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Description of Mindfulness Coach

Mindfulness means noticing and paying attention to what is going on in the present moment, without passing judgment on it. Mindfulness has been shown to be effective for reducing stress, improving emotional balance, increasing self-awareness, helping with anxiety and depression, and coping more effectively with chronic pain.

Mindfulness Coach 2.0 was developed to help Veterans, Service members, and others learn how to practice mindfulness. The app provides a gradual, self-guided training program designed to help you understand and adopt a simple mindfulness practice. Mindfulness Coach also offers a library of information about mindfulness (for example “What is Mindfulness?”, “How to Anchor Your Attention”), 12 audio-guided mindfulness exercises and a growing catalog of additional exercises available for free download, goal-setting and tracking, a mindfulness mastery assessment to help you track your progress over time, customizable reminders, and access to other support and crisis resources. Mindfulness Coach is free, doesn’t take or share any of your personal information, and doesn’t require add-on purchases.

Mindfulness Coach was created by VA’s National Center for PTSD.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.6.9 Publish Date:2021-11-28 Developer:US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

User Reviews


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Ira Gibbs 2020-03-04

great app (was) keeps crashing even after uninstalling and reinstalling New phone, reinstalled app, so far so good
Cindy C 2019-11-19

Excellent app!!! Just what I was looking for! I have tried other mindfulness apps, but this one is by far the best! Part of the appeal to me is its pure simplicity. I also love that you can go back to a level and view it again, to work on parts you find difficult. Thankyou to the creators!!! I have recommended your app to many others, and will continue to do so!
Russell Atkinson 2020-02-10

I\'m a British Army veteran with long term, untreated, mental health issues. I\'ve been using this app for 6 weeks now. It\'s amazing how quickly my mind has begun to adjust and how my thoughts have clarified. I began determined to be disciplined with myself and complete the exercises and practices daily. I am introducing the teachings from the programme in to my daily life and see the world differently. I do find that the male voice in some of the practices is less soothing than the female voices.
A Google user 2020-09-03

Beautiful app, with great instruction. It really helps with knowing deeper mindfulness. I have practiced meditation and mindfulness for over 10 years. Perhaps adding the option of music during the meditation might be the only improvement I would make... and possibly lengthen the log area just about 20-30 more characters for logging ideas. Thanks again for providing the app.
Meredith McDougall 2019-10-08

Just started using but I enjoy a lot. Simple to follow and understand. I have been reading a lot about being present and meditation but find this a quick way to come back to awareness and letting go of the thoughts that use to burden and stress me. Great tool to what I am doing now. Learning presence, awareness, and letting go has helped me more than the many yrs of therapy and medications. Great tool, thanks
Patricia Williams 2019-12-30

Very well put together, easy to use, helpful information to guide you along in your practice. Probably among the best there is. I also like the pleasant sound of the small bell 3 times like it should be. I\'m a musician with sensitive picky ears, and this bell is a relaxing tone! Thank you for developing this!
Jeffrey Wright 2019-01-29

I\'ve been meditating for a couple of years, not always consistently, but recently I\'ve been much more serious about it. I\'ve tried a number of apps, including the main ones (eg Headspace, Calm, Insight Timer). This app is the best I\'ve tried if you are interested in mindfulness style meditation. It\'s thoroughly grounded in research. It\'s very easy to use and very, very well-designed in terms of providing immediate and longer-term guidance. The main app I\'ve used previously is outstanding, but it is a huge hodgepodge of mindfulness, affirmations, chanting, prayer, guided imagery, sleep music, etc. Great for figuring out what style best suits you. But distracting when it comes to following an effective regimen. If you want to get serious about transforming your mindfulness and making real, tangible progress, this is the best app, free or paid. I congratulate the team of scientists behind it. If only the rest of the VA\'s products and services were so stellar!!!
Heather Christianson 2020-01-09

Great app however, soundscapes randomly turns on. Imagine being in a conference and crickets start to chirp... If that\'s not enough, there\'s NO widget or play/pause bar to shut it off... The first few times to shut off the noise I had to shut off my phone until I was somewhere appropriate (parking lot) to figure it out... I \'stumbled upon\' a quick fix; find a different soundscape, select it, then you get a pause/stop option. Even when in soundscapes, the most recent isn\'t first or highlighted.
Shiva Baba 2019-11-10

I\'m an experienced meditator and always on the lookout for decent meditation apps to test my knowledge and capacity. Until now I liked One Giant Mind, which focuses on a form of mantra meditation like TM. And I also liked Headspace. This app more effectively teaches the nuts and bolts of the practice, allows users to track their goals and progress through assessments, and offers useful articles. This is the most effective app that I\'ve seen to help beginners develop a sitting practice.
Debra Tuttle 2019-09-26

As a psychotherapist, I find this app to be extremely helpful for helping my clients learn to practice mindfulness. They love watching their trees grow! I find it helpful personally to do a structured mindfulness activity once a day, either at the start of my work day to be better centered for my patients, or at the end of the day to help better clear my mind before going to sleep, or both!