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Description of Moblo - 3D furniture drawing

Design your next furniture yourself with help from Moblo, the easy-to-use 3D modeling application for drawing furniture in 3D and augmented reality overview.

Beginner or experienced, Moblo is the perfect 3D tool to support your creative momentum. From a simple coffee table to a dressing room or kitchen, Moblo makes DIY easier and helps you create an interior that suits you.

From 2D plan to 3D model:

Quickly assemble your future furniture in 3D thanks to an intuitive interface and ready-to-use elements.

Your decoration style

Choose which material to apply to your 3D furniture: paint, wood, metal, glass.

Interior arrangement

Place your new 3D furniture in your environment in an instant with augmented reality.

With a simple interface suitable for touch and mouse, Moblo is the simplest 3D modeling software for everyone.

Use cases:

- 3D furniture design

- Creation of 3D objects

- 3D Art

- Visualisation with augmented reality

Features :

- Assembly modeling with 3D shapes from the library

- Move an element

- Deform an element

- Rotate an element

- Duplicate an element

- Apply colors and materials

- Visualise your creation in augmented reality

- Take snapshot

- Share model between Moblo apps on other devices

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More Information Of Moblo - 3D furniture drawing

lable: Art & design - Apps Current Version:22.01.1 Publish Date:2022-01-24 Developer:Félix Raymond

User Reviews


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Llux Diesl 2021-01-25

OMG. I\'ve been searching and searching for an app that lets me define parts and measurements SIMPLY. This app far surpasses what I\'ve been looking for without getting too complicated. I can put down a concept in correct dimensions and get a visual immediately. And I can save or share my work anywhere without proprietary file types. Why was this app hard to find?
Sabith Ali 2021-02-14

I was looking for such an app for long time. I was in to professional 3D modeling, and when I have some idea to implement, I don\'t like go to Maya, and do it all from scratch. Pls keep developing to add more features, but don\'t make it complicated. I liked its simple but awesome functionality, even I liked the way you made the pivot oriented scaling in some objects.
david hatton 2021-01-06

Really intuitive and easy to use. It would be really useful to have the function to move any object incrementally on an X,Y, Z axis, as it is easy to spend far to much time getting a small component into exactly the right position. especially as the selected item has a blue line surrounding it obscuring the view. That being said, I have found it to be a really quick and relatively slick way to produce a useful visual.
Justin Wilson 2021-01-14

Awesome tool for project planning and overview. The navigation takes a bit to get accustomed to, but once I got the hang of it, smooth work. Down 1 star because of material and selection limitations, no free draw option. However, I am able to work in almost any design with a little manipulation. Great product.
farhan Khan 2020-07-01

This app is very fantastic
Vedad Zupcevic 2021-01-10

It took me roughly 10 minutes to buy it, I love the app to bits. A couple of suggestions: 1. Incremental XYZ movement of objects 2. Enable/Disable Snap-to function 3. Custom textures (import from a phone picture 4. Group selection 5. Parts list with dimensions 6. Insert light source (with color option maybe?) Keep working on this!
Ayrrim Revorg 2021-03-04

It\'s a good app and easy to use but I was halfway through building miyo asakis bed and it said \"go premium\", so you can\'t build much and most of the materials are for premium only. It is a one time pay of only $7 so that\'s a bonus but I am 15 I don\'t have m o n e y
shane smith 2021-02-24

Love this game. Wish there were more shapes to pick from. Payed the 8 bucks to go prem. No regrets! Ive played this app for about a mounth and have built cars. Trucks. Houses a boat! Exalent app. And thanks for the new skins looks great.
Unknown1 2020-11-26

Most important ADD MAGNETIC🧲 coupling (merging). Then, more color, wood structure, more shapes (for corner- angles) and it would be good - real look rendering.
West Zostin 2021-01-11

Awesome app, I love it. I made some cool pieces of furniture on here. I wish I could have it made for me for my house. The only things i would change is put a link to where you can get these pieces made, get more colors, and put more functionality into multiple select option (like spin, shrink, and grow)