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Description of MO: Astray

A side-scrolling, action-puzzler with "Very Positive" reviews on Steam. Come adventure and explore on the soon to be released mobile version.

▶Uncover the truth hidden in the sinister shadows of this ghastly environment

Awakening inside a dark, humid, and abandoned laboratory, MO discovers that it not only has to face an extremely hostile and sinister environment, but also humans who, having been taken over by alien parasitic plants, are now stuck in an endless limbo between death and rebirth. Who caused this disaster? And on this path to solve the riddle of MO's existence, what sorts of trials and tribulations lie ahead?

▶Clear quests with intertwining puzzles using strategic battle skills

360-degree gameplay that combines action and puzzle-solving. Use MO's ability to stick on surfaces to get past tricky traps, read the minds of monsters, control them like a parasite, and dash past danger as you fly through the air.

▶Exceptionally unique environmental design

MO has an exquisite pixel art that is both adorable yet dark, giving the game a full-bodied sci-fi atmosphere. Besides fitting the storyline perfectly, the amazing aesthetic effects are a constant visual feast for players as they adventure onward.

▶A soundtrack that is elegant and emotionally moving

The game's theme song has been carefully crafted to express the story of MO's adventure, while the background music and sound effects for each quest fit perfectly with each environment.

▶Collaborating to create a moving masterpiece

An exceptional masterpiece, developed by Archpray Inc. and produced by Rayark Inc.

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More Information Of MO: Astray

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.3.6 Publish Date:2022-01-19 Developer:Rayark International Limited

User Reviews


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Vince A 2020-11-26

This.is an immaculate piece of artwork and a.wonderfully immersive game. My only gripe is controller support. Im on a lg v60 thinQ with the dualscreen and it doesnt connect to the preset controllers. HOWEVER, it is still managable with the customizable control, but feels a little off. Please work on controller support. Other than that, this is honestly one of the main reasons(as well as other rayark games) i havent given up on mobile gaming.
Monzy 2020-11-29

Great game, definitely worth the money to buy this game but there\'s a few bug that needed to be fix. First,please fix the bug where the Pause button suddenly dissapear in the middle of the game.The only way to exit out of the game when that bug happens is using the home button,sadly. Second,please fix where we can\'t see Mo\'s health bar during boss fights. And third,please optimize the game to use less battery power
Black Jeezus 2020-11-13

Just started a few hours ago and so far this game is outstanding, from the graphics to the sound and the gameplay it\'s excellent. The only issue I found so far is that there\'s no way to exit the game without using your home button on your phone (at least not that I know of). Nevertheless I\'ll still give it 5 stars for now.
Ranz Fiendi 2020-11-15

Graphic and the music is good, please improve the controller. Yes, I know this game has just been released, I\'m waiting for future updates, hopefully there is a controller mapping.(I already got the answer from Gmail, so I\'m waiting for the next update and will change my review).
Brian Nieves 2021-01-19

So yeah I\'ve been playing the game for a while and I ran to a bunch of problems, one of the most notable ones is the controller feature. For instance I connected the controller and it doesn\'t work because the game doesn\'t recognize the controller is connected. And when the game actuay recognizes the controller it does not work on the game, it doesn\'t want to move or do anything it sucks, but anyway hope you guys can fix it I really like this game. The graphics a really good and the story too.
Nano bean 2021-01-14

An absolute masterpiece, great story,gameplay, and JUST enough difficulty for me to be able to figure everything out,the artstyle is great and i can tell that you put loads of work into this game but its is incredibly laggy and i hope you could put in an option to turn down the graphics so that its not as bad
Robert Fischer 2020-11-14

You recommend using a controller. However, I\'ve used a PS4 controller, an Xbox controller, a MOGA controller using both inputs, none of them work. Xbox worked best, but I can\'t use the right stick at all. Tested on another game, nothing wrong with any controller. I\'m disappointed.
John Moustakopoulos 2020-11-15

Beautiful. Please add support for more gamepads.
ex alpha 2020-12-02

Cool action-puzzle game with awesome graphics. Touch control is great. ⁉️ But why the ambient music is mono? sound bad with headphones! You should add a low fps mode. and optimize battery usage. Thx
Grimmy Hunter 2020-12-09

Ive been really wanting to get this game and just got it today. Sadly i was expecting there to be a on screen game pad for those who dont have a controller and there isnt and you cant get past the start of the first chapter when you just wake up.