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Description of Mindfit

Find your inner strength. Train your thought patterns and positive self-talk.

Being mentally strong includes what thoughts you have about yourself and your life. And how you deal with adversity and challenges. You can choose to meet them or avoid them. And like everything else, to learn to be mentally strong you have to practice.

You can train for endurance, for challenging yourself and doing things you avoid. You can train your sense of mastery, inner dialogue and belief in yourself. This makes you stronger.

By understanding which habits help you and which hold you back, you can practice keeping the right focus, and reach the goals you set.

Shifting the focus to what you master will help you solve your challenges and give you more faith that you can. Mindfit helps you with this.

Mindfit is developed by a psychologist, and is based on well-recognized treatments such as cognitive therapy and positive psychology.


During the process of change, it’s often easy to forget all the little things you have actually achieved on the way towards your big goal. Keeping records is important to help you build up your sense of mastery and keep your spirits up. It helps you see that you are on the right track.

→ Helps you build up your sense of mastery

→ Makes you happier and promotes well-being

→ Helps you handle difficult times

→ Reduces negative thoughts and feelings

→ Reduces stress, depression and anxiety

→ Makes you sleep better

We have also assembled different self-help techniques that you can use when you find yourself in a challenge situation. They can help you overcome the uncomfortable feelings you might have in these circumstances.

• Breathing exercise/mindfulness

• Visualization techniques

• Attention training

• Relaxation exercise

• Helpful questions

OUR CUSTOMERS LIKES US because we help them to achieve a better everyday life.

Using proven methods and techniques, you will be guided to a better life – whether it’s about coping with stress, anxiety, depression or training yourself to improve your self-esteem and sense of achievement.

Mindfit is inspired by well-respected treatment methods such as cognitive therapy and positive psychology, but also by the more general communication, self-management and therapy techniques used in psychology.


Mindfit is a self-help app that focuses on mental health training, and the app is intended as a way to help you to help yourself!

While the app is a self-help tool, it isn’t a substitute for treatment by a psychologist. The tool is meant to be a guide and a motivator, so that you can more easily follow through on the changes that you have decided to make.


Mindfit does not collect personal information about you as a user of this app. All the information that you record is stored only on your mobile phone.

Read more at: mindfitapp.com

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More Information Of Mindfit

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User Reviews


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Sharon Strubhar 2019-01-14

I use it all the time, and \'it is so helpful to reviw when I am having a bad day. I wish the white pop up would not showup on photos with no text and putting different colours behind the text of a good experience/thought would make it more cheerful to review positive experiences and create easier seperation between thoughts. this app puts captions at the top of photos, and in addition it is hard to transfer data between phones. otherwise love it.
Francesca Fornai 2016-08-15

Brilliant! A brilliant way of recording the things that \'top up\' your tank. The reminders are useful if youare not normally very good and renumbering to do something xx
Brian Currie 2016-12-06

Helped a lot with my focus.
Man Ora 2017-01-19

I was thinking that can track bad thinking to see how often they happened but it\'s ok.
Geetu pahilajani 2020-11-18

I don\'t wanted to buy it and I didn\'t get option of refund
Traci Davies 2020-03-07

Doesn\'t work. Waiting for a response from the developer to my refund request as App store responded that it\'s ineligible for a refund within a few hours after buying it. Not impressed. Happy to remove or update this review when I\'m refunded the purchase price.
A Google user 2016-10-12

Great app Excellent. I love the ideas behind this app. I went to a psychologist many years ago and what he showed about keeping a diary to change my thought patterns is basically contained in this app.
Jennifer Riffe 2017-03-21

I haven\'t used it enough to go into detail about it
steinar rolseth ness 2015-04-16

My pocket coach This is a head turner. Changes fokus, sets direction.
Erica Clark 2016-01-31

It helps you help yourself It is what you make it but if you utilize it then it works well.