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Description of Mindvalley: Self-Improvement

Welcome to Mindvalley, your learning platform for personal growth & self improvement.

Take your self-improvement learning to the next level & find the best online courses in personal growth, skill mastery & self care - straight from the experts. You’ll find your mindset changing from day 1 as you listen to online classes & healthy living masterclasses to expand your skill sets in all aspects of life.

Powered by machine learning & cutting-edge technology, Mindvalley brings you the future of personal development education with a variety of expert classes & applicable life lessons for your personal growth journey. Our healthy living programs & courses help with your learning so you achieve the fullest potential of your mind, body, & soul, whether you want help with your career, relationships, health, & more.

Healthy living starts with the right mindset. Kickstart your inner transformation with our personal growth masterclass program. Absorb information at your own pace with self learning. Take Mindvalley’s learning app anywhere & transform on the go.

Take a masterclass in personal growth areas such as Leadership, Confidence, Entrepreneurship, Productivity, Health & Fitness, Relationships, Public Speaking, Mindfulness, Happiness, Meditation, Spirituality & more. Mindvalley is your centre for personal development in all areas of life. You’ll become a better version of yourself while expanding your knowledge of emotional intelligence & personal growth through our expert classes.

What can I expect from the Mindvalley self-improvement learning app?

• Study highly-rated personal development courses on a variety of topics to expand your skill set

• Personalized self learning, expert classes & powerful insights based on your growth goals

• Free meditations for all levels to improve your self care

• Live events, workshops, training sessions & talks

• Study with world-class coaches, teachers, trainers & entrepreneurs

• Form real-life working relationships with like-minded people around the world

• Easy navigation for a seamless learning experience

How will I transform with Mindvalley?

• Increase productivity & improve performance at home & work with self learning

• Learn to develop & live a healthier life with nutrition & fitness

• Discover your purpose, find happiness, joy & fulfilment in your career & relationships

• Reclaim life & increase your impact in the world

• Become more focused & aware of self care & personal growth

• Overall self-improvement & personal development as your mindset changes, you expand your skill set & reach goals with our unique program of expert classes

Powered by scientific design & machine learning, our revolutionary learning platform combines community & education to accelerate your self-growth.


⭐️ Introducing Mindvalley Membership ⭐️

Unlock our best programs (Quests™) instantly with our Membership plan. Gain full access to our vault of acclaimed programs, series & lessons from world renowned experts & thought leaders. Learn from the best – Nir Eyal, Sadhguru, Keith Ferazzi, Jim Kwik, Marisa Peer, Neale Donald Walsch, Ben Greenfield, our founder Vishen Lakhiani & more; including guests such as Mark Cuban, Maye Musk & Gary Zukav.

Take incredible classes to help master a new skill & learn from home, a coffee shop or anywhere on Earth. Mindvalley's online learning programs are designed to guarantee lifelong changes in mind, body, career, relationships & your soul.


Subscription plans in the app are processed via your Play Store account and will automatically renew under Google's terms and conditions. All in-app purchases on your Mindvalley account will adhere to Google Play Store's payment, subscription and refund policies. You can manage your learning app subscription plans in your Play Store account settings.

About Mindvalley: https://www.mindvalley.com/about

Privacy Policy: https://www.mindvalley.com/privacy-policy

Terms & Conditions: https://www.mindvalley.com/terms-and-conditions

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:7.0.3 Publish Date:2022-05-24 Developer:Mindvalley Inc.

User Reviews


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Avinash Deepak 2019-07-15

BEWARE! This is a RIP OFF !! i subscribed to the mentorship program, which indicated that this is a monthly subscription charged annually and i can cancel ANYTIME!!! Much to my surprise and disappointment, i am now informed i can\'t cancel until next year! To top it, Mindvalley is directing me back to Google for the refund, taking no further responsibility. i feel totally duped. BESIDES, the content is nothing but marketing for their courses. Mindvalley to me is a complete SHAM..
Lucia Engel 2019-05-15

I started with Speak & Inspire. This is more than just a course; it is lifechanging and we formed a community. I did this course 4 times, and started to follow Masterclasses and other courses. I feel I am part of a \'Uplift the world\'- movement in the form of this University. It fullfills a deep need of belonging and connection with people that want to grow, and make the world a better place; it is beautiful.
jigna chawda 2019-04-06

worst experience .. I have download for free trail but without notification they deducted yearly subscription amount has been deducted, I had uninstall the mind valley apps in 2 days ( ie before 7 triail day) .. then also how can mind valley apps and google pay can deducted money for yealy subscription … it unethical business from mindvalley and google pay. I have request to both mindvalley and google pay for refund of money .but no care for refund of money..
Alex Matthews 2019-10-16

I like the idea alot and I\'m sure there\'s alot of great info with this courses, although even when I have great internet connection the course I\'m listening/watching is extremely janky. The lag feels like dial up and it\'s not only frustrating to have it start and stop on you, but even a 40 min video takes well over 1 hour to finish. All the pauses are really distracting and totally take me out of the experience. It\'s just impossible to stay focused.
Susana Restrepo 2019-09-17

Great app with actual self development content, new and useful information that I haven\'t found anywhere else this compact and easy to follow. The free content is still great, perfect to keep me busy while I save up enough money to buy another program. To me, MindValley is a reflection of the love, kindness and compassion humanity can offer. I\'m so grateful I\'ve found it, because I truly believe I\'m a better person thanks to this app!
Malika Mezine 2019-10-30

Most inspiring app ever ...I can actively listen and comprehend those words to fully understand the meaning behind them, because of the way those words where delivered. Stunning beautiful storytelling, by generous people it inspires to be ambitious, aim high, and never surrender, i can accomplish anything that I set my mind to. Thank you very much from a 54 year old female from London
Jesus Avila 2019-07-03

App eats all my GBs. in 2 days 1.4 GBs just listening no more than 40 mins audio. That is way too much. before I had enabled foreground and background and it was crazy. now only foreground and it\'s taking more GB than before. I will uninstall. it\'s completely nonsense
Nabz A 2020-05-30

There\'s good content on there. But after agreeing to subscribe to the monthly price of approx. £45 (under the ruse of thereafter having unlimited access to everything for doing so) imagine my utter disgust to find that an additional annual fee of approx £90 is required to access the mentoring courses?! Are you kidding? Why claim to include everything in one price only to have a hidden fee later on?! Considering finding an alternative app altogether.
Alhaj. Prof. Peligah Yakubu Seidu 2019-08-15

I think the Mindvalley Quest and mentoring system is superb for a fast pace and multi-faceted world. The quests are easy, fun and practical in real time learning and experiences. I love Vishen\'s ability to distil the essences of tested centuries old wisdom and current scientific expertise to bring maximum results in very minimal time, with people who know and practice what they preach. (Jim Kwik ) However, adverts for other programmes should be limited or placed not to obstruct ongoing sessions.
Danilo Romero 2019-08-31

Last updates made the app a very poor experience, it takes about a minute to load 10 seconds of video. I changed the option to audio only and nohting changed, dame pior loading. I am on a Moto G6.