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Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR



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Description of Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR

All image processing is done only on your device! No documents will go online without your desire!

"MDScan, or Mobile Doc Scanner for Android, is one of the best I have found."

TJ McCue, Senior Contributor, Forbes (https://www.forbes.com/sites/tjmccue/2020/04/24/no-desktop-scanner-use-this-android-mobile-document-scanner-for-personal-and-work)

Take a picture with your camera, edit it using the many enhancing features, save into a preferred format and share on social media, email, cloud services.

Not satisfied? We’ll refund you!

MDScan is a mobile doc scanner that allows you to scan any type of document using your phone camera. This could be receipts, text pages, coupons, posters, magazine articles, invoices, pictures, and any printed documents.

How does it work?

1. Take a picture with your camera

2. Choose an editing option (you can select “unenhanced”)

3. Easily adjust the scan area using the 4 borders on the page

4. Confirm the scan to the set dimensions (ready presets available)

5. Choose filters to enhance the quality (optional)

6. Save and Export into a PDF or JPG

7. Share on Social Media, Email, Cloud Servers

More detailed information:

This mobile scanner is perfect to use on the go - anywhere and anytime. With a variety of presets, MDScan guarantees great experience and its automatized functions are suitable for the busiest users looking to scan PDF documents with their mobile device’s camera. If you are looking for a mobile scanning application that automatically detects borders, corrects distortion, and equalizes brightness to create clear, legible documents, you are definitely on the right page.

Speaking of great user experience and automatic functions, the MDScan integrates seamlessly with cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. In addition, you can send your scanned documents with email services, Facebook (Messenger), Twitter, and other apps if installed on your device.

This scanner app shines in terms of uploading but has no second when it comes to converting pictures taken from your phone's camera into legitimate documents you can use for business purposes.

With the Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR, you can now add multiple pages easier than ever. Whenever you want to scan a new page, you just need to press the caption button and you’re all set! All of the scanned documents and pages are stored and available under the “My Scans” field.

You can also try the Batch mode, which allows you to scan multiple pages within seconds! There is a feature called “Process page laters (spy mode)” that allows you to scan as many documents as you want to without facing any processing delays.

Of course, you can work with a photo or document that is already saved in your file system. Whether a PDF file or a regular picture, you can use the same editing options as if you just scanned a picture with your camera.

Another great feature this document scanner app offers is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which stands for the electronic conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. Whether scanned from a PDF file or a photo you just took, this new version of Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR guarantees fast performance, user-friendly interface, and professional results.

Let’s sum up what you get downloading the MDScan:

* Convert any image into a PDF format.

* Document edge detection and perspective correction.

* Improved image quality

* Quick scan and multi-page documents

* Share easily and upload instantly

* Money-back guarantee

User satisfaction is our main goal and if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve the Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR, contact us at our support email. We do our best to respond as soon as possible!

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:3.9.4 Publish Date:2021-10-25 Developer:STOIK Soft

User Reviews


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Kevin Mayhew 2020-12-21

This app seems to use autofocus and several snapshots of the same document to choose the best snapshot to save of the document. When the images are saved as .pdf(unsure of other file formats), they have good image quality and aren\'t a very large file size.
Saša Krajnović 2020-10-31

I\'ve been using this app for more than a year and I think it\'s really time to give it 5*. It definitely deserves it. So far I haven\'t found a scanning app with so many features. Once you learn how to use them you can get stunning scans comparing to other apps. Works perfectly well on all of my devices, old ones and new ones. The only thing I would love to be improved is colour scan, I tried many options and magazine page seems to be the best one but it is not very different from regular photos.
Tanish Handique 2020-12-01

Does the work it promised to do plus gives you a lot of options to customize your experience. With regular updates and fixes I don\'t see a reason why one would not like this app. Solid app 10/10
Doris Latimore Johnson 2017-11-17

Somewhat useful Lite version on my Android enabled Chromebook (different g account) not so great camera. But very successfully used full version on my Android phone for Batch capture, edit to rearrange page sequence of PDF, image filters for lighting, excellent autoe(TT)nhance and manual adjustments. Google drive etc options, send via email, and printer apps. Save also as jpeg. Haven\'t tried OCR. Very capable app from Stoik. Responsive support by email.
Nick Khoury 2016-06-23

Simple & effective! :-) Finally a paid application w/out error (-24) Best Scanner mobile or not that I\'ve ever used! other\'s to catalog receipts, or any thing worth saving digitally whether black & white or Magazine page, Colorized scan\'s. Send PDF, e-mail, etc.& tools work great...
Ali Taghi 2020-04-07

This is one of the best \'scan\' apps I have used so far. It\'s small can export to PDF and jpg or share it with other apps or save it locally. Comparing with other products MDScan does a really good job in organizing. You are not forced to sync to cloud. You can also rearrange pages in a multipage document and edit them. 2 things though that I would like to be improved. 1.) More editing options 2.) Bit more accurate edge detection. I purchased MDScan and have no regrets and recommend it to anyone
Saurish Kumar 2020-09-07

Exceptional quality scans! Scans are way better than any other scanning alternatives out there. Really liked it. One star deducted due to lack of scanning of coloured documents (colour on white board option is not good) and pdf compression. If you are churning out such high quality PDFs, you really need to add compression feature. Hope to see these features incorporated in the future. 🙂👍
A Google user 2017-06-14

It\'s good and get the job done, but after using CamScanner you find this one lacking in UI Design, make some changes in this department and go with Material Design. Also, Auto detacting boundary needs some Work...keep improving! 👍
Ben Howard 2017-06-11

The free version is better than the paid version for scanning documents and cropping. The purchased version is not user friendly and difficult to edit, crop and save. It makes no sense why you would pay for the app to be worse than the free version.
Roc 2020-11-30

Best app I have used for scanning in receipts with ocr that can push all into one PDF. I gave it a star less cuz there are some things not super intuitive unless you play around with it. But other than that, I really don\'t know any better app for receipts management.