock a decor choice - though it\'d still be rude and annoying - would be preferable to using up all my in-game cash.
Karen Russell 2021-03-04

I initially loved this game however, I have been stuck at level 14 completed the task but there wasn\'t anymore levels. I did an update but still I can\'t progress to the next level and it is not requiring me to complete any other task. All I can do is accumulate money which is pointless if I can\'t go to the next level. May have to delete.
Angieleigh Eads 2021-02-02

I love decorating games, but too often you have to spend money on order to do much. This game is not like that! It\'s easy to accumulate in game money by playing the match levels. One of my favorite games to date.
betty anderson 2021-02-17

It\'s an okay game but I finished all the rooms and have a build up of cash with nothing to buy. I was keeping it to see if they added other rooms but it hasn\'t happened. So I\'m uninstalling it. Sorry/not sorry.
Loretta Cavanaugh 2021-02-23

Enjoying this game as I love decorating any room..always been my passion. So glad that I downloaded this game..I\'m so excited to get to all the rooms..come decorate with me, it\'s just so nice to show someone a room that makes them smile...
Beverley Allida Malan 2021-02-12

I like this game and I enjoyed playing it but there are some places that after you chose a design they still put a fix sign on and you have to pay again on the already done places so it actually cost you double the amount to do one piece. If you can fix this I can continue playing or else i will have to delete this game.Thank you
Leslie Eural 2021-02-22

Love the game, but you say there are more levels coming and I have not seen any new levels yet I have cash in the bank and no doubles to play or nothing to buy I don\'t want to install the game, but I might have no choice.
Rebecca Fletcher 2021-01-10

I love these sort of home design games where u purchase homes for rent, i love this game so much please continue to make more games like this one, so much fun and addicting, i love all the home design games cook app makes there inspiring, good job guys
Michelle A Myers 2021-02-13

I\'m sorry I am uninstalling I don\'t like unfair games and I don\'t like games you got to play with beads and boxes that you got to move and then you\'re darn thing will let you even moving when you don\'t give enough time to do it in I mean some people have rheumatoid arthritis and can\'t do it fat fast so for that purpose your game is unfair and cost too much by the way