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Description of MoneyHero - Save money

MoneyHero is the app to control your personal finances and your daily expenses in the easiest and simplest way, so you can save money every month.

MoneyHero is a simple financial manager, you will have a monthly budget that will allow you to save money.

MoneyHero lets you know what you spend each day so as not to miss the savings goal that you have set, in addition, MoneyHero shows you your daily progress according to the limit you have set and tells you if you make ends meet or not.

If you are looking for an app to save easily, manage costs and revenues and take control of your personal finances, MoneyHero help you.

MoneyHero is an ideal app to manage your money, its operation is very simple, just indicate your main monthly income, your fixed expenses and mark a saving goal, from this, you will know the money you have left to spend (we call it variable), this variable is the one that we will monitor so that you do not pass and meet your saving goal.

You will be surprised how easy it is to get to save at the end of the month knowing what you can spend at any time.

Main Features:

- Income and expenses tracker.

- Monthly savings goal.

- Control of global balance.

- Monthly savings history.

- Daily expense charts.

- Finances in couple.

- Know the categories where you spend more.

- Progress of your monthly savings.

- Fixed expenses (repetitive)

- Easy and intuitive design.

- Multi device in real time.

- Synchronized data in the cloud.

- Reminders to add your daily expenses.

- Statistics and annual summary.

- Simple income and expense list.

- Much more...

A Premium version is available that does not contain ads and has full functionality. More information about the Premium version here: https://moneyhero.site/help#15

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.3.1 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:RedRiver Lab

User Reviews


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Khaing Pwint Phyu 2019-08-08

The best help to reach your saving goal. It calculates automatically how much money you can use daily or weekly to reach your saving goal. I deleted all other expense apps and saving apps. This is like all in one. Love it.
Marlon Chavarria 2020-06-08

I would give it 5 stars if they have the way to synchronize data between devices. JUN 8 -> Here you have your 5 stars!
Vladislav Iscenco 2020-09-16

It was ok until they introduced so many restrictions that this application doesn\'t make sense without subscription, which by the way is too overpriced for what you get in comparison wit other apps
Kat Oakstaff 2019-09-26

This not linked to the bank account, so everything is manually inputted but I felt more secure. I can see exactly where my money went and how much I have left. Then my free trial expired, and there is a limit (seemingly approx 30) on the number of transactions that can be logged. The main feature that makes this app work for me was where does my money go (seemingly coffee!), however this is only available in the paid for version (£22 a year or £3 odd a month at time of review). 😊
Ivan Makuljevic 2019-12-17

Tested all money managers, like this the most. Simply perfect for me. They can add some separate saving account as indipendent and visible, but even if they don\'t I just love this app.
อานุภาพ วังมณี 2019-06-26

have been looking for expense app like this for long long time. love available to spend function. but miss something like cash, wallet, bank account
Mojdeh H.Tehrani 2018-12-22

awesome app! please add a widget too.
J J 2020-05-01

Very Good concept. Just downloaded. Pricing should be one time charge. 5$/month might not be much in Developed countries but in other countries its still high.. Like in India for 1$ u get full Veg meal. Or it should be less Annually:( please consider request..Help us save by making us spend less. You keep the option available in About. If this programme genuinely helps someone, feel free to Donate as much to support Dev\'s) Improvement: I also feel having tags while adding expenses will be good
A Google user 2019-02-25

this app is simple and very easy to use. love the color theme also. but please let user add categories instead of typing each time we input new expense.
Abdul BaseerPK 2019-04-26

Better app, but one thing is missing, there should be a separate section for saving with target and analyzer.