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Description of Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager (Expense Tracker & Budget) the optimized app for your personal asset management. Money Manager is an expense tracker to record your financial expenditure and income activities. Money Manager do not save any the information of users, protecting your privacy. Its simple design makes it lightweight, straightforward and very easy to use.

features of Money Manager (Expense Tracker & Budget) - complete guide:

💡 Expense Tracker & Budget

Record daily expenses and income activities. Calculating the difference / balance.

💡 Instant and powerful statistics

Reports of financial recording activities per day, monthly, weekly and yearly to make it easier for users to monitor their finances. Based on the record entered, you can instantly see your expense by category and changes between each month. And you can see the change of your assets and income/expense indicated by a graph as well.

💡 Export reports

Export reports in the form of CSV.

💡 Various record type

Money manager has various record type, including food, bills, transportation, car, entertainment, shopping, clothing, insurance, tax, telephone, smoke, health, pet, beauty, vegetables, education, salary, awards, sale, refunds, investments, dividends etc.

💡 Pie chart

Pie chart features make it easy for users to view reports.

💡 Backup & Restore

You can restore records from sdcard, the backup files will be auto saved when you add the records, and you can also backup files manually.

💡 Asset Management

You can create your asset accounts, such as cash, bank card, funding, stock etc. and tracker the asset account's modify record, transfer record and order record.

💡 Dark Mode

You can choose the dark theme or light theme as you like. Both modes are very beautiful.

💡 Custom theme colors

Elephant Bookkeeping has five different colors for theme. You can choose the style you like.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Money Money(Expense Tracker & Budget) right now and start managing, tracking, your expenses and income!

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More Information Of Money Manager Expense & Budget

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.3.1 Publish Date:2022-06-03 Developer:System monitor tools lab - Cpu Ram Battery

User Reviews


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Rijul Balasubramanian 2020-11-28

It\'s a really good app for money management. Has some really good graphs. The only problem is that I lost all the data and I have to start again from scratch. So I suggest you to add Google cloud backup as well.
Android One 2020-11-24

Good interface app but need some feature to add like you need search function to find certain expense or income by remark of past by searching, instead of scrolling the whole bookkeeping. Another feature you may need to add is to add hidden account featute which is functional for transaction or transfer but its amount is not added in total assets which is needed for certain account. Like to see these feature in coming updates and your app will be best feature packed with great interface.
Fang 2020-12-21

The app is pretty, works fast and great. One caveat is the backup folder is inaccessible by users without unlocking bootloader. Please backup to some normal directory that the end user can access. And also maybe allow export as CSV for easy transfer to other services.
ex alpha 2020-11-18

Simple and effective 🔳 Dark theme: The grey fonts are too dark, please add a more readable color or add the ability to fully customize the colors.
Stephen Chung 2020-11-24

Very helpful if you need something to keep a watch on fort monthly budget. Would be helpful if there\'s option for a month recurring income and expense feature Would be worth 5 Stars if there\'s language compatibility For this day and age no languages compatibility is not acceptable
Иван С. 2020-05-21

Good app but it is REALLY IMPORTANT to implement that we can see the list and modify something in the past (last month, for example). I would also suggest to implement cloud or user based, backup as well as synchronization between devices that is good for couples. EDIT: At the end, lack of analytics and reports made me to change this app and now I use Zenmoney.
Kashmir Kak 2020-12-02

Very nice app, but please add Google Drive & One drive backup option. I don\'t know how to use WebDav backup. Please make it easy and user friendly.
Dale L. 2020-10-27

very impressed with this 🤗😁👍 gorgeous design and good stability, so very useful...
Roy Chang 2020-11-29

UI is well thought out. But the dark theme needs work; light gray text on dark gray background is terrible contrast.
Shashikant Suresh 2020-07-02

Extremely restricted app. It has so much potential but it\'s just a lost cause. The reason for using an app to keep track of finances is to be able to access your past transactions and export data into meaningful/graphical representations. This app lacks everything, except that you can create whatever category you want.