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Description of Money Transfer Conotoxia

Conotoxia’s Money Transfer app moves money abroad from your Android device 24/7. Swift, secure and transparent international transfers. Remit funds online quickly and efficiently in 27 currencies around the globe with the most favourable exchange rates available. Conotoxia is always advancing its services to bring the currencies of the world a little closer to home.

Our sleek app makes sending money online to virtually anywhere a breeze. Transfers can be received via bank account, email, app or even by text message. To send money, choose where you would like your transfer to come from: either your currency wallet or one of your bank accounts. The app contains currency wallet and the bank account information that is accessible from the homescreen. Take charge of all your money, whether it’s in PLN or USD, with easy access to each currency and bank account that you hold. Figuring out how to transfer money online is a thing of the past with our clean and user-friendly app. Manage your money in up to 27 currencies wherever and whenever with a few taps. Sending money abroad has never been easier with the Money Transfer app from Conotoxia. Receiving money is easy and stress-free with SMS or email alerts. Know exactly where your money is.

With Conotoxia Money Transfers app you can:

- Easily access your currency wallet

- Choose who will pay for the exchange of currency (sender or receiver)

- Manage your transactions in both Polish and English. (soon to be accessible in over 30 languages)

- Transfer and receive money to all 4 corners of the world

- Transfer currencies instantly with your currency wallet

Money Transfers app from Conotoxia can be used to:

- Send money to a family member abroad

- Make overseas payments

- Hold and manage funds in 27 currencies

- Remit money to a friend

- Pay off loans or mortgages in other countries

- Manage the finances of your international business

More information can be found on our website: www.conotoxia.com

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.11.0 Publish Date:2022-03-20 Developer:Cinkciarz.pl Sp. z o.o.

User Reviews


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Radoslaw Szafarz 2020-03-14

Very bad initial experience. The initial log-in process does not work. Requested code twice and \"Unknown error\". Uninstalling this app.
Paweł Eljasz 2019-09-19

Fantastic app & service (one drawback later) with very high security levels & checks which is going to make all the shady & dodgy characters very unhappy. I\'m in UK and a great thing they do is have accounts in the country which results in 0 fees when you top up in GBP. (Walutomat for example, at the time of writing this review, do not and you pay fees). DRAWBACK and a big one is when you withdraw your funds and hope for a quick transaction - I use the biggest bank in Poland so do the Conotoxia - you will be negatively surprised as it takes hours, at least in Poland (Walutomat is a lot!! quicker) .
Asfand Abid 2018-11-21

Useless app and service, too many requirements.👎
Marysia Bielawski 2020-07-08

Money Transfer is trustfull honest excellent 5 stars service.I am very happy and impressed with you technology.Love to recommend you to people who need to transfer their retirement money from one country to other.

I am unable register, continued to say error occurred.
ben witukiewicz 2019-02-08

Beznadzieja. Co byś nie robił to numer konta w UK nie jest rozpoznany. Odinsyalowalem I użyłem transferwise gdzie nie było problemu z rozpoznaniem numeru konta
Kevin Chladek 2018-08-21

Can\'t upload any documents. Upload failed, unknown error. How can I upload documents for verification??
Van Revn 2018-04-05

Smooth, great looks. Nicely done
Radek MX 2018-04-06

Nice app. Quick and useful
Marcin Pioro 2018-04-05