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Description of Monash University FODMAP diet

Researchers at Monash University have developed a diet and corresponding app to assist in management of the gastrointestinal symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The Monash University Low FODMAP diet works by restricting foods high in some carbohydrates called FODMAPs.

The app comes directly from the research team at Monash and includes the following:

- General information about the FODMAP diet and IBS.

- Easy to understand tutorials to guide you through the app and the 3-Step FODMAP diet.

- A Food Guide detailing the FODMAP content for hundreds of foods using a simple 'traffic light system'.

- A list of branded products that have been certified by Monash as low FODMAP.

- A collection of over 70 nutritious, low FODMAP recipes.

- Functions that allow you to create your own shopping list and add notes to individual foods

- A Diary that enables you to record food eaten, IBS symptoms, bowel habits and stress levels. The Diary will also guide you through step 2 of the diet - FODMAP reintroduction.

- The ability to adjust units of measurement (metric or imperial) and activate colour blindness assistance.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.0.9 Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Monash University Low FODMAP diet team

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-06-22

This app is pretty bad. It is pushed by dietitians and that\'s why I bought it but it is not worth the money. The app doesn\'t display properly on my phone, no thumbnail on the home screen, shopping list doesn\'t save ticks when screen goes off and it\'s definitely missing a lot of items, doesn\'t have take away foods or soft drinks. Also for the money you should be able to download it on other platforms with sync option. If I also want it on my tablet I have to pay again. It\'s a rip off. Thumbs down
Cindy Logan 2019-10-03

This app is ok, but I\'m not sure it\'s worth $9. I have 2 big issues with it. The first relates to bugs in the \"search\" function, and the second relates to the actual content of the app. First up, Bugs: I have found 2 bugs, so far. It\'s easier to simply give examples rather than explain, so here goes: Bug #1: I search for \"oats\" and I get a list. I click on \"oats, rolled\". I hit the back arrow. It goes back to my \"oats\" search. BUT, then I search for \"rice\" and I get another list. I click on brown rice. I hit the back arrow. It goes back to my \"oats\" search. Why doesn\'t it go back to my list of rice foods? I have experimented, and it seems that the only way the app will remember your search is if you start from the home screen, click on \"Food Guide\", and then search for something. Otherwise, the app will always return to your initial search, no matter what you subsequently search for. This is very frustrating. Bug #2: I search for \"peach\". I click on \"peach, white\". I hit the back arrow. It goes to a list of \"pea\" foods, not my list of \"peach\" foods. This error is not as common, but frustrating nonetheless. Next up, Content: Monash purposefully omits foods, even in generic form, that have not paid to be certified. Companies pay to have their products \"certified\". These foods are listed by brand name on the app. Fine. Nice to know. The problem is that Monash seems to purposefully omit products that compete with it\'s name-brand partners, even in their generic form. For example, there is no listing for any type of ready-made oat cereal that is not a Kellogg\'s (or other partner) product. I don\'t expect the app to specifically list \"Cheerios\" if they are not a paying partner, but could they at least list generic oat O\'s cereal? Same thing with Rice Chex and Corn Chex--no generics for these, either. If someone is going to pay $9, the information provided n the app should be unbiased.
S C 2020-07-23

The interface is a little messy to deal with in parts, but the information is there. The main issue I have is the lack of consistency between foods with portion presentation. Sometimes it is small to large from left to right, but sometimes from right to left. Please pick a format, and stick with it. It doesn\'t make sense to list for example, \"28g / 35g / 49g\" for one food, and the food below it is \"28g / 21g / 14g.\"
Riona Neve 2021-02-05

Great app! Anyone complaining because \"other apps are free\" do not understand that funding is needed for research. Keep in mind; without Monash\'s research, you and I would still be in pain after every meal. Those free apps are a watered down copy of Monash. But no copy without original. If you look at it like that, it\'s well worth paying! Just read the reviews and you\'ll see that Monash takes feedback into account and keeps working to improve the app. What a great service for so little money!
Ebony Wilson 2020-11-09

I was very disappointed by this app, after being reccomended it by several people. The lists of food items are available online for free and there are many low fodmap items that are not included in the list. The basic information on fodmaps provided can also be found for free online. The food diary and shopping list sections are unintuitive and hard to use. Considering the price of this app I was expecting a much better product and theres no reason it can\'t be well designed. Seems like a scam!
Dale Raad 2020-08-26

So Monash University is great for its scientific approach and research on fodmaps, however this app is buggy and the design is really not great. The search function often doesn\'t work and I find myself turning to other free fodmap apps, that have much cleaner functionality, such as Fodmap A - Z. Considering you have to pay for this Monash App, it\'s really disappointing. If anyone there actually checks out these reviews, please hire a better coder and designer and sort out the search function!
Bryan Hunter 2020-10-17

Buggy, but it works. Have to close and re-open the app to get the search to work for the food. Also doesn\'t have all the food that you think it would. Common things like Miracle Whip, French Bread, etc. don\'t even show up. For almost $10, it still feels incomplete... Don\'t get this app. Just use the free resources online and from your doctor instead of using a semi-functional app that works half the time. Maybe it\'s because I use stock Android 11... Either way, use something else.
Caitlin P 2017-11-14

Most extensive app I\'ve ever bought, but worth it. My digestion has improved dramatically. This app is the source for the most up to date FODMAP test scores. However, I docked one star because the traffic light colors don\'t show up next to foods if filters are on. I\'d also like to see more foods tested. Most pressing, do blanched almonds fare better than whole almonds?
Andrea Libelo 2020-04-30

This app used to be great, but it looks like the app has errors or else the high fructose corn syrup lobby has gotten to them. They now claim that a condiment sweetened with high fructose corn syrup is fine. The many times I\'ve tested this intentionally or unintentionally, my gut has painfully told me it is in no way safe to eat. I can no longer trust their recommendations.
Larissa Vieira 2019-02-15

The app itself is great 5 stars, however this new version has some bugs and all ingredients shows as green light even though they are not! You need to physically open ingredient to confirm if it\'s green or not. Not all ingredients are green related to portion size, some ingredients are 100% red however it doesn\'t show, unless you click on it. Please fix it, because it cause misleading.