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Description of mobile.de - car market

mobile.de is Germany’s largest car market with over 1.4 million registered vehicles. The mobile.de app offers clear search criteria and filter options to find your dream vehicle at a fair price. Benefit from the wide selection of used cars, new cars, motorhomes, and motorbikes. You want to sell your car? No problem – create an ad on mobile.de or sell your car directly to one of our buying stations.

The mobile.de app at a glance – easy, secure and at no charge!

✓ Comfortably buy and sell your car

✓ Quickly find your dream car through precise search criteria

✓ Save time by saving your searches

✓ Don’t miss any offers and receive alerts for new ads

✓ Bookmark your favorites on your personal parking space

✓ Immediately recognize good offers with the help of transparent price evaluation

✓ Read dealer ratings or rate them yourself

✓ Quickly place free ads

✓ Sync your searches and ads on all devices

✓ Make direct contact with the vehicle supplier

✓ Discover the fastest route to your desired vehicle

Your opinion is important to us! Any questions or tips for improving the app? Use the feedback form or contact our customer service at android@team.mobile.de or +49 30-81097-774 (Mon. – Fri. 8:00-18:00).

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:8.41.1 Publish Date:2021-12-21 Developer:mobile.de GmbH

User Reviews


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Lovro S 2020-10-06

Before it was an app that dealt with sales of cars, now it\'s an app that deals with sales of your PRIVATE INFORMATION. Do not update!! It will force you to allow them to sell all kinds of your personal info from any of your devices where you use the app. Current app version does not allow you any other way to opt-out besides literally clicking on each of thousands of their partners to which they sell your data. Until fixed, they deserve the minimum score - 1 STAR!!
Sunny bhatti 2019-04-08

it\'s very helpfull for sale and buy the automobile.
David Coverdale 2018-11-25

Nobody complains about this app, to my knoledge. 100 % professionally done.
G B 2020-11-21

This app is just a simple way of looking for a car. The user experience makes it on top of its category.
Balazs Pinter 2020-01-29

It is not possible to filter for plug-in hybrids (without hybrids). I can use PHEV word to search, but that\'s not showing all. Since I\'m looking for such cars, I can only give one star. Since the last update, appearance of ads multipled. Why is there no ad-free version available? I am looking for cars seriously every 2-3 years for a couple of months and would be happy to pay for the ad-free version...
Blabla Phone 2019-04-11

this used to be a good app, but now it\'s just a data harvesting operation. uninstalling.
Natsu 2019-08-28

4 Stars removed because of stupied and disrupting ads. Remove them, they have no rigth to be there! Also when I sort by price ascending then why are there 3000 € offers between 1000-2000 offers? Fix this bug too!
Ivan Martinović 2020-12-01

Ads between every action. Ads you can\'t skip. Good app made terrible because of so many ads.
Oyebode Fisayo 2019-12-14

It is a handy and very useful app. Just a little more work is required to make my \'Car Park\' load faster. I give 90 out of 100.
Paul Petre 2020-04-02

the last search in first page is stuck and I can\'t update it, the compact cars are always the same as sedans, in this app \"limousine\" and that is plain misleading. compact cars like the Golf are either small either saloon, which is wrong. i reported some ads saying their golf as saloon, they say it\'s no error.