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Description of Modern Warplanes: PvP Warfare

✈️Modern Warplanes transfers you to the world of modern supersonic jet fighters of leading air forces. Join millions of aces from around the world in ultimate warfare for air domination. Dogfight aeronautics at its finest on a huge variety of aircrafts.

Modern Warplanes: Thunder Aces Combat Wargame is absolutely FREE to download!💥💥💥

Fight on all the best military aircrafts of modern generation, as well as airplane prototypes of leading air forces. The modern game presents a jet fighter shooter filled with lit action. Take-off from carrier to meet a squadron of special ops airplanes in the sky, engage in team and solo warfare. Our game features multiplayer modes, solo campaign with different missions, HQ raid, survival. A war thunder is roaring! Spread your wings commander and join the combat!

The game is one of the top jet shooter wargame of 2021!

✈️Stunning Graphics

- Magnificent graphics, as in PC wargames: fully-featured 3d realistic models of steel fighters and spectacular visual effects

✈️Online PvP

- Action warfare against aces warplanes from all around the world: US, UK, Germany, Russia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan and others

✈️Tons of aircrafts

- More than 37 types of air force war planes: real-world combat airplanes and 5 prototypes of the 6th generation dogfight fighters capable of almost spacecraft aerobatics (like x-wing or tie-fighter): Falcon, Raptor, SU, Mig, Raven, Blackbird, Nighthawk, Boeing, JAS Gripen, Lockheed Blackbird and more

✈️Jet fighters

- Each war airplane with unique characteristics and capabilities has its own secondary top gun on wings

✈️Equip your plane

- More than 40 top guns: rockets, missiles, machine guns, heat flares and even lasers. Equip your steel wings and hurry into action!

✈️Upgrade your airplane

- Improve your plane armor, speed, damage, wings, reload time and other features with epic upgrade system. Become the best pilot!

✈️Warfare as you like

- Online PvP & Offline game modes: Solo Campaign, HQ raid, Survival, Boss fight, dogfight against enemies on the ground, in the water and in the sky

✈️Amazing sky battlefields

- Stunning locations: mountains, hot deserts, ice wastelands filled with supersonic jets and thunder of missiles and steel bullets

✈️Daily missions, achievements, non-stop action

- Shoot warplanes without limits, as the war game has no energy! Play daily to receive epic bonuses to expand and improve your hangar of planes. Many achievements with cool sky force battle rewards

✈️Easy controls

- Full control: you control the speed, steel wings, missiles, top guns, heat flares. Perform landings and take-off from carrier, become an epic top gun pilot!

✈️PvP ranking

- Battle ranks: from a rookie to a general of Air Force. Think strategically, equip the best weapon for warfare: tactical atomic missiles, swarm missiles, guiding rockets and much more


- Customize warplanes. More than 26 war camo suitable for any mode or sky map: snow, pixel or bright as explosion

✈️PvP Warfare with ace friends

- Non-stop action in steel thunder wargame: fight in deathmatch or squadron dogfight, go for solo operation or create your own game to ally and battle with fighter friends! A great game if you like shooters and speed of combat fighters!

From the time of cold war and pearl harbor all nations improve their Air Forces: the best planes on any battlefield! Take control of fast and deadly aircraft to destroy enemies in a direct dogfight! Be like a special ops in a combat with rival pilots!

Next-level aircraft game. Regular updates and new content in shooter game of 2021.

Not sure what to play? Try ✈️Modern Warplanes: Thunder Aces Combat Wings PvP wargame

Want to ask about the wargame or find friends or allies?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGames

Support: support@gdcgames.ru

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.20.1 Publish Date:2021-11-16 Developer:GDCompany

User Reviews


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[ Mutant_Faux ] 2019-03-09

This. game. is. AMAZING. The graphics and combat style is really cool and I enjoy it! however I do have a bit of a gripe with it...the health system. Devs, I would recommend you add a HP bar in a future update so that the player can see how much health the aircraft has before it explodes. The only way in which you can see your health is just fire and smoke on the aircraft. Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read my explanation! keep up the good work!
Rj Patterson 2019-03-04

this game is freaking awesome! I\'ve been playing 5 days and I\'m already almost a level 18. I have bought a few planes and upgrades all ready! I\'ve played hours every day! I heard something about legendary planes that show up in your hanger is that a thing? I wanna buy that $100 plane but I can\'t bring my self to do so lol is there any discounts or anything to sign up for? still though EXCELLENT game!
Bayu Siwi Farma 2019-03-23

Thanks for the update. The game is getting better as I expected. It has enemy\'s missiles distance indicator now so I can deploy the anti-missile or take a maneuver at the right time. but, often in death match game or TDM has unfair match-making. It\'s hard to beat player with much higher level. I hope devs fix the match-making soon. Thx
C Montgomery 2019-04-22

This game is pretty lousy, sensitivity is way to high and can\'t be adjusted, only possible gameplay settings that can be changed is inverting y-axis and whether or not it shows the FPS. Actual gameplay is boring you just press a button and it fires a spray of missiles that just annihilate the enemy, and the guns have no accuracy just total spray n pray.
glenn huinda 2019-04-23

Game is excellent and ofcourse the brrrrting rocks. But hey admins, isn\'t this is the time to create a new button to cancel the targets that already locked on so that you could change the lock to another enemy fighter? Kinda bit annoying when players want to take revenge but you can\'t because you\'re already locked unless you\'ll veer away to reset the targeting. Thank you for the reply and more power to this game! And oh, one of the things that I annoyed is the ads after the game which is the downside of this game. Maybe remove it but not the ads for freebies I guess?
Teddy Okany 2019-07-14

Playing this game is beautiful but awkward when you realise that you only have to hold on on one smartphone otherwise you will lose ur data information on previous one when you install it in another phone, you have to start a fresh even if u re in level 24 after so much money you spent on plane, weapons, upgrades canons, you lose every thing. Please you people should provide us with alternative options so that we don\'t lose our hardwork by starting a flesh
Richard Lane 2020-12-27

EDIT: 1 star for bringing back Leviathan mode. It\'s GARBAGE. It\'s definitely really good but there are issues. When you see them up close, some enemy planes fly sideways and backwards, and sometimes your plane just explodes for no reason (it doesn\'t tell you you crashed or were killed, your plane just explodes for literally no reason). The Leviathan mode was STUPID. I don\'t know why that was even in the game. Please NEVER bring it back. EVER. It was total garbage. Please DON\'T bring it back.
Chris QDG 2019-06-20

awesome! absolutely love this game! great graphics! And you can do pretty well with out having to spend real money. however as you progress you do stumble across you Pay to win players.. But even then upgrading doesnt cost much. well done to the developers 👍👌 Just one thing I\'d like too see added is A eurofighter typhoon as used by the British raf. Other than that I\'m very happy with this game!
James Griffith 2020-07-20

I would have to say that Modern Warplanes is without a doubt the best game I have ever played. I can not recommend it highly enough. Keep plugging away and fighting and the rewards continue to come. It takes time but anyone who wants to work their way up the proverbial ladder, can and will achieve dominance and air superiority. AWESOME FREAKIN\' GAME!!! After playing for around 7 months, I still say that Modern Warplanes is by far the best game on the net.
A Google user 2019-03-18

before you even get to start the app wants to control your Google games, delete and control everything. yup uninstalled immediately. I\'m sorry but i don\'t do this Big Brother garbage. Too bad, looked good from the reviews but I refuse to allow a game to access and control things