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Description of MoneyGram® Online Money Transfers App

The MoneyGram® online money transfer app puts the convenience of our innovative international money transfers, bill pay and more into the palm of your hand.

You’ll love our fast, reliable and convenient wire transfer app that lets you send money around the world in just a few taps. But it’s also so much more than that. With our app, you can:

• Send money online to 200+ countries & territories using a bank account, debit card or credit card

• Save time in line by starting your in-store money transfer in our app and paying with cash at a location

• Send wire transfers to a bank account, debit card, mobile wallet or to approximately 350,000 locations around the world in cash

• Set up automatic, recurring online money transfers on a weekly or monthly basis

• Send money online with MoneyGram FastSend™, using only the receiver’s legal name and mobile phone number – no financial information required

• Estimate fees before you begin a new online wire transfer

• Receive notifications and track the status of money transfers you’ve sent or are expecting to receive

• Find your nearest MoneyGram agent location to send wire transfers in-store

• Make payments to thousands of billers, including auto, mortgage, child support, utilities, and more

• Receive 20% off your 2nd money transfer and 40% off every 6th transfer after joining MoneyGram Plus Rewards™, our no-cost loyalty program

• Access your profile quickly and easily with biometric login

• Enjoy enhanced security with 24/7 monitoring of online activity

That’s a lot you can do with our online money transfer app. Take a moment to read even more about our customers’ favorite features:


You know and love our international money transfers that make it fast, easy and reliable to send money to over 200 countries and territories around the globe. But did you know you can also transfer money to your friends and family within the United States? Simply select the US as your receive country to estimate fees and start online money transfers to your loved ones here at home.


MoneyGram has over 13,000 companies that you can pay using our online money transfer app. Paying bills with us is convenient and reliable and lets you use the payment method of your choice. To get started, register or log in, search for your biller by category or company name, enter the amount you wish to pay, and enter your account number and payment information.


Earn up to 40% off future money transfers when you join MoneyGram Plus Rewards! Whether you send money once a year or several times a week, it pays to join our no-cost loyalty program. Check out our top member benefits:

• 20% off your 2nd transfer after joining, applied automatically at checkout

• 40% off every 6th transfer after joining, applied automatically at checkout

• Premier status upgrade after your 5th money transfer with even more benefits

• Exclusive promotions and offers available only to Plus Rewards members

When you download and use MoneyGram, you agree to the MoneyGram Terms of Use: https://www.moneygram.com/mgo/us/en/m/terms-of-use


The MoneyGram® app will display available services based on your location. Not all services will be available in all countries. The app supports the same send and receive countries shown on our website, www.moneygram.com

MoneyGram, the Globe, MoneyGram Plus Rewards and MoneyGram FastSend are marks of MoneyGram.

Authorized to do business in all 50 states, D.C. and all U.S. territories, NMLS # 898432. Licensed as a Money Transmitter by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Massachusetts Check Seller License # CS0025, Foreign Transmittal License # FT89432.

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User Reviews


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John Escobar 2020-07-27

Works great but be prepared. I really like the convenience of this app. But be prepared. The 1st transaction goes smooth. Very smooth. The 2nd transaction is when they do their due diligence in verifying your ID. So be prepared to give it up. It takes a few minutes longer while the verify your ID. After that it gets easier. The 3rd transaction they send a verification code to your email that you must confirm. Have realistic expectations about your privacy versus convenience.
Yuriy Rusko 2020-07-19

A total disaster of an app and company. After having the account for years, it asked me to upload an ID, and then blocked my account, saying it was deleted. It took 3 calls to customer support and three tries of uploading my driver\'s license and passport before it finally worked. Each time it failed, the account locked (saying it had been deleted) and required calling them. Then I was finally able to send money. Unfortunately, it appears to have sent twice. No idea how that even happens.
Christian B 2020-06-30

The app seemed to work well at first but I noticed that if for any reason a transaction doesn\'t go through you can\'t just delete it and start over. It\'s going to bring the old transaction and keep telling you this transaction has being denied. To go around that I had to enter de receiver\'s name adding an empty character between let\'s say the two first names to trick the app that I was sending to a different person.
Ian Roberts 2019-08-31

I wholeheartedly hate this service. I was unable to go to branch site to make a transfer so I decided to go through the app. I set up my account and trying to send my first transfer, then was immediately logged out and informed that my account had been terminated. I called customer support and, polite as possible, laid out what happened. They gave me absolutely no relative information and was told that I was barred from using their online services. Your app and service are completely inept.
Pierre M 2020-05-08

Not sure how to give Zero stars...which one of your product architects decided it was a good idea to get rid of transaction history on the mobile platform??? I used the app to see past transactions and re-send to specific receivers right from the app\'s home screen. Now you have to know the transaction number or else use the MoneyGram website...please bring back the home screen transactions history and allow users to MANUALLY initiate new transactions to the same people I\'m their history.
Michelle D 2019-04-19

I use moneygram for over a decade now but their app is terrible! Too many lags. This app sucks! Too many glitches and errors. The shown errors looked like \"unsuccessful transactions\" or \"incomplete transactions\" but in reality it already went through. The money will be taken from your bank every time you hit the COMPLETE TRANSACTION button. They are too quick to get your money BUT when you cancel those unintended transactions, they are super slow to return it. I am uninstalling the app!
Lee Sue del Campo 2020-02-20

Everytime I attempt to set up my account, or get to a screen to send money, it\'s followed by an error cloud saying it\'s not you it\'s the moneygram system is down. I\'ve made multiple attempts to get this to work, different days and hours, but end up physically going into Walmart to make all the money transactions. Why is this app not working for me?
Thomas Wornah 2020-06-04

Since I have been using this app everything has been great. I had no problem. Another thing I like about this app is that it\'s quick and easy right at your own convenience. Nowadays i don\'t have to wait until i get off work before going to the store to send money i can do it right on my phone from anywhere that i am at. And I also like how after sending the money how they let you know the money is ready for pickup. I recommend everyone that send money 💰 to their families to start using this ap
Hector Vazquez 2021-03-18

ALMOST 4 MONTHS AGO I MENTIONED THIS BUT NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. The MAJOR problem is that it doesnt have an option to sign-in using a secure \"FINGERPRINT\" sign-in. Like WU has. And modern banks have. Please update it to include that feature. So that it will be more \"SECURE\" and \"CONVINIENT\" for everyone to use. P.S. WHY DOES \"WALGREENS\" APP HAVE \"FINGERPRINT\" SIGN-IN. BUT THIS \"MoneyGram\" app....THAT HANDLES PEOPLES \"MONEY\"...\"DOES NOT\" ??? EVEN MY GROCERY STORE IS MORE SECURE THAN THIS APP.
Mall Crawlin\' Ain\'t EZ 2021-02-26

***UPDATE*** Moneygram has finally fixed their app. Now the app does what it\'s supposed to do. I try to send money but always get a message that says an unknown error has occurred. This has been going on for a week! Useless app! A lot of reviews say the same thing and all Moneygram suggest is to contact their customer service. Here\'s an idea Moneygram why don\'t you practice good customer service and find out yourselves what\'s wrong with your app!