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Description of MindDoc: Your Companion

Top mental health app with over 3,000,000 downloads and 4.7 stars out of 26,000+ reviews.

Developed by clinical psychologists in close collaboration with leading researchers for those who want to learn about emotional well-being or who suffer from mild-to-moderate mental illness including depression, anxiety, insomnia, and eating disorders.


Log your mental health and mood in real time.

Get insights and summaries on your symptoms, behaviours, and general emotional well-being to help you recognize patterns and find the best resources for you.

Discover our library of courses and exercises to help you on your journey toward emotional well-being.


MindDoc is a leading monitoring and self-management app for promoting emotional well-being and coping with such mental illnesses as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and eating disorders.

MindDoc can be used by itself for prevention or self-help, or as a part of treatment with a mental health practitioner.

Our questions, insights, courses, and exercises have been developed by clinical psychologists and are aligned with international treatment guidelines for mental disorders.

For technical support or other inquiries, please send an email to: feedback@minddoc.com.

The app was developed with psychotherapists and scientists and can be used by anyone - whether as support in the context of regular psychotherapy or as free and anonymous help.

You can find more information about our terms of use here:


Here you can learn more about our privacy policy:


Regulatory Information

The MindDoc App is a risk class I medical product according to Annex VIII, Rule 11 of the MDR (REGULATION (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices)

Intended medical purpose

The MindDoc monitoring and self-management application medical device provides continuous long-term sign and symptom monitoring of common mental disorders. This protocol is supplemented by courses and exercises. This enables users to recognize patterns in their symptom trajectories which then can be shared with a mental health care provider and used for self-management. MindDoc thus

provides users orientation regarding the need to consult a mental health care provider by providing an assessment of the general emotional health. A mental health care provider then can include the summary of the protocols in his overall diagnostic and clinical assessment.

enables users to self-manage symptoms and related problems by providing both transdiagnostic and disorder-specific evidence-based courses and exercises which help them to recognize, understand, and cope with signs and symptoms of mental disorders by self-initiating behaviour change.

Important Note

The application explicitly does not replace the diagnosis by a mental health care provider, but can only give orientation on whether to consult a mental health care provider who then can include the results of the medical device in diagnostic processes. The application explicitly does not replace psychotherapy.

Please read the Instruction of Use and information about warnings and contraindications that are provided at https://minddoc.de/medizinprodukt carefully before you use the app

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User Reviews


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smarlie chen 2019-05-15

It\'s ok an app is not free, but I don\'t like an app that most of the content aren\'t free but listed it as a free app (they replied to one comment stated that most are free, out of 4 categories, Pause is completely paid feature; in Discovery out of 8 courses only 1 is free, all excercises are paid feature, that\'s 2 categories, their defenition of \"most\" is different from mine) It feels they think it\'s ok to waste people\'s time as long as having more chances to lure you in for subscription. Pass.
Alison Mackay 2019-08-20

I liked this app until they changed the layout and added the phrase \"morning/midday/evening questions missed\". That kind of shaming doesn\'t work as motivation for everyone and for me actually makes me want to answer the questions less. I\'ve stopped using it now because it became a negative rather than positive experience.
Kena Astora 2020-03-11

This makes journaling so easy. The notification system is an excellent way to keep this from being overwhelming. Edit: Changed from 5 stars to 2. They have changed the app so that you have to pay money for features that used to be free like adding new emotion selections. This used to be such a helpful app for me but these sorts of small changes can have a big effect. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I\'ll be trying to find a different app.
Emely K. 2020-09-23

I really like this App, it\'s Simple, no ads and just good looking. I dislike that you have to answer yes/no. Sometimes i just don\'t know the answer, because i have really confused feelings. So it would be nice if there were Button with \'A little bit\' or \'i don\'t know\' or something like this. Maybe it\'s the Point to decide if yes or no but sometimes you are just in between.
Paul Smith 2019-09-30

There needs to be more emotions and situations during the day reviews, there\'s barely any and many depressed people find it hard to identify emotions, so giving the option to search for them yourself isn\'t that helpful, especially when they disappear again the next time!
Andrea Majoros 2019-05-12

I have diagnosed major depressive disorder and am now off the medication. In addition, I am talking to a pshyotherpist once in two weeks. Moodpath is a fantastic tool to closer monitor my health and helps me pay attention to what causes me to feel bad or good. It gives a clearer picture of my symptoms and helps me communicate them to my doctor. I am doing really well now! Thank you Moodpath team!
Beth L 2019-09-30

Great for setting patterns and stressors. It\'s a simple interface that shows you when you\'re most affected by any lows in your week or day. There\'s a notes section that is helpful to document why you\'re feeling how you are. This includes good times and days (most of mine are weekends). At the end of the week you get a review. There\'s also helpful information and exercises for relaxation and mindfulness but I haven\'t used them. Update: the latest updates made this app great for tracking mood!
J C 2019-12-20

This app is the best app for keeping track of your mental health. Not only can you track your progress, moodpath also asks you questions throughout the day that not only help with tracking progress but also give you a minute to stop and think about how you feel at the moment, which incredibly relieving if you\'re someone who tends to get caught up in a emotion without realizing it. Not only that, after you answer the questions you have the option to write about what you are thinking about. 10/10
Marlena Tremback 2019-08-03

This app has been VERY helpful in keeping track of my depression and anxiety day-by-day. It\'s well made, asks very specific and focused questions without repeating questions too frequently. I enjoy the tips that it ocassionally gives and the monthly analysis. Although I do forget to answer the questions some days, I find this app easy to use even on the days when I don\'t get out of bed. I think it\'s helpful to be aware of, and keep track of, how you feel and what is bothering you each day.
LifeWithJuan 2019-09-13

I\'m not getting any notifications, despite turning these on in the settings, so I can\'t keep my answers consistent because of my heavy schedule, and thus the app can\'t really give me a proper assessment. I have sent this feedback via the \"Give us Feedback,\" hopefully I get a fix soon.