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Description of MIT AI2 Companion

Note: The MIT AI2 Companion is not a stand-alone application. It is intended to be used with the MIT App Inventor system, a web based App Building tool which is free to use.

You can learn more about MIT App Inventor at http://appinventor.mit.edu

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More Information Of MIT AI2 Companion

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:2.62 Publish Date:2021-11-19 Developer:MIT App Inventor

User Reviews


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Nick Hardy 2020-05-05

Cannot get past the qr code screen on my mobile. The orange button does seem to work as it seems to have an effect on my computer. But the mobile just hangs at the qr code screen. As I have not been able to connect I cannot say any more. The phone is a Huawei p30.
Stephane Raffenne 2020-02-25

I have been a software engineer for the past 20 years. I developed for many types of devices, including Android. MIT AI2 Companion is just amazing! It speed up the dev process so much! It is pretty stable if you know what you do. I don\'t often write reviews but after reading some 1 star reviews I had to write one! It seems to me that people howadays expect too much without any knowledge whatsoever. You have here an amazing dev tool and still you complain. Stop developing if you can\'t handle it.
Abhijit Roy 2020-10-17

This app was working perfectly!!! But suddenly from yesterday,it just refuses to connect!!Its giving me a message like Unable To Put text something....Please fix this ASAP,I really would have given a 5star rating if it was not for this....
Psycho_ Cosplayer57 2020-11-04

I love this app! I have to use it for my STEM coding class, and it\'s really fun to make apps on it. I just got finished with one, and it\'s so easy to use and figure out!
6121 Deepesh kumar 2020-12-31

Because of not connecting qr code properly ,at first it worked super,but these days it is not connecting to the qr code ,even if the network is high,ols resolve the issue
John Nugent 2020-04-14

Quite simply doesn\'t work . Starts establishing secure connection, but never goes beyond 20 %. Uninstalling will use emulator instead.
Giles Alan 2020-07-04

Beware that this emulator does not necessarily behave exactly the same as the installed App might. MIT AI2 Companion will help to speed development but you should always test the App as an APK before publication.
John Garren 2020-07-23

excellent interface for mit app inventor. would love to see a testing environment equivalent app for iOS. the app often lags or doesn\'t make a connectio when not on the same network. but everything comaidered, very purposeful app.
Amarc 1970s 2020-11-15

Easy to use. Only drawback is the app you create will want a number of permissions that aren\'t actually needed. I realise it\'s not the apps fault but if not for that 5 star.
Saharsh Menon 2021-01-24

This app is a lot of fun to try. I love this app. But first, after pressing the connect with code button, I just used to wait there. Nothing used to happen. But now, after pressing that button, I go to the project and then after it shows sending assets, I come back to this app.