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Mini Metro

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Description of Mini Metro

Mini Metro, the sublime subway simulator, now on Android. No ads or in-app purchases.

• 2016 BAFTA nominee

• 2016 IGF award winner

• 2016 IGN Mobile Game of the Year finalist

• 2016 Gamespot's Best Mobile Game selection

Mini Metro is a game about designing a subway map for a growing city. Draw lines between stations and start your trains running. As new stations open, redraw your lines to keep them efficient. Decide where to use your limited resources. How long can you keep the city moving?

• Random city growth means each game is unique.

• Over two dozen of real-world cities to test your planning skills.

• A variety of upgrades so you can tailor your network.

• Normal mode for quick scored games, Endless to relax, or Extreme for the ultimate challenge.

• Build your metro exactly how you want to with the all-new Creative mode.

• Compete against the world every day in the Daily Challenge.

• Colorblind and night modes.

• Responsive soundtrack created by your metro system, engineered by Disasterpeace.

Please note that Mini Metro is incompatible with some Bluetooth headphones. If you do not hear audio, please try disconnecting your headphones and restarting the game.

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More Information Of Mini Metro

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-09-11 Developer:Dinosaur Polo Club

User Reviews


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Leo 2018-12-22

Honestly one of the best games I\'ve played. This is one of those games that shows that the pure mechanics of the game is enough to bring the masses. Stripped of unnecessary animation and high definition grapics of usual city building games. Mini Metro has a simple design that can be praised for being minimalistic and user friendly. Would highly recommend you to get it, the cost of a dollar might be daunting for those used to the saturated free-mium game market.
M W 2019-03-08

Superb, I love it. Very well done, so engaging, it keeps me thinking but in a way that I never tire of. Lots of different options/ challenges / levels. Who\'d have thought that this idea would be fun to play! I also like that it doesnt make you feel stupid!...you just keep watching the results of your actions unfold and learn more and more. Sweet graphics too. Well done Devs, there are precious few intelligent, engaging AND nice graphics games on Google Play.
Gary Volk 2019-09-27

Absolutely no point. At least explain what the hell the purpose is. Game ends for no reason,but then again you are never given rules to game to begin with. Connect dots and that is about all. Garbage.
Kyle Palmer 2019-04-09

there\'s a very frustrating bug where your locomotives just disappear sometimes and it causes you to lose the game. the controls are impossible to navigate, and as you try to fix the mess they made, it only gets worse. none of the upgrades matter, you lose the game when the game wants you to lose. i want a refund, there are free games better than this. save your hair from getting pulled out and pass
T Lai 2020-02-07

To the people who complain that there are no tutorial, go to Guide and there are details on how to move the rails/train etc. The game is just addicting. You can play it very strategically or you can relax in the endless mode. I am surprised by the depth of this game. The graphics are simple and universal. The controls are intuitive. Great little differences bases on the locations. I am surprised that Taipei isn\'t one of the maps on there yet!!
A Google user 2019-05-25

Addictive and immersive, I\'ve had more fun playing this game than the FIFA I recently spent $60 on. The sort of game that shows you that it\'s not always the extensive details and depth of content that make a game successful; sometimes it\'s the minimalistic nature, when a game is stripped down to its bare essentials and presented to you in such a neat & professional package. Kudos to the development team! I\'ll soon be buying this on my Switch for the co-op multiplayer functionality.
Ruben Louis Thiemann 2020-08-20

The game is very fun and completing all challenges takes skill. No ads, no glitches, no crashes, intuitive UI and controls. The game could be better with a \"story\" mode. Right now it\'s just do whatever level you want and do as well as possible, so there is little sense of progress/achievement unless you try to 100% the game by completing all challenges. Regardless, it\'s a fun game and good time waster when waiting somewhere.
Scott Suttie-Suttie 2019-09-19

Brilliantly simple, but challenging game! It looks, sounds and plays great, and I have played it a lot and still find it very difficult! I think the developers should add the third oldest subway system in the world as a map though 😂 let us play out the possible expansion. I\'d also love to see a game mode where the existing Real World set up is already in place, and we have to manage / extend / redevelop it? Brilliant game keep up the great work!
Jacob Sawyer 2020-01-19

Game does not have any tutorial. You have no idea what the difference between the triangle, square and circle stations is. Also it\'s not clear how to re-route lines once a mistake has been made causing me to have to just delete the entire line altogether. At a few points I had to just remove all the lines just to not have my finger selecting the wrong lines and making permanent errors due to the games poor design and lack of a basic tutorial. Super annoying This game gets 1 star and a delete.
B.J. May 2020-07-20

I struggle to imagine a more perfectly designed game. The controls are intuitive and expertly calibrated. The graphics, reminiscent of a well-drawn train map, are beautiful. As you play a level, notice the extremely subtle \"zoom out\" that allows for more space in which to play. The simple premise allows for tiny tweaks that add interesting constraints and challenges. The seamless transition from normal mode to endless or creative mode after losing feels like a reward. This game is wonderful.