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Description of MiniMed™ Mobile US

Discover a new way to interact with your MiniMed™ insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data. An easier and more discreet solution to help manage diabetes.

With the MiniMed™ Mobile app, you will be able to display key insulin pump and CGM data right on your smartphone.

The app lets you view your insulin pump and CGM data to better understand your glucose levels and review your history. Easily see how your levels are trending.

Automatic data uploads to CareLink™ software make sharing your data with care partners easier than ever.

Other app features include:

Easy-to-use secondary display

Insulin pump system notifications on your smartphone

Data presented in the same structure as your MiniMed™ insulin pump system interface

Displays of past and current insulin pump and CGM data

IMPORTANT: This app will only work with a MiniMed™ 700-series insulin pump system, which was specifically designed to communicate wirelessly with compatible smart devices. To find a list of compatible devices, please visit your local Medtronic website. The MiniMed™ Mobile app will not work with other MiniMed™ or Paradigm™ insulin pumps. To learn more about the MiniMed™ Mobile app, visit your local Medtronic website.

The MiniMed™ Mobile app is intended to provide a secondary display for a compatible MiniMed™ insulin pump system on a suitable consumer electronic device for passive monitoring and to sync data to CareLink™ system. The MiniMed™ Mobile app is not intended to replace the real-time display of continuous glucose monitoring or insulin pump data on the primary display device (i.e., the insulin pump). All therapy decisions should be based on the primary display device.

The MiniMed™ Mobile app is not intended to analyze or modify the continuous glucose monitoring data or insulin pump data that it receives. Nor is it intended to control any function of the connected continuous glucose monitoring system or insulin pump. The MiniMed™ Mobile app is not intended to receive information directly from the sensor or transmitter of a continuous glucose monitoring


This app store should not be used as your first point of contact to resolve technical or customer services issues. In order to protect your privacy and personal information, and promptly resolve any technical or customer services issues you are having with any Medtronic product, please contact the local Medtronic support line.

This app is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

Medtronic may be required to actively contact customers regarding complaints related to products. If Medtronic determines that your comment or complaint requires follow-up, a Medtronic team member will attempt to contact you to collect more information.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.2.1 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Medtronic, Inc.

User Reviews


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Amanda Mitchell 2021-02-25

No matter what I do, my 770G won\'t connect to the app. I restarted my phone, turned it off and on. It recognizes my pump as a new device. I press pair on my Pixel 3a that has Android 11. It\'s on the compatible list. Doesn\'t matter. The pump will attempt to pair and then say the device can\'t be found. I\'ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
Cristina Lawson 2021-02-09

As many others have stated, despite my phone and Android OS version being on the compatible list, the pump will not pair with the app. Spent about 1 hour on the phone with customer service last week and, while the rep was very helpful, she couldn\'t figure out why my pump won\'t connect to my phone. Was told that the connectivity technical support team would contact me within 48 hours, but I\'ve yet to hear from them. Never had an issue with the 670G. This \"upgrade\" is a joke.
Chris 2020-11-23

Unable to use the app, as my device is not supported. I understand it takes time to *officially* test different device models, but I\'d be really happy with a \"THIS DEVICE HAS NOT BEEN TESTED. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK\" warning, that still let\'s me try to use it with my phone. Also curious why I have to disable developer options in order to use the app. My bank apps don\'t require this to be turned off. Nor the apps I use to communicate with my doctor. This will be a huge hassle to toggle on and off.
Matthew Woolf 2020-11-22

I installed the app on my phone (LG Artisto 3+) and it does not work. The person who I talked to on the phone originally said it would work, but once I installed it - I got the disappointing message saying my device is not supported. \"Unsupported Android Device\" My phone\'s model number is LM-X220MB. It is ridiculous that I either need to upgrade to an iPhone or change to a completely different phone to be able to use this app. This app is a game changer for pump users. I hope Medtronic updates this app frequently and soon so it supports more phones; the limited amount of phones the app currently supports in the US is disappointing and all of them are expensive. With diabetes, I am already spending a lot of money on diabetic supplies and the pump - I am not rich and cannot easily afford to buy a new phone just for this app. I am getting the pump later this week and I am saddened that I will not be able to use this app immediately when I receive the pump unless I go hunting, during a pandemic, for a phone that is on the list.
Don Ferguson 2021-02-09

Update! Now works with my Galaxy S21!!! Changed from 1 to 4 stars. It\'s now working reliably but the software could be improved. Regardless it\'s great that it is now working. (previous comment) Oh No! I just upgraded from the Samsung Galaxy S10 to the S21 (just released) and it says that my new device is unsupported. I\'m sure it would work fine, but evidently the device needs to be white listed by Medtronic. Hopefully they make validating it a high priority. If they do, my rating will go up. Can I at least get a beta version that not intentionally block my device? I will then tell you whether or not it works.
Glenn Schietinger 2021-01-01

Kinda neutral. The app does work fine on my S20 and is very helpfull, but it\'s definitely not what I expected. At the least, we should be able to adjust setting on the pump and remote bolus with the app.. Also, maybe a small widget for the home screen that shows current BG level, upward or downward trends and active insulin as well as the same indicator icons as on the pump to show battery level, insulin level, time to next calibration, automode status and the pump/phone/cgm connection status.
Jonathan Karr 2021-02-04

Like so many others, while my phone, the Samsung s9+, is \"compatible\" I cannot for the life of me get my phone and the pump to sync. Even on the two occasions where it finally connected up it lost connection almost immediately. The app is useless I have tried everything. Medtronic needs a big update and also communication with customers to tell them how their trying to fix it. You can\'t call the tech team they will have no idea what you\'re talking about.
A. Holt 2021-01-22

This app is terrible. I was only able to successfully connect with the pump via Bluetooth 1 time, of which, it did not stay connected. Connection was lost even before my 1st sensor warm-up was completed. So connection time was under 2 hours. My phone is Galaxy S9+, is on the compatible list, works well with other BT devices. I have deleted from BT list, restart BT, and restart phone, I just get \"Device not found\".
Brittany Jorgenson 2021-02-15

UPDATE: Medtronic finally added my phone. Sometimes they find each other but the devices won\'t pair. I\'ve followed all tips and even un/reininstalled. :-( ORIGIONAL: I bought a Google Pixel 4a (OS 11) specifically to use with this pump and this app does not work with my phone. I even called and asked support specifically for a list of compatible phones beforehand. The only reason why I chose to continue with the medtronic system was to be able to use the new phone app. I am beyond frustrated.
Darren Noybman 2021-03-09

1/26/2021: ⚠️ App compatibility is server side controlled. This now works with my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (3/2021). Also, the app will not run with developer options turned on. Minimed should allow the app to run on any device that can load it. The pump should protect itself from any bad data so who cares what device model you have or if you are a developer. Presently all the app does is mirror the pump screen & notifications.