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Description of Money Tracker

Advanced personal finance manager - one of a few apps on the market with seamless tracking of cash accounts and stock portfolios.

Simple intuitive interface, flexible reports with drill-down capabilities, online exchange rates and stock prices, excellent performance with decades of data.

Schedule, enter, analyse and project your expenses months and years ahead, all within this flexible app.

Automatically sync all the data with your partners via OneDrive or Dropbox.

● The app is also available for Windows 10 (PC, tablets and phones) and iOS.

● No data is stored online except compact encrypted OneDrive/Dropbox backups.


● cash and investment transactions

● full multi-currency support, 170 currencies and 53 cryptocurrencies

● online FX rates and stock prices

● photo and document attachments

● data synchronization between 2+ devices via OneDrive or Dropbox

● account groups

● transactions with custom category/project/payee

● unlimited nested categories and projects (a.k.a. tags or classes)

● split transactions

● memorized payees (transaction templates by payee)

● scheduled periodic transactions with a reminder

● fully configurable budgets and budget groups

● 9 powerful cloneable and fully customizable reports with charts

● each report can be cloned, renamed and saved for future use

● reports and budgets can include scheduled transactions for forecasting

● drill down into reports and budgets to view related transactions

● OneDrive or Dropbox backups for multiple data profiles

● QIF import/export, OFX/QFX import, export to CSV and Excel

● password, PIN or fingerprint protection, encrypted data file

● search in transactions

● flexible configuration

● built in calculator

● excellent performance with tens of thousands transactions

● and many more!


● Free version has ads and limited to 2 currencies, 10 accounts and 40 categories. All ads and limits can be removed via in-app purchase.

Please contact support team to request a feature or report a defect.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:K-Tech Systems Ltd

User Reviews


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Shawn Asmus 2020-05-29

I have been using this app for over 3 years and I find that it really helps me to keep track of my spending and my balances. It does take some time getting accustomed to the app, but there is a lot to it. Like a lot of things, you get out of it what you put into it. You can view your spending by payee or by category and you can split a transaction into multiple categories. With this app, you can even set up a budget. This is a great app with a lot of great features!
Yvonne Lee 2020-06-04

I wished I had known of this app sooo much earlier. This is literally the only app I need now, Pro version supports multi-currencies, I can add investments like securities in different stock exchanges, options and bonds. I can transfer cash and investment products between accounts and track all movements. If the equities are on Yahoo finance, prices of these products can be updated by clicking update in the app. Mostly its bonds and option prices that require manual update, but prices r tracked
Susan Andrews 2020-11-12

Love this app! I bought this one for my phone and also bought it for my laptop so it will update automatically! I too, wish the payee was listed first and not the category. I also wish there was an option for a reconciliation report so I could print it out every month when I reconcile.
Joan Tilston 2020-09-26

One of my points was answered after my last review but I still think it would make it better. I\'d like the accounts broken down into months so that only the current month was visible and previous months, and the next one, accessed by a drop down menu. I\'d also like to see the payee entered first in the input transaction view and then the category and that the category was auto selected once the payee was. I think those changes would make it quicker to use.
David Vineyard 2020-05-28

I used Quicken for over 20 years before switching to Money Tracker 3 years ago. I will not go back. Money Tracker meets my needs, is inexpensive, constantly updated, and the sync function between devices works better.
FX Gilang 2020-03-02

Absolutely yes!!! I\'ve using this app for 3 years on windows platform, and it\'s simply the best. Even in Android world there\'s none that match it. So glad you guys decided to bring this app to Android, this deserves more spotlight... There are few minor improvements that could be made, nothing deal breaker though... Just give me a dark theme, and it would be 5 stars. Edit: the Dark mode is nice 😁
Kamarul 2018-04-25

Been using it since win 8 phone. Moved to android and ios and was done hassle free. Except for that small glitch installing in samsung secure folder after making purchase on standard folder. However it is fixed now. Sync is just seemless but wonder if there is some kind of workaround to getting asked everytime there is changes from another device.
Leo Magpoc 2017-09-14

When I finally decided to leave my windows phone and go to an android this was the only app I had to keep going back to my windows phone for, I am glad it is on android now, I could not find any app on android that does what this app does, I did however have to start over because all my stuff was backed up on one drive.
Stathy Koufidakis 2020-08-09

Been using this for 5+ years now. Started on windows mobile and pc, now on Android and pc. It has everything I would want my cash book to be. Reconciliations, cash flow reporting, budgets, recurring transactions, syncing. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know their money. Only thing though; I\'ve been using it for so long, the interface is getting stale. Would like to see a new \"paint job\".
Simon Jacobs 2019-10-27

Amazing application. I have used every finance tracker ever published over 35 years and nothing even comes close to this one. Complete with live currency conversions between accounts and incredible reporting this app is the best. The others are just toys - and bad toys at that. And the import / export functionality is also incredible. I have seemlessly transfered 22 accounts over 12 years with more than 11,000 transactions in multiple currencies into Money Tracker without a hitch.