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Description of Miniature Painter Pro

Miniature Painter Pro for all your miniature painting joys. Use the color picker, compare paints across brands, complement colors, mix it up with our paint mixer and store everything in a palette for later use!

Features well over 2500+ paints of 10+ major brands!

Directly inspired by the hard work of FauxHammer.com.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.0.104 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:RFSP

User Reviews


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Snaggit Paints 2021-01-17

horribly inaccurate... I use Vallejo model colour and Gw. To test this program I painted a square of brown rose (identified as a lot of various gold colours) a square of abaddon black (identified as silvers) and a square of red leather (identified as coppers) There are factors that aren\'t taken into account. Undercoat used, Lighting and filters all will change the result every time.
Dan Fenzl 2020-10-30

Awesome! I love the color matching and suggestions for custom color mixing. The color matching isn\'t 100% perfect (and the app says at much, projected vs reflected light) but it is a fantastic starting point to get me to that \'perfect\' color.
Matthew Studebaker 2020-11-05

Edit: absolutely fantastic app! Great developer who is eager to help!
Thibaut Sesia 2020-06-22

Very intuitive and efficient for the most part. I love the \'mix it!\' tool as it guides you throughout your experimentation. The color matching tool is accurate. I use the app on daily basis to plan paint schemes when I am not at the painting station. I haven\'t experimented yet with masking, so I cannot review this tool. Very importantly, the creators are very friendly and very responsive. That is much appreciated.
jokke forsryd 2020-09-19

Helped me tons to find the colors I needed, and thought the painters I aspire to used, for my own projects. But the biggest takeaway was finding the subtle transitions and washes. Amazing app and a given tool at my hobby desk!
Charles Grant 2020-11-16

Very useful and helpful for selecting paint schemes for my mini\'s
Stephene Heiden-Cilley 2020-05-09

Update edit: The team responded quickly and seem to always be trying to improve on color matches!! Definitely get the full 5 stars for being proactive about the quality of their app!! (I\'ll be emailing swatch sheets once I get my most recent order of paints) Awesome app that helps you figure out what color mini figure paints would be needed to recreate an image. Just wish the actual shades of the colors were accurate. Many of The Army Painter colors are pretty far off from the real things.
Nicholas Keefe 2021-02-01

A very useful app that is easy to use and allows me to experiment using all the paints I own, not just one particular brand.
Ataerus 2020-05-16

Fantastic app for use with custom paint schemes and sourcing perfect colour combos - must have for miniature painters!
Thomas Roberts 2020-09-13

Tried to check this out, but i just keep getting a blank screen. Shame, because it sounds really useful.