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Description of Money Lover - Spending Manager

Get the award-winning personal finance & money management app to manage money now! Track your expenditures, monitor your transactions, create your monthly budget, push yourself in saving money, and much more. You can also link your Money Lover wallet your bank account to automatically track your transaction history. Money Lover is a must have app for personal financial management. Managing financial becomes super easy and fast!

Personal financial management can be difficult for many people. You need to track your expenses and also, you need a budget. Don’t forget to track whether you are saving money every month. Money Lover is a personal book keeping and money management app that will help you in every step of the way. Let us help you manage your personal finance efficiently and effectively!

📌 Our Achievements:

★ Best of 2017 Android App

★ Google Top Developer

★ Editors' Choice App since 2016



The first step to manage money is to keep track on your spending. Add your transactions on this tab so you can track where your money goes. View monthly transactions from previous month or you can add transactions that will occur in the future. We make personal book keeping super easy and fast.


Link your bank account to your Money Lover Wallet. This feature allows us to track your transaction history automatically so you don’t have to manually input them to Money Lover app.

This service is available globally for Paypal account holder. It is also available for account holder of major banks in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, HongKong, Japan/ Taiwan. You will get 7-days FREE trial to test this feature.


You need a budget to keep your spending on track. In our Financial Planning tab, we provide features to help you create monthly budget, managing financial for special events, adding recurring transactions and bills.


Gain insights for your spending pattern here. View your balance for every month, income and expenses, debts, loans, and others. You can view the report in several ways: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, All, or Custom.

The Features of Budgeting & Financial Planning in Money Lovers are:


Use this feature to create your budget and financial plan. You can manage money more easily if you know your spending limit for each type of expenses.

Money Lover gives you insight about your budget progress, so you can adjust your behavior to prevent from overspending.


When you travel or have a big event, you need a budget to keep your spending in check. Use this feature to create a separate budget for special events (parties, celebrations, weddings, travels, etc).


Add recurring transactions that will automatically added to your transactions in the future.

Upgrade ONCE and enjoy the benefit for LIFETIME! Access the premium features which have more powerful features for better financial management:

✔ Tracking more than 1 wallet

✔ Add credit wallet

✔ Unlimited financial plan & budgets

✔ Create goal wallets

✔ Create saving wallet

✔ Create financial plan to pay off your debts.

✔ Export transactions to CSV, Excel.

✔ Enjoy support by financial experts.

✔ Attach images.

✔ Remove ads and enjoy ad-free app experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Money Lover – Personal Expense Tracker & Budgeting app now!


Do you know anyone who needs Money Lover for personal book keeping and manage money? Please share our app with them so they can take advantage of our features to help them achieve their financial goal.

Don’t forget to rate and review Money Lover on the Appstore if you love it!


Privacy Policy: https://moneylover.me/policy/

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:7.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Finsify

User Reviews


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shrujal gor 2019-05-04

After buying the premium version, I realized that they haven\'t developed a single budget category for all the wallets yet. This was a big turn-off. On the web, I found out that people have been demanding this feature for years now, and MoneyLover is quite slow to respond to user requirements. After waiting for a couple of months for the update, I switched to another app.
Wojciech Kalka 2019-03-24

Categories are broken, you have create all categories for each wallet again and again. And they also are splitted in the reports, as long there are no global categories or global categories reports this app is useless if you have more than one wallet.A bit sad forall the other effort ..nice try but useless for now
A Google user 2018-12-25

used to be good, but so terrible! would not recommend to anyone. The recurring transaction keeps recurring in the same month for several times! And after I deleted the same multiple transactions, the transactions are coming back again one by one everytime I synchronise. SO FRUSTRATING!
Md.Salahuddin Mahmud 2019-05-14

I am using money lover from last 3 years. undoubtedly this is the best finance & budget tracker app available in the market. Though the free version has limited access to all the features, but it is worth spending the extra money by purchasing the premium version to explore unlimited access to all the features available for you. Thank you money lover. You really made my life easier 😊
The Pendulum 2019-01-04

Of the many apps I\'ve tried, this one is by far the best. I like that it allows me to set recurring payments and actually see what they add up to in the forthcoming months, rather than scheduling them into a void only to show up on the day they\'re executed. It\'s feature rich yet intuitive. I\'d like to be able to add recurring transactions to my credit account, and to add an automatically calculated credit payment as a scheduled transaction on the due date.
Leslie 2019-05-25

Customer support was poor and slow. The team did not address one of the bugs arising from the recurring transaction function and did not offer to help resolve the cumbersome process of deleting the duplicates. When asked if the team can do a backend rectification, they did not follow up with the request. It was a disappointing and frustrating experience from a user point of view.
Paul Forgaci 2021-01-21

App is dead, doesn\'t get updated anymore and it\'s buggy af. Save your time and take something decent like \"money manager\". In this app wallets are separate and budgets/categories are per wallet. There\'s no way of combining them. You\'d have to recreate categories forever. Planned expenses is wrong and extremely buggy, things don\'t repeat and they disappear randomly. Please don\'t waste your money on this excuse of an app. I regret that I can\'t take them back and donate them anywhere else.
Robby Tanod 2019-09-21

In the previous version, I can search my old transaction. Why after update this feature not working anymore?? Also when I input transaction and save, there is a bug that make me click save button many times, when already save, the transaction input as many as I clicked save button... Please fix it, it\'s really annoying !!
Karl Jason Fajardo 2020-10-01

I used to love this app. But I found out recently that I can no longer add more wallets for free version. Guess it\'s time to choose an alternative app. Goodbye Money Lover.
Matthew Thompson 2020-12-16

I was disappointed to buy premium and then find out it didn\'t give me bank linking access. Really? I need to buy premium AND subscribe to regular payments to get all the functions activated? That\'s really disappointing. I suggest you change to a 1 payment premium at a higher price than have two systems.