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-- The call of beautiful servants from another world

Twenty thousand years have passed since the end of human history, and you are finally awakened, master! Over 100 beautiful servants who are reincarnated from the DNA of great figures in history have gathered together with courage and hope. Now, please lead your servants to re-open the Time Gate to crusade against Lucifer and save Mirage Memorial! In the meantime, your bond with the servants is officially formed...

[50 vs. 50 World War on One Global Server]

Challenge opponents from all parts of the globe on your adventure, lead your alliance to win 50 vs. 50 massive global fights, collect the best servants, and become the champion player of the world! Communicate and play with players from around the world in a social system with high degree of freedom!

[Interact Closely with 100+ Servants in a Live 2D System]

Command over 100 beautiful servants reincarnated from the DNA of eastern and western heroes! The cute and lovely girl "Gabriel", the domineering lady "Hammurabi", the young and active maiden "Athena"... Collect and train them for big surprises! Every servant is finely portrayed and given unique character settings and stats!

[Unique "Merc System"]

Servants never fight alone, because mercenaries will help them win! In the [Merc System], mercenaries can be deployed in over 300 different lineups!

You can craft exclusive weapons for your servants, and deploy them tactically and freely to win!

[Backyard Dating]

Each master in Mirage Memorial has an exclusive backyard, where he can trigger private stories, interact closely with the servants, or invite them to a cafe or a spa. Master, now it is time to start your happy life by going on over 101 adventures of love.

[Top Japanese Cast]

Super Cast for the servants. A Great Performance for Voice Lovers!

Hades CV:Hanazawa Kana

Edward Teach CV:Sakura Ayane

Susanowo CV:Kugimiya Rie

Isabella CV:Kayano Ai

Seth CV:Yuuki Aoi

Facebook fans page: https://www.facebook.com/MirageMemorialGlobal

Contact us: customer_service@efun.com

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.39 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:EFUN COMPANY LIMITED

User Reviews


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Jeaque Qur3 2019-10-21

This game is great. This contains gacha but you can get SS servants if you\'re really lucky. It really just depends on your luck. Also, the events and quests and stuff really pays you handsomely. There are lots of things you can do that will keep you entertained for hours before waiting again for your daily energy and challenges. Really looking forward for future updates and addition of new servants. Hope the devs continue being generous with the rewards and keep up the good work <3.
David Szypulski 2020-10-07

All the high rating reviews are from people that have not spent a lot of time with this game. I have been with this game since launch.The game is dead, don\'t waste your time. The game just celebrated it\'s anniversary and all the devs could do was release a new character that is broken that they couldn\'t bother to fix, that\'s when I knew the game was truly dead. There\'s not enough content in this game and it appears that the game will likely never receive any additional beyond new characters.
Megumin BestWaifu 2019-10-17

This game feels like a really cheap knock off. I\'m not stating that this game is bad, but of all the other high quality gacha games out in the market, this one doesn\'t really stand out. The gameplay is meh, the control is a little bit unresponsive, but that is due to server issues. The heroes, despite using historical figures ranging from Christian mythological figures up to Science figures. The concept is good, but the character design is unimaginative that it looks bland and repetitive
Kevin Xiong 2019-10-21

The rates are terrible and for the actual gacha you can pull potential equipment shards along with your heroes... which is completely stupid and dilutes the pool. I did 100 pulls and pretty much got nothing. This game is not worth the time or money until they fix the rates and remove equipmemt shards from the gacha and provide at the very least a pity system. This game is aimed towards whales and not the casual player. You have been warned. If anything, at least the art is decent.
Klere Kalare 2020-09-08

Giving the game another try to see if anything changed. Not only are the tutorials just constant, but now it\'s literally BROKEN. I\'m stuck, literally suck, because the tutorial girl won\'t show up until AFTER I go back to the home screen. This is another reason why forcing anything is dumb. Now I literally can not progress in the game. Restarting just wants to force the tutorial on me again, leading to the same problem. Skip options or maybe just stop forcing players to do things??
StarscourgeJester 2019-10-16

They allow preloading of data, which most people like, prior to the official release date, which will be the 17th. For those of you complaining that the game isn\'t finished, or that you can\'t access the servers, try exercising some patience. If you don\'t want to preload the data then don\'t; if you do, then do. Don\'t complain about a convenience just because you can\'t wait a day or two.
_Nameless 2019-10-19

Simple yet addicting, the graphics is clean as hell, the HUD is pretty neat and clean and the visual is quite stunning.The gacha rate is not the best (i mean, its expected), the visuals is making the gameplay look really fun and that\'s the reason why Im hooked at this game right after I saw the gameplay, but the character design is kinda underwhelming, its almost the same as any gacha games out there and some character design is kinda bland, but overall it\'s a really fun game! I highly recommend
Macaroni and Cheese 2020-08-03

The game is average in all aspects, however, the quality of life features gives it bonus points. Without the quality of life, it would just be another gacha game, and an unmotivated grind simulator. It does get repetitve and goes full whale mode in late game progression. Character balance is an issue, but this goes without saying with how common it is in the mobile market. And it\'s not a card game as the tag indicates.
NanaNova YT 2019-10-20

I love this game!! The graphics are amazing and so fluent. The voice actors did an astonishing job as well! There\'s so much to do and it does an excellent job of explaining the game and really getting you involved. So many great rewards you can get without wasting a lot of precious time or money. You can tell the creators really put time into the game and did their best to incorpirate everyone playing. I can\'t wait to see what else they have for this game. I hope to see them make more games soon
Mohd Aminuddin 2020-10-26

The game is good..play it since its first time release. But it become bored because you repeating your job everyday, like improve your character, summon new unit n upgrade, daily log in reward is same every month..for at least change the unit in daily log in . Please make event that can mke the player enjoy the game like collaboration or anything that will make this game interesting. The guild event is dead n wht purpose having guild. Feel like they\'re nothing to archive.