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Description of Mobile Security - Lookout

Mobile Security & Antivirus by Lookout provides premium mobile security & identity protection for all of your Android devices. Protect your device from viruses, malware and spyware, and rest assured you’re in safe hands with our ID theft protection services.

Secure your device and your life, with Lookout. Lookout provides instant security from viruses, threats and personal data theft.

Lookout is the only all-in-one mobile security & antivirus app that protects your mobile device, your data & your identity. Stay ahead of any viruses, malware and spyware with our antivirus features, phishing attacks or other mobile theft breach with the Mobile Security & Antivirus app by Lookout.

Lookout Basic Includes:

* Mobile Security & Antivirus

* Virus Scanner: Continuous, over-the-air antivirus protection from viruses, malware, spyware, adware, & phishing. Just scan your device and we’ll take care of the rest!

* System Advisor: Checks your mobile device for root detections to make sure the operating system is working properly

* Lookout makes it easy to identify, clean & remove viruses from your Android device.

* Locate & Alert: Map the location of your device & make it sound an alarm - even on silent!

* Signal Flare: Automatically save your device’s location when the battery is low

Lookout Antivirus & Security Premium

* Includes all the functionality of Lookout Basic, plus 360 total mobile security & antivirus features to protect your mobile device, data & privacy.

* Safe Wifi: Protects your mobile data from phishing & other Wi-Fi attacks. Get peace of mind as you connect to Wi-Fi networks on the go, knowing that your mobile connection is safe & secure.

* Breach Report: Get timely alerts whenever a company, app or service you use has a data breach along with how best to secure your data

*Theft Alerts: Get an email with a photo & location whenever suspicious behavior is detected that could mean your identity has been stolen

* Safe Browsing: Scan every URL link you visit to help detect online threats with antivirus technology & alert you of sites that can infect your device & steal your personal information. Mobile Security, Antivirus Protection & virus scanner by Lookout improves your online security.

* Privacy Advisor: See what personal information can be accessed by your apps

* Lock & Wipe: Remotely lock your device, post a custom message & erase your data

Lookout Premium Plus (US only) comes with all of the Premium functionality, plus identity theft protection.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:10.42.2-2999de0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Lookout Mobile Security

User Reviews


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Bruce Bigelow 2020-12-14

This app would get 5 stars, but it has one big flaw. It uses notifications to send advertising and offer messages to it\'s users. It also insists on sending notifications to tell you that it scanned and everything is fine. This last should be able to be disabled. I HATE being woken up at 3am by a notification that everything is fine! I am also very annoyed that support for android 4 has been dropped. I have several perfectly good devices that run 4 and CANNOT be upgraded to a newer version!!!
Anthony Luca 2020-08-19

Great security app to protect your device even if it\'s a Samsung Galaxy, been using it for years and on at least 4\' phones to date. Never have I had any security issues ever. The basic version is free and good for most users. If your phones connects to pubic WiFi or a corporate network you may want to get a paid version. They have a couple different packages to choose from.
Oonis Aucoix 2020-08-29

Good. Neutral. Closer to happy than not. The app just scans your apps for malware and other issues. The fact that I barely notice it, actually, is a sign the app actually is doing something and is super-great. I don\'t have premium; just basic. Every few days it tells me it\'s scanned all 200+ apps and they\'re all \"safe\", whatever that means. So.... do with that what you will.
Phil Ways 2020-09-04

VPN was causing major connectivity problems. I could not use other apps while connected to the VPN. I have had premium for some time; this was a first time problem with Lookout and I haven\'t had any issues with the app in the past. They responded to me within a few minutes, and it seems to be mainly resolved. Although MMS receipt is still apparently a slight issue. It is clear and evident that they take their clients seriously and genuinely care overall. High quality customer service.
onewapani 2020-10-01

Your security system has blocked me from being able to surf the web at all. This is a new development. I\'ve had the paid subscription since the beginning of the year. Lately, I have to disconnect it in order to even confirm my dental appointment. Update: the longer I have this app on my phone the more problems I have with network connectivity. Uninstalling as soon as possible!
Lora Lee 2020-08-13

I\'ve had Lookout for at least 5 years or more. Very reliable. I once dropped my phone in a deep rain puddle while getting in my car. I discovered it missing when I arrived home. Got on my computer and Lookout helped me discover the exact location. Upon driving to the location there was a HUGE puddle. I looked down into the water and there was my phone! And it actually still worked after fully drying out! Thank you Lookout! Very appreciative!
Firelight 2021-02-07

Terrible. The VPN is helpful for blocking out things that could put my phone at risk, but the big problem is it has been blocking new connections for a couple years now. And now it\'s gone too far when it blocks my Google Messages for outgoing and incoming messages. It usually happens when it\'s a family member which is weird. Not to mention, and I dont wanna turn it off since I can be paranoid, I\'d have to turn it off until I\'m done with something so I wont ne restricted because of the VPN.
Dean Duell 2021-02-09

My phone has stayed clean and functional since day one. I go all over the internet looking at stuff and inevitably I do or type something wrong and I\'m heading into trouble with the areas of the web you can end up. When this happens on a PC it can jack things up and sometimes never recover, yes with the best malware, spyware or software on the market. This security guard is EXCELLENT! That\'s my two cents.
James Hobbs 2020-12-05

Nothing bad to say about this application. It came pre-installed with my phone. I\'ve never had any security related issues while using it. I sometimes visit some sketchy sites but always came out unscathed.. I\'ve experimented with other Security software, but always came back to LookOut. As far as I know, it\'s never even detected any threats. I can only assume that\'s it\'s done out job. I can\'t think of any reason, not to recommend Lookout as a good free moble security application.
Eric B. 2020-06-21

I\'m not happy with the latest updates with this app. I contacted lookout to get the latest bugs fixed , nothing! Lookout now won\'t scan , and I can\'t get the shield to appear in the top bar. I don\'t know if my phone is protected. Not a happy customer! The ratings will change when you decide to fix this app! Paying customer! Satisfied customer.... problems were fixed! 5 stars!