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Description of mobilPay Wallet

It's about time to enjoy a faster and simpler payment experience!

#1 Romanian Digital Wallet, developed by MOBILPAY SRL in partnership with NETOPIA Payments, has now a new, easy to use version.


NEW! New & intuitive design

Quickly access everything that you need.

NEW! Loyalty

Save loyalty cards directly from the app.

Scan & Pay

Make payments by simply scanning the bar code displayed by our partners, online and offline.

Instant Payments

Pay directly from the app with a tap on your phone.

Exclusive Promotions

Enjoy the offers of our partners, directly from the app.

What's New?

The latest version of mobilPay Wallet comes with:

*New & intuitive design

*The possibility of creating and storing loyalty cards

*An extended list of public utility partners and more.

Thank You!


mobilPay Wallet is the first Romanian digital wallet, that turns your mobile phone into a payment tool.

The wallet is developed by MOBILPAY SRL in partnership with NETOPIA Payments, the largest payment processor in Romania and was awarded in Sillicon Valley and several fintech startups contests.

About mobilPay Wallet:

✓ 100% free for download and free of charges

✓ pay with your smartphone through Scan&Pay or directly from the app, online and offline: retail stores, mobile recharge, utility public providers, telecomm, internet and TV bills, public transportation, plus payments at over +6000 online stores

✓ the transactions are secured PCI-DSS credentials, Mastercard and Visa approvals

Where can you pay with mobilPay Wallet?

* retail stores: Scan&Pay at checkout: Carrefour Hipermarket, Carrefour Market, Cora, Selgros, Supeco

* bills: Orange, Telekom, Vodafone, AKTA, NextGen telecomm, internet, TV; tens of gas, electricity, domestic water, sanitation public utility providers

* mobile recharge: Orange, Vodafone, Telekom

* household administration: Deskis.ro, Scomet.ro, BlocExpert.ro, e-bloc, administrare.ro

* auto: ETU Gas Station and ETU Pizza & Grill, Speed Taxi

* public transport: bus transportation at Alba Iulia, Cluj-Napoca, Ploiești, Turda, Constanța, Reșița, Timișoara

* donations: Hospice Casa Speranței, Hope and homes for Children, Greenpeace, Teach for Romania, Habitat for Humanity, WWF Romania, Fundația Regina Maria, AnimalLife

* through Scan&Pay on the payment pages of +6,000 online merchants

Some mobilPay Wallet awards and recognitions:

* "The best fintech product", Global Startup Awards, local stage

* "The Premiere of the Year in Offline," No Cash 2015

* "The premiere of the year" at the "Non-bank Payment Solutions", No Cash 2014

* First place at Romania Mobile Awards, Payment category, 2014


We are secure!

* the PCI-DSS Level 1 certificate that represents the highest level of certification in security for card payments

* Mastercard and Visa approvals, the two most important payment processing networks in the world

* advanced encryption methods for transaction processing

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More Information Of mobilPay Wallet

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.17.5-211008 Publish Date:2022-03-17 Developer:mobilPay Wallet

User Reviews


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Real Fantasy 2020-03-26

Works just fine; very useful for all sorts of pays, although I don\'t use it often it\'s an alternative. It seems people can\'t get over the confirm email stage; you need to have more patience, check spam folder or resend email a bunch more times... the things you learn from terrible optimizations are very helpful. :)
Marian Tudorache 2020-11-08

Too difficult to set up. The transaction that they claim to be used to confirm the card never showed up. It seems the application does not accept Canadian cards. I went back to Revolute. Much easier.
Ov3rload 2019-10-08

Very slow, it needs optimizing.
Bogdan Alexandru Cazaciuc 2018-11-25

Took foreveeeeeeer to activate my card, just when I needed to make a very urgent payment. Live chat didn\'t reply even after 30 minutes of contacting them
Philip Cheng 2020-02-29

I just downloaded the apps but cannot register. Stuck at confirm email keep asking confirm email. Useless app.
Alexandru IONAȘ-SĂLĂGEAN 2020-12-03

Everything\'s good.
Cristian Radasanu 2019-07-26

The activation/confirmation procedure is way to tedious. I understand the need for security but this is overkill. Uninstaled, not gonna use this app.
Paul A. 2020-08-28

One very good application for mobile payment. Great one.
Endre Pal 2019-07-25

Easy to use, all the features in front of you. Excellent, max 3 clicks and the payment is done !
Mircea Matei 2020-12-05

I was a bit skeptic at the beginning. Read a review saying they could not use their Sodexo Gusto Pass to make payments with the app. I managed to pay with my Sodexo Gusto Pass quite easily on the first restaurant I choose. Did I just got beginners luck? Maybe. But thus far this app allowed me to spend my sodexo balance completely online and no other food delivery service out there allowed me to do so.