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Description of Mind: Spirituality & Intuition

Learn the life-changing skills in just a few minutes a day with the Mind. Find lessons and tools on astral projection, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, dreams, meditation, subconscious and more. Download Mind to expand your consciousness and explore your spiritual and psychic self beyond your wildest imagination! Join 121k+ members.


Learn about many different topics about the body, spirit and the Mind, with the help of our 5-minute lessons.


We have a set of tools that will help you practice and improve your psychic and spiritual skills - from intuition to lucid dream and so much more!


Keep a detailed track of all your dreams, lucid dreams, psychic visions, spiritual experiences, astral projection and more with the help of our journal and see how you improve over time.


* Create Your OBE Technique

* Meditation Tracker

* Habit Assistant

* Lucid Dream Reminders & Reality Checks

* ESP Trainer

* Shamanic Journey

* Daily Practice Targets

* Ideogram Drill

* Vocabulary Trainer


* Daily Journal

* Detailed Stats


* Meditation - learn to calm your mind and body while having lucidity, a must-learn for all spiritual and psychic exploration

* Dreams - a reality created by our subconscious mind, without lucidity

* Lucid Dream - a dream in which you become aware you are dreaming

* Out-of-Body Experience - OBE, astral projection, astral travel - separating spirit from the body, while maintaining lucidity

* Extrasensory Perception - ESP, intuition, being psychic

* Remote Viewing - a scientific psychic (ESP) protocol that anyone can learn.

* Shamanic Journey - ancient spiritual practice of traveling to the spirit (or astral) world

* Psychic Healing - heal yourself and others using the mind alone

* Afterlife - what happens with our spirit at the end?

* Spirituality - non-material spirit is part of who you are

* Religion - all religions are built on the spiritual knowledge and astral projection (OBE) of their leaders

Mind is free to download and use. There are no ads. Part of the features are free forever.

Some content is only available through an optional paid subscription.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.8.1 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Gradoid DOO

User Reviews


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Breeanna Nelson 2020-07-20

This app helped me understand so many \"odd things\" that have happened to me my entire knowing right from wrong life.i honestly thought I was crazy.especially after trying to explain a few different OBE\'s iv had reaccurringly threw out my life,trying to explain some of those experiences.most ppl are so quick to make you feel so misunderstood&alone.but this app has cleared so much up for me. I\'m highly grateful for whoever took the time to make this app. Thank you. I\'m just so relieved I\'mNotAlone
Haley Morn 2020-04-17

I love this. I like the style of this app where they use slides instead of a whole page explanation. It makes it more interesting to read and not boring. Very helpful too i just wish the upgrade was is more cheaper since i cannot really afford. Edit: i subscribed to a plan. I got addicted to this app.
Joelle Vittoria 2021-01-08

Just starting to use it with the free trial. And after 5 days I am seeing the value in paying for the annual subscription. There is a variety of educational material that\'s exactly in alignment with what my passions are. I\'m excited to be able to absorb and put into action these empowering tools. After paying for the membership I\'m very happy to have done it. There are many tools and lessons that I have done and can\'t wait to do. Lots of useful content if you are interested in the human mind.
Spirit Heart 2020-06-09

Sounds like an amazing app based on description & reviews. However, the fact that developer is using people\'s desire for spiritual development & growth for personal financial gain is concerning (offer other options to progress - ad views, multiple price points/purchase options, donations etc?). Barring Enlightenment via one\'s \'Ability To Pay\' is not spiritually ethical/evolved, so I wonder if, the material is or not, as well. This app seems both inspiring & disheartening as a result. 🤔😇or👹?
Carlos Dyer 2020-08-21

In order to begin any journey its required of one to first take a couple of steps out on a path to new discoveries which will in turn unlock various parts of ones mindset so that one can explore other dimensions that even the ancients marveled at but never ever experience. These kind of apps can help u achieve this and more where ever there is persistence determination and strong will power anything is possible.
Terica Cyrus 2020-05-14

At the moment just going through each lessons before trying out the tools and practices just to get a better understanding of how everything works. So far it\'s very informational and very easy to understand. So far I like it!
Zoe Monfils 2020-11-13

Very cool app, ive only just started but i like it a lot, its easy, simple, and yet informative. I love the practices and i love the mentioning of real research in the field.
Sabina Baltrusch 2020-03-26

BETTER THAN I could\'ve EXPECTED!!! :D i would give it 5 stars HANDS DOWN if there were more activities or articles to support each subject. Maybe even incorporating some YouTube videos, or something of similar creation for the paid users also BC it\'s basically almost the same, - the limited number of lessons p/day opposed to a handful without paying. But overall this app is TRULY ENLIGHTENING AND EVERYONE SHOULD BE TAUGHT THIS AS EARLY AS CAN BE!! :) THE TIME TO WAKE UP & SHINE IS TODAY♡♡♡♡
Frett Not 2020-08-16

My toddler somehow downloaded this app and before I deleted it I was curious to see just what he had found for me. Turns out my little one\'s intuition is right on track because I have been looking for/dreaming of this black hole of information and didn\'t even know it. Thank you Mind for creating yourself.
Brian Weatherley 2020-09-11

Before you can explore any content, this app will force you to \"sign in\" (aka get your email) and then require you to sign up for a subscription at $8 a month. All of this BEFORE you can do anything. No thank you.