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Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes

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Description of Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes

Explore millions of radio shows, DJ mixes, playlists and podcasts made by passionate creators around the world, for free.

The Mixcloud app gives you a free listening experience to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

• Explore a wide range of genres and categories

• Follow creator channels to keep up with their latest shows

• Keep track of your listening and streaming history

• Listen to what’s trending near you and around the world

• Queue up what you want to listen to later

• Sync your listening experience across your devices

• Tap into communities of likeminded listeners and creators

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More Information Of Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:32.0.4 Publish Date:2021-09-07 Developer:Mixcloud

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-03-21

great app with great sound quality and something for everyone. would have been 5 stars if you could download to content to your phone via the app for offline listening
Kyle Herwig 2020-11-03

Doesn\'t play at all after latest update. Play icon is just stuck \"spinning\" and loading indefinitely.
Mike Kelly 2020-08-16

This app could be so much better. For me, it is always freezing (Samsung Galaxy S10+). I think it is so busy trying to ensure that your not listening beyong your \"free quota\" that it locks up the player. Half the time, I have to listen through the browser due to the app being frozen. Also, seems to have gotten worse in the last few weeks.
Andrew Jennings 2020-02-08

This used to be one of the best apps for music lovers, a huge variety of content and really easy to use. However, since the app was updated last year to remove features for free users, it\'s been a disaster. My app closes 20 mins after my screen closes claiming no internet, which crashes the app requiring a force close. Its very buggy and sometimes plays utterly random shows.It\'s no longer any use for a car journey or when my device is out of reach. I\'m happy to pay, but not until it\'s sorted.
DJ SKORPIUZ 2021-02-09

Current UPDATE... WORKS NOW UPDATE: it\'s still not working. I\'m going to try and uninstall and reinstall it was working fine for me up until it stopped working. Now it won\'t play any tracks on mine at all. And it says this device may not be optimized for this app. whatever you guys did, I now have a total Android system failure. now it does not work on my phone. Before was only on my Notepad. now I can only listen to my music mixes on PC.
Paul devlin 2018-12-28

love this app. its perfect for the music i prefer to listen to and the dj sets are free. wouldnt consider buying any subscription to apple amazon or google as long as this app is available. the quality of the uploads (when you have discovered your favourites) are flawless. the only ones i listen to are livesets with the sounds of the audience. 👌👌👌👌👌
Andre Mack 2020-04-19

Years ago when I joined it worked fantastic. Something changed around the time they switched the logo. It just stopped working for me and for the last 2 months will not play any of my own mixes or anyone else\'s. Their team has been unable to solve the problem for me or even find a cause of the problem I am experiencing. I have uninstalled the app a dozen times. Nothing seems to work. I have put in 4 to 5 trouble tickets. Just tried the Android App settings fix. It does not work either. 🤬
Ray Burns 2020-11-23

Was made up when I discovered this app to listen to all my old favourite dj\'s from back in the day. However, it is actually impossible to use, constantly cuts out forcing you to have to restart the app to continue, and it never resumes a mix at the same point you left off. It could be so good if the bugs can be ironed out, looks like most other users are having the same issues... Edit: tried using the app again after a few months, none of the issues have been fixed yet, so disappointing
Chris Patel 2019-10-09

The app is buggy as hell which was fine when it was a free service. Now they have the audacity to charge premium subscription prices to get basic functionality which we\'ve had all along but with all the remaining bugs. Well done Mixcloud, you just shot yourself in the foot.
Teddy Kalin 2020-07-03

I\'ve submitted countless bug reports and haven\'t seen any improvements in performance. these issues include: - the next song in my queue almost never gets played properly. what usually happens (unless I force close the app after the first song finishes) is the next song is played but at a random time, usually about 50 minutes in. - pausing set without opening the app means the set will reset to a random time if the app is opened I\'ve submitted many other issues. 3 for nice ui and downloading