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Description of Mindbody: Home Workout & Fitness App

Searching for a new workout app? Want to drop-in on a yoga class for less? Need help finding new at-home workouts? The Mindbody app can help you find the best place to get your sweat on & work on that beach body. Whether you’re looking for a beginner workout or trying to beat your 30-day fitness goals, you can find it all on Mindbody. Over 52,000 businesses offer fitness classes in yoga, Pilates, HIIT, cycling, barre, kickboxing, dance, weight training, circuit training, bootcamp & more! And for your post-workout recovery, book a massage, facial, acupuncture, or cryotherapy, & finish it off with a beauty appointment—all in one app.

Download & discover why it's the best free health & fitness app for finding studios, spas, salons & online home workouts.

How it works:

Download the top-rated workout & wellness app to create a healthy routine & crush your fitness goals.

Find local workout classes, wellness services, beauty appointments, & home fitness workouts by location, time, date, & category with our easy-to-use filters.

Book drop-in classes at lower rates with our Last-Minute Offers or get new client deals to try a new studio with Intro Offers. No membership necessary. Invite your workout buddy to elevate your health & wellness together!

Stay motivated by connecting your fitness tracker to see calories burned, class performance, & more with our activity dashboard. Plus, you can sync the Mindbody app with Google Fit to quickly access stats on your classes, appointments, and enrollments.

Save your favorite gyms, studios, classes, spas, & beauty salons to easily book again.

Why you’ll love it:

* Variety: Yoga, CrossFit®, spin, barre, strength training, Pilates, dance, online home workouts & more—discover what works for you.

* Value: With Intro Offers & Last-Minute Offers, you'll get the best deals to try a new studio or drop-in on a fitness class without committing to a membership.

* Verified Reviews: Know what people are saying about new workout classes or wellness services before you book with real reviews from verified users.

Download this top-rated workout app to elevate your wellness & create a healthy routine!

*Flexible Pricing available in the U.S. only

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:7.28.1 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:MINDBODY Inc

User Reviews


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B L 2019-11-23

Horrible. You have to purchase extras for the app in order to bookmark your places, and often times even then it won\'t work properly. The location feature is a huge hindrance if you\'re searching by name, and it\'s impossible to search without the location setting, because it\'ll just start listing everything near you so you can\'t find what you\'re looking for. The interface isn\'t very user friendly and the app overall is very inconsistent. What a let down.
Robin Ladebue 2020-06-10

Really clumsy to buy a pass from my favorite yoga studio. Honestly it\'s so frustrating to try to figure this out every time. Also integration to Strava stopped working months ago. It\'s goofy, I know, but it pisses me off. I sign up for the yoga challenges, do the work, and then nothing. Guys, you\'ve got to do better... Update! Response from developer includes an un-clickable link. Thanks! Also got that integration to Strava fixed yet? No? Grrrr.
Ieva Rotomskyte 2020-01-30

So easy to use - it\'s perfection! After years of trying to get into yoga, thanks to this app making it so simple and accessible, I got myself the best deal possible and now going to yoga almost every day. It makes it super flexible as well, I can book and cancel classes at a fairly short notice depending on my circumstances, it\'s brilliant!:))
Regina B. 2020-02-27

Worked fine, then one day it stopped letting me use my passes. I uninstalled and reinstalled and reset my password. At that point, it no longer let me view the place I wanted to go at all, and said that the business was no longer listed. However, when I used a family member\'s phone, it worked just fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled two more times and it finally worked, but there should be better recourse than just \"keep uninstalling and reinstalling and hope it works this time\". Fix your bugs!
Jeff Byrd 2020-01-20

The mobile experience leaves a lot to be desired. In a recent update, the interface started showing me the price for a drop in to my gym, even though I have a membership. I had to click through and tell it to use my subscription, which wasn\'t obvious and I felt like I was risking a double charge and hassling the owner for a refund. My gym does events and we can\'t sign up for those in the app. We have to leave the app, search for the gym on the full site and sign up there.
Chatterboxlove 2019-05-02

No major issues with app. I primarily use it for my home studio -- both to book classes and keep up with changes in schedule. The \"add to calendar\" button is no longer a pop up when booking but is accessible when looking at \"my schedule\". I wish that it gave you push notifications when classes you are signed up for are canceled.
Jacqui King 2019-10-27

After an update this useless app loads by itself, wants me to log in, presumably with a Facebook login - in vain on my case, logs me off while I am in the app, and then the whole cycle repeats. This is intrusive, runs my battery down and is unacceptable. Hence I am uninstalling this app, which used to be great and is now junk.
Elyshia S 2020-07-06

I like how it stores my schedule so I can see what my plans are easily, but booking classes lags. I\'m afraid I\'ve paid for a class twice sometimes. Also, the search feature is terrible. Unless you get the name exactly right, it\'s a wild goose chase, and I mean the difference between \'&\' and \'and\'. Even with a name typed correctly, I get results further away in location then the actual venue I\'m trying to find.
Marnie Harrington 2020-01-23

I cannot search for classes by location. I\'m trying to find fitness classes that are at a specific time and is close to work, but it insists on using \'current location\'. When I put the location of my work in, it searches for businesses instead! So I have to go into every business to see what classes they have and whether it matches what I\'m looking for. I can\'t use the filters or anything. Maybe I\'m doing something wrong, but am finding it not very user friendly when it comes to the \'explore\'.
Odessa Ditson 2019-12-28

convenient search and bookings and search for classes at different studios and discovering other studios and classes in the area... also really like the ability to connect to strava. *Strava connection could be more consistent though. it seems to be selective.