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Description of Modern Defense HD

There are dozens of levels to get through and you need to do everything in your power in order to win as fast as possible. It won’t be easy, but you have to use all your skills and strategy to push through and eliminate all enemies.

How to play?

The way you play Modern Defense HD is easy. You will have a starting point and an ending point for every level. Your target is to keep the enemies as far as possible from your base. In order to do that you will have to place up to 8 different types of turrets along the enemy path.

All turrets attack automatically, so all you have to do is to place them and upgrade them as you get more and more coins. You will start with just a few turret types, but as you play you will unlock more and more. Some turrets slow down enemies, others are specialized on attack.

Impressive visuals

Modern Defense HD features 2D hand painted art which makes every different location seem vibrant and realistic. Our game also has different characters in turrets, each with their own animations. All of these, combined with the outstanding color palette make this game a pleasure to look at!

Strategize and win

You need to find the right type of turrets and combine them in order to achieve the best possible results. Modern Defense HD offers you an amazing game experience and it gives you a resounding, powerful set of benefits all the time. There are multiple weapons and landscape options, so you can easily try out new strategies as you play.

With these amazing defense tactics you will have no problem getting great results and explore new opportunities. Since every weapon has its own fire range, blast radius, rate of fire and firepower, you always get to try out new stuff until you find the right option for that level.

Limited resources, so show off your might

Every level comes with limited resources, so you will have to manage them efficiently. It’s important to know what you are spending and how, as that will end up being the main challenge here. Modern Defense HD does a very good job at bringing you exciting and creative ideas to explore all the time. With Modern Defense HD you always get upgrade your current units and enhance their capabilities.

Modern Defense HD is the perfect game for tower defense enthusiasts and people that love a great challenge. Try out your TD skills and improve them in this cool game today!


• Intense tower defense gameplay

• 8 different tower types to choose from

• Dozens of levels to choose from

• Spectacular visuals and music

• Easy to play, hard to master

• Multiple game speeds

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More Information Of Modern Defense HD

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.0.29 Publish Date:2021-09-15 Developer:ARTEM KOTOV

User Reviews


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tomas hrudka 2020-12-21

This could be a nice game, looks good, plays good, looks like there is lots of upgrade levels for turrets as well. But limiting the number of specific turrets you can deploy in each level? Disgraceful! Why can\'t I play the game the way I want to play it? Very limited overall, takes all the fun away and leaves frustration! Not sure where the developers were going with this. Uninstalled.
Wendell Mills 2020-07-22

I would give it a 0 if i could!! Upgrades on weapon suck, targets get stronger and weapons upgrade get weaker! Can not play game i have no chance of winning! And you give up as many weapons as i want not what you want me to have 1 gun ,1cannon,1laser? It\'s just a game you should let people enjoy playing games not disappointed because no matter what i do i can\'t win
Dave Zhang 2020-12-27

The game is more difficult than it needs to be. The problem is how much money you get from each destroyed unit. Tanks have a lot of HP and they only give $2 and they show up early on. Turrets do not output enough damage to keep pace with the units\' HP until you spend hundreds to upgrade. The $ given per destroyed unit needs to be drastically increased to allow faster turret upgrades.
Jason Rizza 2020-12-10

All day just to complete one map. Youd think that after being on the app store for over a year there would at least be some strategy guides or helpful ideas but no, nothing. The game doesnt even have a proper tutorial to show you how to use \"new\" towers. The number of specific towers is limited differently per map, meaning you have to attempt the map 10+ times before you figure out which towers go where and which order to upgrade them. Hella annoying for no reason. Stolen Kingdom Rush assets?
Michael Rocha Jr 2020-12-09

Frustrating and not fun. 4th level is impossible to pass. Many other defense games out there that aren\'t frustrating, along with difficulty options. Try another game instead.
Gavin Grayson 2020-08-12

Cartoon version of the (much better) originals with forced 30 seconds long full screen ads. Avoid.
Nathan Halls 2020-07-08

Stupid game can just keep watching adds to get gold and buy all upgrades with ease
Lorena Firefly 2020-11-18

The reviews were spot on.The idea of a cartoon defense zone was great, but you took all the good parts.You have very,very limited slots instead of the amazing grill that gave us the feeling of actually having some strategy and that our decisions affected the result [zero strategy here]. You don\'t have a say in wich type of guns u apply cause they limited that decision as well,say you want only missile guns, no can do since you can only put 3 of that kind.Upgrades also sucks,so frustrating.
A Google user 2019-03-24

Hi there, I got a problem. Anytime I try to play I tap on level and just literally my screen stay black. Do you have any idea what\'s going on? I got also Defense zone 3 and working without any problem. Thanks for reply.It\'s sad, that no one replay, so I deleted for good.
A Google user 2019-03-04

can\'t pass level 4 it looks impossible,