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Description of Ministryapp

The Ministryapp helps Jehovah's Witnesses to write their monthy reports, keep their territories organized and much more!


- Write ministry Report

- Send ministry Report

- Make notes

- Set a monthly ministry goal

- Sample presentations

- Download videos

- Read the daily text (home screen widget supported)

- English, German and Italian (other languages partly supported)


We do not save or send any data to a server - all data is stored on your device.


Suggestions for the app can be sent to philipp@raffaelhahn.de !

Legal information:

The "Ministryapp" is not officially related to any domains or any content created by jw.org. The content of the websites is displayed in the app with no changes made.

You can find more legal information for the country 'Germany' in the imprint at the end of this website (only in German language).

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More Information Of Ministryapp

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.63 Publish Date:2021-06-10 Developer:Philipp Hahn

User Reviews


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Miss Tonya c007 2019-06-02

Love this app. Really useful features like notes and sample presentations feature and download the videos to use in the ministry built-in to the app for convenience! all in one place so I won\'t get disoriented or confused as to where are my files are while I\'m on the go speaking to individuals on the fly. makes it so much less of a headache and stressful! thank you so much :-)
Nora Brown 2019-10-09

Formerly used My Ministry app and loved it but wanted something a bit more updated. If only I could have evertyhing that app has combined with yours it would be awesome. Nevertheless, I just downloaded this and love that presentations are there. Can you please add an option to format the date (prefer MONTH/DAY/YEAR), and a delete option as many of my entries are duplicating. Also could you provide an email address to send additional suggestions.
Jack Mitchell 2018-10-09

I like it simple to use
Sissie Gripper 2020-03-31

I love this app but it is not one of the Jehovah\'s Witnesses official apps therefore I am going to discontinue using it. I want to always be in harmony with the directions from the faithful and discreet slave
Tierra Whyte 2018-11-14

Love it
Dave Boltman 2019-12-07

Looks very useful. The sample screens in Google Play Store show maps, but I don\'t see the option to use maps in the app. How do I store the location of a return visit on a map?
Jennifer Rice 2019-06-05

Absolutely love this app. It\'s so easy to use.
Dominic Anthony Rice 2019-07-10

Just downloaded, UK We can\'t keep personal data of ANYONE anymore and this app is so easy to use and looks good so praise Jah no Thank you My Brother
Alisha Ewing 2020-08-14

this one is truly awesome!..u have sample presentations with one click along with videos and so many other great tools..thanks
Rachelle Greer 2020-09-02

Great app, just needs a stop and start timer to keep track of time!